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Thursday, May 29, 2014

the fond farewells are wrapping up...oh Debbee...

For those of you that follow the work of Debbee Thibault you know that she announced her impending retirement -- and the retirement of all new moulds and the discontinuing of all designs in her collection -- at the end of 2013.

Since then, Debbee has been completing what orders she could...
until the moulds started to break...and some orders were cancelled 
(sorry again to those of you that missed those pieces....)

But most of you were able to add a special piece to your collection and we are grateful for your orders...the remaining inventory of her creations from the 2013 and prior year's collections are offered on these pages....we have a few wonderful pieces still available, among them some of the very last in the editions and most we have just one of still available...

There are some really special and very rare pieces still here, so do check the pages if you adore Debbee's work as I do...

 We're also truly thrilled that as Debbee has been still hard at work creating some tribute pieces to celebrate the high notes of her long career...these are called the "Fond Farewell Editions" and this entire collection is available exclusively through Earth Angels Studios...she is making them with the last of the available supplies and moulds and most are editions of just 4-8 pieces.

Among the first was "Bitty Cup Cakes"...I adore everything about this piece!
Just in last week were the festive duet...The Halloween and Christmas Spirits....

And the stellar "Good Luck Santa"...
I love that he's all about the silver and the sparkle!
 Santa for a Black Sheep is almost sold out...
 And then the wonderful "Santa's Favorites" with his pink house and Earth Angels bunny and teddy bear...

 And the dear little Itty Sweet Cakes...
 And among my personal faves, The Halloween Sprite...

You can see them all here and a few peeks are below....

I want to take this opportunity to thank Debbee from the bottom of my heart for the honor of sharing the last of these amazing creations to come from her heart and hands. 
I count Debbee among my friends, and I am so grateful for her in my life, and for all the talent she has shared with us who appreciate all she creates.

xxoo Jen

Wednesday, May 28, 2014

just an FYI...FREE SHIPPING on all Jewelry & Accessories until 6/2

It's time to step out...
add some bling, some fashion 
play dress-up with
Fabulous Jewelry & Accessories 
All SHIPPING FREE this week

...featuring new arrivals and signature designs from Lisa Leonard, "leighelena",
KBD Studios, Melody Elizabeth, 
 "Elements by Jill Schwartz", & Hotcakes

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free standard shipping until 6/2

Monday, May 26, 2014

hello Monday...Lest We Forget...Memorial Day

Hello Monday...
Today is Memorial Day...
liberty has a dear price and on this day, 
we remember...
All gave some, and some gave all.
 We are off to the Memorial Day Parade downtown...the kids and Micah are all marching with the Scouts...I am wearing my red, white and blue and will watch from the sidelines with my folks and wave flags as they pass and applaud the many, many who will march and thank them for their service.

 I love these vintage postcards, with their sentiments  that may seem old-fashioned...
though patriotism can never go out of style!
 These are some of my very favorites...
I have collected postcards for years 
and have some on the site too...

Hello Monday.
May I ask nothing more of this week, than that we remember with honor and grace all those who have served Our Country...

Hello remembering old-fashioned ideas can sometimes be good...

Hello Monday and this new week, I am ready for you.

Hello to getting ready for 
The Country Living Fair...yikes only 10 more days! Hope we will see you there.

Hello to hanging the bunting on the porch and draping the flags around the front door...

Hello to tons of projects for the kiddos, it's that time of year as school wraps up 
(we go 'til the end of June...)

Hello America. Have a wonderful week, whatever's in store for you...

xxoo Jen

Thursday, May 22, 2014

40% OFF all Maree's "Almost Real" Australian creations...LOVE...WOW!!!

Oh my goodness, I cannot even tell you how long I have been carrying Maree Massey's wonderful babes and accessories...
I think I first bought from her in 1999...
so many of you over the years have come to appreciate her work, and now it's time for a CLEARANCE SALE...WOO HOO!

40% OFF all "Almost Real" Dolls, Minis, Screens & Accessories
from talented Australian artist, Maree Massey

DO NOT MISS IT...use MM40 at checkout
to take 40% OFF until 5/31

Enjoy this treat and thanks for helping me to celebrate Maree and her style with this sale...we've done inventory and it's just that time we wanted to offer these to you at such special pricing.
xxoo Jen

Tuesday, May 20, 2014 you have your tickets to THE FAIR??

Just a reminder...
The Country Living Fair
 is coming soon!!!

6/6-6/8 in Rhinebeck, NY

We will be there as a featured vendor, pulling out all the stops to bring you the best in contemporary folk art, as well as handmade & vintage loot!

Can you make it? 
Did you get your tickets?

Visit Stella Shows' website to get your advance tickets...CLICK HERE

Hope to see you there!!

xxoo Jen

Monday, May 19, 2014

hello monday hello to what counts most

Hello Monday.

Hello to knowing what matters most.

To be honest, I am more than overwhelmed this week.

So I will say a hello and a quick little prayer for me to remember 
to focus on what matters most.

I look at this picture of my happy kiddos and I know what it's all about for me.  Family playdates and happy days together seem to make the best of memories.
(I nabbed this shot at Castaway Cay on a sweet 4 day cruise we were able to take as Disney Vacation Club Members with our that!)

Hello to family. Hello to what matters most.

Hello to all of you and I hope your week, 
and whatever comes your way during these days. 
I am grateful to all of you for your support of me and Earth Angels Studios, too!

xxoo Jen

Thursday, May 15, 2014

the last of them at 50% off...

Some time ago we got the news from 
Joee and Dylan that they were going 
to be unable to make creations 
for Earth Angels Studios any longer....

This made me sad, but I know they are moving on to other things, new challenges and exciting new projects...

Since we have so little inventory from these talented artists left, we're offering them at 50% off as we say goodbye to them and make room for a new artist (more on that soon!!!)

ALL WEEK...or until they're SOLD OUT!

DO NOT MISS IT...use CART50 at checkout
to take 50% OFF until 5/22

...we love you Jo & Dylan. 
Good luck in the new endeavors!!! xxoo Jen

Monday, May 12, 2014

hello Monday...are you paying attention?

 Hello Monday...have you been paying attention?

The days and weeks seem to melt away for me and here we are mid-May and it feels like it should be perhaps the beginning of March via my own internal clock.

I try to make the days and minutes count, they seem inordinately filled, and sometimes it's the little achievements that matter most.

Rory hit the ball. Charlotte decided she finally likes deviled eggs. Aidan thinks it's not so bad to still kiss me in public.

Hello Monday and hello to the little things, the small joys in each day.

If you've been paying attention, you've noticed that the home page has been changing every day or so...
Just in the past month we've hosted these "featured" products and sale items on the home page...this is something I am really proud of...I really wanted to be able to celebrate the many artful creations we have on the site, and have some of them come to the surface to get some more attention. See what I mean here on the Home Page...they go on sale for a day or so, and then they are gone....or back to regular price.

It's these little things that make me happy some days.

Hello Monday...

Hello to a new lip gloss, wow that's love! 

Hello May, are we really almost done with you???

Hello Monday...hello new week...hello all the little things to do and enjoy.
Hello to you and have a great one whatever you are up to...
xxoo Jen

Sunday, May 11, 2014

...happy moms day to all! all the wonderful Moms out there...
Enjoy your Mother's Day and 
I hope that you feel treasured and special each and every day 
for the job you do raising your children...
I know it's not an easy job, but it is the best one I have ever had.
And to my Mom, Rosie....Happy Mother's Day. 
You know I love you Mom...
you are wonderful & a million thanks for all 
you've done and do to help me be... a happy me.
xxoo Jen

Thursday, May 8, 2014

SAVE THE DATE for RHINEBECK! Coming soon 6/7, 6/8 & 6/9

on JUNE 6, 7 & 8
This is a big and utterly fabulous event...
Nancy Wiley, Laurie Meseroll, 
Jocelyn O'Gorman, Nicole Bowen, Sue Parker, Letty Worley, Valerie Weberpal and more special guest artsits will attend....

AND we'll be doing a fun SHOWCASE for our friends at "Magnolia Pearl"!!!!
(...if you are a fan email me to be part of a fun photo shoot on Saturday!)

Details on our events page and advance tickets for sale at the Stella Show Management site HERE
Stay tuned for more on special appearance, participating artists, early bird specials and sales and more...
xxoo Jen

Monday, May 5, 2014

hello Monday and Hello we'll be there in ONE MONTH!

Hello Monday...

it's time to take a peek at the week...

xxoo Jen

Hello Monday...HELLO CINDERELLA!!!

Hello Monday...
it's a bright new week and there's lots of good stuff going on here...
spring 2014 seems to be bursting with new projects, new ideas and new plans. 
(...perhaps I need my own Fairy Godmother...
or at least a spectacular pair of new glass shoes to get me through it)

It's busier than ever, so I am having to remind myself to slow down just a bit and savor all that is a foot at home 
and in the studios of the Earth Angels' artists too!

Among the freshest of arrivals here, let's sat HELLO to Nancy Wiley's 3rd book from arrived on May 1st and it is utterly stellar in style and story.
This just released "Cinderella" is utterly gorgeous...

Hello to dreams coming true. (and congrats to my friend Nancy Wiley!!!) can see more on it here...the book is illustrated with photography of dolls, fabulous illustrations, line art and sets that she's made to tell the classic tale.
She's done four amazing limited edition character dolls and sculptures  
to accompany the she is dressed for the ball...

 and just as lovely and fetching of face in her rags....

they are pretty high on the wow factor for sure! Details on the dolls here
and of course...her mice besties too!!!

To celebrate, we're hosting "Tea at the Castle"
and a tickets are still available!

So hello to big plans and happy many things in work, I want some of these projects done.

Hello to old friends...I have a group of fellow Torquay Pottery collectors coming today from NATS & exciting for me to be able to chat pots with fellow devotees (I love British ceramic art, but more on that for another time...)

Hello to knowing what you love, and seeking it out.

Hello spring thanks for the rain, now let's bring on the blooms!

Hello Manhattan, I will see you on Wednesday...

....and hello crazy schedule...I am running with ya this week, we have a ton of spring sports games and meets (Aidan plays track and is on the middle school track team, Charlotte does soccer and Irish step and Rory plays travel soccer and is trying baseball for the first time...WHEW!)

Hello to all of you and have a beautiful week...

xxoo Jen

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