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Monday, May 30, 2011

Attn Antiquers: Field trip alert...Collinsville, CT

What a treat it was to make the trip to the multi-dealer antiques depot "..."Antiques on the Farmington in Collinsville, CT...

It is chock full of booths teeming with a bevy of vintages, textures and tastes...well worth a prowl about, Lisa Zapatka -- a long time gal pal and friend to Earth Angels asked us to make the trip to see her two booths brimming with great old stuff (Lisa has recently started to buy and sell the vintage treasures she has long loved via the biz she started with her hubby, Andrew called "Bella Zapatka"...)

Here are a few fun shots of Lisa and the loot she's offering...

Kathy and I made the trip and loved it, but the jaunt was too short and we are planning on another adventure on Tues, June is Sue Parker of Skippy Doodle Designs and Pamela Huntington will be joining us on this field trip! Ohhh love that...

See you all there and do make time to make a trip soon! They are open 7 days a week from 10-5...

xxoo Jen O'Connor
Earth Angels

Friday, May 27, 2011

the faces of the fling...

We've been posting to facebook about our 10th Annual Spring Fling, but it seems we need to BLOG about some of the magic before the memories fade...and likewise, I need to say thanks to so many freinds before I call upon them again (our next event is just 2 weeks away...)

It really was a wonderful event. Thanks to each and every one of you for all you did to make the 10th Annual Spring Fling, not only possible, but a success as well as a fabulous collection of memories.

Look at these wonderful attendees...

And here's a peek at the art on display...

Now a long list of thank yous...
First to our hostess, Amanda… for offering us the most lovely of settings…ever! It was so beautiful (we’ve already spoken to plan a return visit/another event so stay tuned!)

To Jo, for making the trek, for sharing herself and for being so committed to our success...and what a breakfast you hosted...just look at this merry group!

Of course to the amazing crew – Denny, Robin Sue and Kathy…you know what you do to keep me sane, show us all the money and keep the event on track…a million thanks for forever.

A word of honor and thanks to Ro…I tried to express myself at the lunch and breakfast but never seem to be able to without getting all chocked up…Ro this is all your fault! Thanks for believing in me and the Earth Angels...

Sweetness and appreciation to Katie – and Jeff too – they fed us all weekend, hosted us, shared her pets and made it delicious all the way around…and congrats to Katie on her recent feature in "Where Women Cook"!

Thanks to the muscle that showed up and saved us from ourselves…Ian the tent man (wherever you are…)Mike, Wyatt and my, oh so special hot sauce & coffee buddy, Dick Lanne…thanks fellas.

A nod to Jennifer Lanne for the idea for this event partnership – and sharing her home town turf and barnyard buddies….

AND YES OF COURSE – to all of the artists who attended – Cheryl, Letty, Nicol, Val, Sue, Nic, Jennifer, Laurie, and Melody for sharing your talent with Earth Angels’ fans, followers, customers, collectors, groupies and enthusiasts and even more for giving me the honor of presenting your work.

xxxoo hope to see you all next time -- we will be in Lafayette, NJ in 2 weeks on June 11 & 12more on that soon -- now off to unpack and repack!

xxoo Jen

Thursday, May 26, 2011

Spotlight: Nicol Sayre...available dolls...

ONE CHARMING BEAUTY is still available (keep scrolling)... thanks for visiting... was wonderful to have Nicol join us for the 10th Annual Spring Fling...for so many years she has made the trip east to join us for an event, and it is always wonderful to see her and of course, her art!

There are a few of her folk dolls available, and since we are backed up in the sending of our newsletters, we are going to post them can email me at to order or call but from 8-8 NY time only...845-986-8720...







A few more are shown on the site...most of these are available too, except the Peddler and Annallese and Helena...Paul has a note to remove them but with all the new inventory arriving, we are focused on posting the new work. So sorry if this has caused any confusion...

And a few more have come in on consignment too...

Felicity the Fair – lovely lass, 14” standing doll $375



ALSO a last call for the current issue of PRIMS, we noted in the monthly newsletter we have very few copies left, and fewer still now that we are just back from an event. Do let us know if you need this edition, Nicol has her column, "From the Dollhouse" and it is a really great one.

It is $15 plus shipping....

Email me at or call 8-8 NY time 845-986-8720 to order any of these beauties...

thanks and chat soon
xxoo Jen
Earth Angels

Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Say "YES" to more...our next event in 2 weeks!!!

YES!...for real...we have our next event in JUST two weeks so please, if you missed Saratoga's Spring Fling, or you are just desperate for another dose of the Angels, MARK YOUR CALENDAR for

JUNE 11 & 12
at "Rose Petal Porch"

We'll be at Joyce Meehan's totally adorable, cottage chic boutique in Lafayette, NEW JERSEY (that's about 30 minutes south of Warwick, NY). This town is a great day trip destination with uber cool antiquing, a great little cafe.(Don't even get me started on their French onion soup or their pie).

We hope you can join us as co-hosts for our distinct brand of artful, and oh so vintage-fueled fun!

Oodles of new art from the Earth Angels artists and more great loot will be on display and a great group of artists will be in attendance....Jennifer Lanne, Letty Worley, Diana Card, Melody Elizabeth Doyel, Sue Parker and Laurie Meseroll...among others!

So come spend the day with us...and Ingrid, too(she is Joyce's resident mannequin mascot and sge says, "Don't miss our event dahlinks".

Click this link for details...

And this for directions...

Stay tuned for more sneak peeks on our plan for this festive gathering and I sure do hope to see you there!
xxoo Jen O'Connor
Earth Angels

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