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Monday, July 27, 2015

Nancy Wiley...hello Monday...hello TALENT

Whenever I look at one of Nancy Wiley's paintings or dolls I swoon.
 Really, I do.
 She has an amazing talent to behold and I have to share some of her latest works with you...Nancy was able to attend the recent Country Living Fair and brought some incredible new creations with her...
...these are among my faves...i love the depth and color in her paintings....


I love all her dolls, too...many of us know Nancy from her many successful years in the art doll world.  Her work is unparallelled.

Proudly, her Tiny Alice is in my personal collection and among my fave possessions...but her new busts have me wondering if I am going to add one to my wish list!

Thanks to Nancy for working with me and Earth Angels Studios...
it's a true honor to have her among the ranks of artists with whom I work. 
I admire her tremendously.

xxoo Jen

Don't miss the chance to have Nancy's books in your collection as well 
(and the book on Nancy too!)

Friday, July 24, 2015

HOTHOT gets you FREE shipping

...just sharing a reminder of our FREE SHIPPING promotion with our BLOG readers....

use code HOTHOT at checkout for free standard shipping through 8/4.

Don't miss the chance to order and have us get it to you at our expense!

xxoo Jen

Wednesday, July 22, 2015

artful adventurer extraordinaire.....Nicole Bowen!

It seems lately, I have been telling a lot of "Nic stories" and there are many, many from working with this amazingly fun and truly talented lady for so many, many years...

Nicole Bowen...see her work HERE

It's a treat to work with her and her spirit of adventure just may be unparalleled.

 (...ask me about Nic and a plane and a horse costume some time.)

  Who else would wake up at 3am to shuttle Laurie Meseroll to the airport...... and then double-back with nursing-baby and me in the backseat of the rent-a-car to find a flea market at 6am in Pleasanton, CA? 
We were so cold that morning (Oct 2005), that by the time Nicol Sayre and Lori Baker-Corelis found us we'd bought coats and polka dotted petticoats (yes, true....) to warm us. Antiquing is of course a very serious business, one cannot be deterred by frozen toes or popsicle-like fingers... 
Nicky's chartreuse green suede coat circa 1977: $20, memory priceless.

Who else would be willingly kidnapped by me on her way to Halloween & Vine to take in the sights of San Francisco (check out the view behind us above 2006), stomach armed with spicy tacos from The Mission?

Here's Nic with her mom Judy at my house back in 2007
...appletinis in hand at our annual Fall Fete. she is during her "Where Women Create" photo shoot...
(see our press pages for stories and features on Nicole)

She's fun to work with...and a true talent...
her designs and creations are among the most festive and her work keeps getting better and better...

so now...let's peek at some of my current, fave creations...
They are just posted to the site....utterly adorably and incredible well made and detailed with folly and her own, very distinct style...

Her new work is just irresistible!

Nicole is petty irresistible too. She is spunky and and sincere... 
She juggles her juggle with complete comical aplomb, delving into her art work in search of release, good humor and cheer 
What emerges from her effort is nothing less than all of her festive spirit, her sweet sensibilities, distilled into cupcake-like creations...lush with hand felted details,expressive flourishes and vintage meets anime charm...

Nicole is a constant source of friendship and fun for me. 
I treasure her for this.... 
and I adore how fate, in an act of raw kindness, 
allowed us to meet so many years ago.

It's great for Earth Angels to present Nicole's work, but even better for me to have found a kindred spirit and fellow artful adventurer...Thanks Nic.

xxoo  Jen

Saturday, July 18, 2015

...don't miss Debbee's work at 25% ends 7/20

Ok...this is it...last call on the Christmas in July Sale...

We had some ordering glitches (we are due for a web update and working with our wonderful webmasters to do this) 
so we are extending the sale until 7/20...
Order ANY of Debbee's work -- including SALE items -- 
and use code CHRISTMAS at checkout 
and we'll take 25% OFF your order...


....and thanks for shopping with Earth Angels Studios!

xxoo Jen

Sunday, July 5, 2015

last chance to order and save 15% with FIREWORKS15

...this is a last call...

We're still taking 15% OFF ALL ORDERS 
until midnight on 7/6...
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Happy Summer & Happy Birthday America

xo Jen

Saturday, July 4, 2015

happy 4th...Here's to the Red, White & Blue's to the 4th of July...

...hip hip hooray for the Red, White & Blue...
I love this time of year...
summer seems the perfect time to celebrate with family and friends

Hope your day is full of grand celebrations and that there's some fireworks and a BBQ in the weekend somewhere for you!

xxoo Jen

ps these are some of my fave vintage postcards that celebrate the holiday!

Wednesday, July 1, 2015

never to early to plan for these dates

Hi all...

We have lots of great plans 
to get out there and meet you!
So we have some dates to share for the 
2015 and yes, even the 2016 year...

...please take note of the appearance and events that we have planned
and sure hope you can join us...

FULL DETAILS on the events page of the site with lots of links to directions, tickets etc

Hope to see you there...
and stay tuned for more news as we get closer!
xo Jen

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