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Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Debbee's Designs for Fall

Debbee Thibault never ceases to amaze; her new collection is ever more appealing to me. This season she has reached into old storybooks and plucked charming characters from her imagination to deftly remind us of old world traditions and the spirit of the holidays.

Debbee has just given us a sneak peek at the new sculpts for her Fall 2009 creations...My new fave piece...Little Red dear...
...and Little Miss Muffet sat on her Pumpkin...
And, here's Miss Pearl in her Halloween Best...she'll be donning more holiday outfits...this is the first in a special series of wee dollies Debbee will be doing with this dearie dressed for each season...
AND...Her jewelry designs are just's the Antique Heart Girl... Some of you saw this piece on our web-show and fell in love.

And now here are the rest of the designs...truly, it's hard to choose a favorite, and they all look wonderful together in swingy style or alone...

Those of you with pre-orders will be the first folks to receive the pieces. Debbee has a small, but industrious workshop and each of her creations takes quite some time to mold, paint and to finish all by hand.

The first of Debbee's new fall creations will be shipping at the end of or email me to reserve your treasures. And e-mail if you'd like to see full details -- measurements, prices, etc...

THANKS DEBBEE for all the fun, the art and sharing your spirit...

AND SOMETHING SPECIAL...we'll be offering pieces "FROM THE VAULT"...these are long retired and super rare your in-box or email for details...all of these pieces are nigh impossible to track down and some will be offered at special "treat" prices...
EMAIL me for a complete list of available pieces and prices and we'll get that out to you...

Have a super day
xxoo Jen O'Connor
Earth Angels

Saturday, July 25, 2009

Laurie is NY Bound

This is one of my favorite times of year, when Laurie Meseroll tells me she's heading east once again to set up her summer studio. Soon she'll be just an hour away at her home in Woodstock, NY. There she'll pass the days teaching, sharing, creating and painting in her beloved Catskill Mountains.

...You can see a post on her Woodstock studio in our archives....and read more about Laurie and her Mud-Cakes on her BLOG...

Until then she's at home in Columbus where paintings are in work for her showcase at the upcoming "Country Living Fair"...

Here are some images Laurie sent over of the pieces she's started...

I will keep you posted on her upcoming photo shoot for "Where Women Create" magazine and her Woodstock adventures, as well as her arriving creations.

xxoo Jen
Earth Angels
ps and I should warn you all...Laurie has convinced me to join facebook...more on that soon...I have to figure it all out!

Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Kitchen Update #4 - Island Dreams

Here's an image from the day the "island dreams" began.

And, you thought I'd never get back to that kitchen update! Actually, much has been afoot...I finally have that new French Door fridge -- and I love it -- the counter tops are on order, the cabinets are painted and best of all...the islands are in work.

I am thrilled that my pals Ken and Steph are building us a pair of islands from old factory pieces and furniture. This is what I have always hoped for...something wonderful and made just for the space, something that looks old and has personality.

So here's what they've been working of the islands will be stationary and contain the sink and dishwasher......the other will be on wheels and at bar height to roll open to form an "L" with the first, or it can stay together as a large square around which we can work and cook.
Here's Jennifer with some of the pieces we're using as they were found...
...and here's Kathy...she found these "Betty Boop-esque" table legs in a big bin...... and then -- ever the huntress of vintage and old treasures -- she spotted this cart on the bottom of a pile of furniture...
It has become the base of the movable island and bar height counter.

It's been a lot of planning and effort...Here are Jimmy and Ken at the start of the project...
And here are the islands now...almost there....

and here's the movable island...
and here's the two of them together showing the side that will host the sink and dishwasher...

...and from the side...
Thanks to Steph, Ken and Jimmy for sharing their talents and all the effort that's gone into the design and building of these pieces.

I cannot wait to see them in person when I go to pick them up next week.

More on the kitchen soon...
xxoo Jen
Earth Angels

Saturday, July 18, 2009

Dara's Lair

It's been a real treat for me to photo the studios of some of my favorite artists for "Where Women Create" magazine. Dara DiMagno's was the latest I had the chance to
visit with camera and tripod in hand...

It's really wonderful to see the artist's space and watch them work...

Now, while I don't want to spoil the fun of Dara's magazine feature -- which will appear in the November issue -- I just had to share a few of the "extra" photos with you...

You see, Dara's lair is really a treasure room for all her fabulous collections. There, she takes these beloved goodies -- photos, buckles, Bakelite and bits and creates astounding one of a kind pendant-style necklaces...

Truth be told, I had a hard time focusing the camera...I wanted to dive into the vats of Cracker Jack charms I perused in the dental cabinet drawers, I wanted to wade through the gobs of frozen charlottes, I wanted to run my fingers through the piles of mother of pearl buckles and well...I really wanted to play with all these goodies and never leave.

Here are my favorite shots of her delicious supplies...

Thanks to you Dara for sharing your space...the images and text have been submitted for the feature and I think your story and studio will look great in print!

You my friend, are fabulous -- as are your creations!

xxoo Jen
Earth Angels

Wednesday, July 15, 2009


THANKS to all of you for the wonderful notes and orders! We will continue to make updates to this post as things sell -- and as soon as we can -- and thanks for stopping by...

This is our SECOND web-show and we are celebrating "Summer Swings!"...
Below are exclusive offerings prepared by the artists for this venue, as well as a few SALE surprises (these follow the new works -- be sure to scroll all the way through the offerings so you don't miss anything!).


ALL ITEMS WILL STAY POSTED HERE UNTIL SOLD, and then will be marked as such as soon as is possible...To order any of these items below, please respond ASAP via email Include your shipping address and phone number. We accept MasterCard, Visa or Pay Pal. Yes, you can call us, but ONLY from 8-8 NY email is your fastest way to secure a purchase of these offerings.


Many thanks and enjoy browsing:

WEB SHOW EXCLUSIVES (sale works to follow below)


Little Gidget - tiny tot of a patriotic mouse, velveteen and wools, dressed in fine with a itty paper pin wheel, an exclusive edition of 4 created for this web show, 4.5", ONLY 2 REMAIN AVAILABLE, $175

Mary Mary Garden Fairy – an exclusive edition of 12, SOLD


Alice and Her World - one of a kind original painting in a collaged and assembled box with found objects, dangling paper clay shoes, old bottle and lush detail, 15x21, all vintage elements, REGULARLY $700, VIA THIS WEB SHOW $550

Not a Cold Day - wonderful original acrylic painting hosted by a silver tray, mixed media, vintage trims, ribbons and tray, 13.5x18", $300

Entomologist Girl - charming lass has a net at the ready, original acrylic painting with vintage and found trims, 5.5x8.5" and mounted on an old cigar box top, $150


Floral Fauna - a darling hand built papier mache creature adorned with vintage millinery blooms, one of a kind, 9", $295

Old Red Shoes - just precious, 6.5" paper mache red shoes in a 8x9" box, as featured in Country Living magazine, $495 the set of 3 pieces




Daisy Doodle - sweet faced duck and her daisy, hand felted sweetie atop a fabric covered paper box, one of a kind with vintage millinery bloom, 5.5", $68


Fairy of the Florals - wonderful punch needle face graces a felt fairy babe vintage trims and millinery bloom, 9", one of a kind, $135


Fanning Flight - one of a kind assemblage of all vintage elements, charming sparrow sings a song with elegant antique fan, 13x11", $45

Lock & Key - one of a kind assemblage, fabulous lock ad key against a collection of ephemera, all vintage elements and a wonderful piece, 4x12", $42

A Sewer's Life - notions and sewing oddities collected under glass, one of a kind created with all vintage elements, 8x9.5, $45

Patriotic Elf - charming vintage toy and Old Glory, all vintage elements and a lovely old frame, 9x12.5, one of a kind assemblage, $45

Ran Hard - an old shoe and quilt piece make a merry match in this one of a kind assemblage, 8x12", $65


Night Creatures – children jumping at shadows as their imaginations soar, 6x6” acrylics on gallery wrap canvas with oil glaze, $165

In the Night Garden – peaceful and still, a wonderful moment captured, 6x6” acrylics on gallery wrap canvas with oil glaze, $165

Quiet – a peaceful evening moment, 6x6”, acrylics on gallery wrap canvas with oil glaze, $165




Yankee Doodle Red Bird - 5” hand dyed mohair birdie perches atop a pin keep of hand dyed wool and cotton with embroidery. Teeny folded paper hat and flag add charming detail, 7.5” overall, $230


Fight Her Own Battle - when Dara first made these large peices -- wonderful wall art -- I gave them the moniker "talismans", like all her work, the elements and findings she uses to create her one of a kind designs speak volumes, a tassle-like wall hanging, original picture of captivating woman, vintage gold-tone rope chain and all vintage findings, ephemera, 14", $125

It's Just Possible - talisman art, large frozen charlotte and all vintage elements, chain and findings, ephemera, one of a kind wall art, 16", $125

Make Your Wishes Come True - talisman art, frozen charlotte and all vintage elements, old chain and findings, ephemera, one of a kind wall art, 15.5", $125

Luminous - one of a kind wearable art pendant and old chain, all antique and vintage findings, frozen charlotte and ephemera, 24" chain with 4" pendant, $165


A Dog’s Home – fabulous scene in wool and velveteens, thimble is doggie's drinking bowl, a wonderful piece, 8x5.5”, $128

Buzzing Bees – itty emeries in wool and velveteens, 2”, $28 each

Sweet Home Bird House – I love when Debbie makes bird houses, this one charming with a wee birdie emery and thimble "hole", vintage and new textiles and wools, 4”, $128


In Search of Smiles - young chap takes to his wee boat a seeking, all vintage elements, wood, ephemera and found objects, one of a kind, 5x9”, $52

The Little Things - a darling pair, one of a kind made of all vintage elements, found objects, ephemera and more, 6x9.5”, $58

Were you the Earth - do dear, a one of a kind shows a loving couple, all vintage elements, wood, metal findings and ephemera,
5x9”, $58


Floribunda - a grand and stately piece, gathered blooms tumble from a classic urn, 36x48, acrylics with oil glaze on gallery wrap canvas, Regularly $1,800, VIA THIS WEB SHOW, $895


Scene Stealer - wonderful composition of an old chair and it's story, 8x24 acrylics on gallery wrap canvas with an oil glaze, $190

Lovely from the Valley & SOLD - 6x6 and done in acrylics with an oil glaze on gallery wrap canvas, Regularly $80, VIA THIS WEB SHOW $48

...See below for more on sale from Jennifer...


With Grace - a willow grows and bears a swing with grace,one of a kind mixed media, 6x8 on gallery wrap canvas, Regularly $150, VIA THIS WEB SHOW, $80

Happy Urn of Blooms - 16x16, mixed media on canvas, ephemera, graphite, acrylics and more, wax and mica for a luxe texture, regularly $600, VIA THIS WEB SHOW $400


I Love Cupcakes - 9x12 gallery wrap canvas, a wonderful girl and her beloved cake! $275

The Warmth of the Sun - a summer's day and dreams of lazy afternoons and the warm sun upon us, one of a kind mixed media, 6x8 on gallery wrap canvas, Regularly $150, VIA THIS WEB SHOW, $80


Festive Franny - Leslie calls her new series of critters her party girls, made with all found and recyced textiles and trims, a sweet paper party hat tops her off, approx 12", one of a kind, $75

Loyal Scotty and His Bone - fabulous punch needle in hand painted frame with found vintage objects, exquisitely done, 8x8, $210


Songbird - 3.5 inches
Crown Prince - 4.5 inches
"Dollhouses" with antique doll head assemblages - each wonderful one of a kind is made with papers, findings, old china doll heads and wonderfully textured details from laces and Dresden trims and textiles, each is $42

Spirited - 5 inches
Harmonious - 5.5 inches
Peacemaker - 4.25 inches
"Dollhouses" with antique doll head assemblages - each wonderful one of a kind is made with papers, findings, old china doll heads and wonderfully textured details from laces and Dresden trims and textiles, each is $42


Kittyland Theatre - another of Debrina's wonderful pull toys, this one loaded with sparkly details, found chain and metal ball, ephemera and more, 5.5 inches tall, a one of a kind, $78

Carnival Cats - a wonderful wire cage holds these charming carnival cats, ephemera, sparkle lush detail, 6.25 inches tall, a one of a kind, $58
....see below for more on SALE from Debrina...







Gertrude - darling one of a kind bear, 14.5" in creamy white mohair she wears a festive black polka dot dress, retro look and vintage trims, $255

Rodney - hand dyed in two tones of mohair with a woolen party hat, one of a kind, 12.5", $175


Antique Heart Girl - a new and oh so charming jewelry design from Debbee, via this webshow Debbee is allowing us to take pre-orders in a very limited quantity of 8 pieces only, $110 and Free Shipping on this item! (note this necklace will ship in a late August)

Roly Poly Patriotic Bunny – an uber rare rabbit and long retired piece from the vault, 8.5”, grand in scale this bunny is wonderfully done, $145



Dollie Bluebell - one of a kind wee dolly from the hands of a talented sculptress, about 5" tall, sculpted from paperclay and hand painted, dressed in raw silk with diminutive and oh so painterly details, $95...avaialble in more colors see below...

Dollie Floral Fantastique -- each a one of a kind, 5 avaialble in the colors as shown...Tulip, Buttercup, Bluebell, Poppy and Lobelia, each approx 5" and $95



Forget Me Not Friend - 6” creamy white bear attired in dainty skirt with wire hoop, she carries her own wee frozen charlotte dolly, one of a kind, $135

Bette and Bisque Purse - about 5x7 wonderfully done antique black velvet purse with bear and bisque dollies, a one of a kind to use or display, $165



Center Stage - sweet and packed with color, 6x6 acrylics on gallery wrap canvas with oil glaze, Regularly $80, VIA THIS WEB SHOW, $48

Purple Palace - a wonderful bird and its home, 12x12 acrylics on gallery wrap canvas with oil glaze,
Regularly $140, VIA THIS WEB SHOW, $100

Sugared Daisies - a charming bouquet of daisies in an old sugar bin, 12x12 acrylics with oil glaze on gallery wrap canvas, Regularly $140, VIA THIS WEB SHOW, $100


Rosie – …she calls these her “dolly brooches", Each wee flat doll is made from paper mache and vintage findings, metal and more, about 4” tall and 1.5” wide, WAS $105, NOW $75

Tall Rabbit – a wee flat doll is made from paper mache and vintage findings, metal bits and more, about 5” tall and 1.5” wide,
WAS $105, NOW $75

Watch – SOLD


Nesting Season – wonderful felt and woolen bird tucked in a papier mache "tree" adorned with vintage millnery flowers and trims, an exclusive edition of edition of 2, 5x5, WAS $175, NOW $118




Good Dose of Glam – a wonderful triptych, 6x8, the trio, mixed media piece on gallery wrapped canvas, acrylics, ephemera, Regularly $150, NOW $90 the set of 3



Fairy Nests - Bonnie Blue & Rosy, wonderfully done in millinery blooms and ephemera, 6", WAS $68, NOW $29 each


Nests - Party Pups and Dapper Gents - 6" tall, millinery blooms and ephemera, WAS $68, NOW $29 each


Summer Sea - a bathing beauty or a girl gone mermaid, this darling creature charm, original painting is done in acrylics on board and papers, these are tucked onto paper boxes and shrouded in found objects, vintage findings and oddities, 8 ½ x 6,

Sleeping Mermaid – incredibly well done, a mermaid floats upon the current, her hair a tangle of sea creature and ruddy curls, moon faced bubbles cascade about her, 38 x 24, mixed media with ephemera on cradled wood frame, WAS $2,200, NOW $995


Krumpit – Yummy palest pink mohair, just divine, she wears a vintage inspired fabric middy blouse with repro pinback and vintage trims, an exclusive edition of 8 one remains avaialble, 14",
WAS $275, NOW $188

Viola – A wonderfully sweet little gal, hand-dyed lavender mohair bear with aged felt pads. She wears a hand-made cotton dress trimmed in old lavender ric-rac. She proudly displays her vintage/new remembrance bouquet set in an old silk-thread wooden spool. A "Mother" heart is attached to spool, with A "Buffalo Merry Times Club" pick to makes you smile!, 12”, edition of 4 bears available exclusively through Earth Angels 1 remains available,
WAS $240, NOW $168


M America & Mr President - patriotic one of a kind set, 14" beauty queen with 12" president, WAS $140, NOW $90 the set
(see her page on the site for more patriotic cuties in sale...)

JILL KENNY AND MORE ARTISTS...see the sale page

Woody – by Jill Kenny, a sweet exclusive edition of 2 for Earth Angels, love that stocking cap and his short shaded mohair, 10", WAS $130, NOW $48 each



Nesting Floret Vase – white on white floret vase with nesting blue bird, 8”, Regularly $90, PROMO PRICE $78

Kathy Dot Vases – a new dot pattern we’ve named for Kathy’s new kitchen color scheme…
Large - 14”, Regularly $90, PROMO PRICE $78
Bud Vase – named for Kathy’s new kitchen colors! Darling bud vase or cache pot, 5.5”, Regularly $30, PROMO PRICE $22




THANKS for stopping by xxoo
Jen 8-8 NY time 845-986-8720
Earth Angels

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