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Wednesday, January 27, 2010

My favorite room...

This is my favorite room in one of my favorite homes.

Stacey Bear lives in a stone house that has been in her husband Doug's family since the 1840s. Built in 1812, it has 3 foot thick walls, wide plank floors and many generations of stories that hang about it like patina. It's the perfect back drop to her many beloved collections and antiques.

It blooms with her imitable style and there's just no place like it for me...I have said many times, if you find that I have run away, look no further than Stacey's...

So many wonderful meals around this table, a quiet breakfast with Ro, chocolate cake for Rory's second birthday, laughs over a late supper last summer -- all of us exhausted from the day-long antiques hunt...and there will be many more times I pull up a chair in this room, grateful to know it, and the hostess that invites me there time and again.

Thanks Stacey for sharing all that you are, your talents, and your home with me.
xxoo Jen

ps...I will post on the room you can see just beyond the doorway soon...stay tuned...

Sunday, January 24, 2010

Heidi's in the House...

Heidi Steiner slays me. Each time I unpack a box of her bears, I find the unexpected, the fresh, and the festive. Somehow, no matter how many times I try to swear off teds, she lures me in...

Perhaps it's her penchant for blending textiles and colors; or maybe it's their faces. Either way, her bears have cast their spell once more. Here are a few images of some faces in the latest grouping...

Thanks Heidi for these exceptional beauties, they will surely add to the showcase at the "heART of winter" later this week.

xxoo Jen
Earth Angels

Thursday, January 21, 2010

EVENT Reminder!

Wow...our event at the Warwick Antique Barn is just around the corner...I'm hoping you can join us on 1/30 & 31 for our 3rd annual “heART of winter”. We've got a super event planned with art, antiques and cheer.

Meet Earth Angels’ artists and shop for their creations
amid vintage goodies…

Saturday, January 30th – 10am – 5pm
Sunday, January 31st – 10am – 4pm

Participating artists include Laurie Meseroll, Jennifer Lanne, Diana Card, Nicole Bowen, Jill Wiener, Nicol Sayre, Pat Murphy, Debbee Thibault, Heidi Steiner, Cheryl Kuhn, Valerie Weberpal, Deirdre Friebely, Dara DiMagno among others...

Hosted by Earth Angels at the Warwick Antique Barn, 293 State Route 94 in Warwick, New York. We're just 50 miles north of Manhattan and about 1 hour from the George Washington Bridge or Danbury. A link to detailed directions is on the “Events” page of our site or Click here for Map Quest driving directions...

Thanks and we sure hope to see you there...
xxoo Jen
Earth Angels

Monday, January 18, 2010

Kathy's Sunnybrae

I love going to my friend Kathy's home. She calls it "Sunnybrae" -- the name of her family's homestead in New Jersey -- that's the Scottish side. When I am there it is about me like a carefully feathered nest or a well wrought sweater of softest yarns. It is many things: comfortable with charming details that beg to be noticed, it's cozy in itself and, along with the lovingly curated objects it hosts, proffers itself for the enjoyment of the visitor with flagrant wisps of sweet sentimentality...

Me and Rosie, Jim and Rory visited for breakfast one day last week...and I brought the camera to capture some of the spots in her home I treasure the chance to visit.

In her front hall she has a wonderful corner cupboard...On each visit I stop there first to take it in all over again. Can you see why? Can you tell she loves letters? Can you spot her lovelies from Dara DiMagno?

Her dining room is just maybe my next favorite spot...we've found some of her prized transferware on our adventures...she displays it beautifully in all its glory of blues and browns

Her den is cozy and inviting...the small vignettes send me...

I adore her sitting room...I want to call it a parlor..and wish I could sit there and knit...but of course I need to learn how to knit first!

These goodies are on display in her kitchen...I love how she curates the textures of these disparate objects and, I love the wee wooden Jennifer Lanne piece!

In her "nest" -- a reading retreat on the second storey -- her collection of birdie homes beg a closer look...(Can you spot the sweet piece I brought home for her from last year's Country Living Fair and Laurie Meseroll? You really just need to come with us this year, Kath!)

When I look about Kathy's home I am reminded why I love her so much...she has a true respect for family mementos and carries them with care toward the next generations, she reveres the past -- yet actively moves towards a future bright with friends and family, she keeps good memories close and...she has an utterly fabulous sense of style that shines through in how she decorates and adorns her home with all the things she loves.

Thanks Kathy for always finding room in your heart and home for me and my are a true friend.

Jen O'Connor
Earth Angels

Friday, January 15, 2010

Taking the cake!

Great gal pal and talented art teacher, Nicole Heller, planned a student lesson inspired by Earth Angels' favorite potter and Upstate New York artist, Jill Wiener aka "The Earthgirl". Mrs. Heller's third grade class at Park Avenue Elementary School here in Warwick, NY explored themes in pop art, learned about Claus Oldenburg and then applied their knowledge to an exploration in clay inspired by The Earthgirl's themes and style.

The results were fab pottery cupcakes created by the kids using pinch pot and hand building techniques. When Jill was in Warwick this week for a field trip to the American Museum of folk art with fellow Earth Angels' artist Jennifer Lanne, we made a visit to the school to see the display of student art with Kathy in tow...

Nicole Heller's classroom is a colorful and dynamic one, and it will soon be featured in the May 2010 issue of "Where Women Create". You can follow the art teacher's blog
Stay tuned for more great stuff from the classroom and studios of these wonderful artists!

Thanks Jill and Nicole for inspiring the students, each other, and me too!

xxoo Jen
Earht Angels

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