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Saturday, May 4, 2019

...sweets from Sopie for Spring...

...these are so sweet and special...I had to share...
Thanks to Sophie for the wonderful images of some of the treats and sweets that are on their way to us for the gallery open house 

Here's a peek at some of the arrivals...send an email to reserve one of these pieces...and see the site for more incredible designs by Sophie...
 ...she has created so many wonderful creatures and ornaments for us to share...

I am so honored to be working with Sophie to bring her work to my customers.

...there are mice, elephants, cute things galore made of spun cotton...

...each done with an incredible attention to detail!

...come see them at the Open House on May 17-19 or email me to reserve a piece you see here... fave are these elephant girls with lemons and cherries!

...but the crow bow is pretty fabulous too!

...thanks to Sophie for working with Earth Angels on an exclusive basis to bring our customers the very best of her designs...and thanks to all of you for your support of this talented artist...

thanks all and hope to see you May 17-19
xo Jen

Wednesday, April 17, 2019

...SAVE THESE DATES...May 17-19

We've got another event in the works!

Save the dates for May 17-19 with three days of shopping, creating and celebrating at our new space in Florida/Warwick, NY....


1st Annual Spring Gallery Weekend 

44 Jayne St.
Florida, NY, create and celebrate with our artists during this weekend of festive gatherings, art and friendship...

FRI, 5/17 - 3pm - 6pm

SAT, 5/18 - noon - 5 pm
(workshops available - please register)
(evening event - register please)
SUN, 5/19 - 11 am - 4pm
(register for Blythe Meet-Up)
...join us and meet special guest artists 
Angela Moulton, Jody Battaglia, Kimberly Hodges, Letty Worley, Ben Ashby, Ethan Barber, and Lisa Kettell...browse special offerings from these and other Earth Angels featured artists, attend a workshop or seminar and simply enjoy our historic gallery filled with the best in handmade and contemporary folk art...
there is NO cost to attend...


And hope you can join us to SHOP, CREATE and CELEBRATE with Earth Angels Studios artists, friends and kindred spirits
... xo Jen

Wednesday, April 10, 2019

...the art of slow living...

 ...well done!  A huge congrats to all who worked on the new Where Women Cook "Slow Living"...
it's stellar...every page...stellar.
A special shout out to Ben Ashby for his vision, styling and photography that make this issue soooo strong...
 And thanks too go to Jo Packham for the honor to contribute a feature on cast iron... can peek at other stories I've done for Where Women Cook and other magazines on the press pages of my gallery website...(click here)

Thanks to all for your support and encouragement... I love to write, and my work for the quartet of
Where Women Create magazines 
keeps the skill sharp.

xo Jen

Wednesday, April 3, 2019

...she's teaching...we are so excited...join Angela

 Angela Moulton believes everyone can paint. To pass along the joy she has found in her own paints and brushes, the artist is eager to share what she knows and what she’s learned by painting everyday. 


...if you've seen her work, you've seen how she pushes paint across flat surfaces like no other. 
With the goal of adding more color to our world, 
she captures movement in her subjects with subtleties of shading, drenched hues and unfettered brushwork.   

Her petite Pratt Creek Art paintings feature birds, flowers in bloom, and the many farm animals and scenes from about her rural home and the local, eponymous creek.

Painting on wood panels or canvas in oils, acrylics and watercolors, too, the artist is largely self-taught and has been at work with her brushes everyday for almost ten years.  In her journey to share what she sees, she has developed an inimitable style that is joyfully drenched in color and utterly captivating.


...she'll be teaching how to paint from live in her class...but it won't be donuts and'll be snacking on treats during a break, but you'll be painting her signature birds and flowers combo...

Angela is an experienced instructor...She teaches just outside of Chicago at the Elmhurst Art Museum.

But don't expect a paint and sip kinda thing folks, this is a full-time professional painter who is sharing her know how, techniques and instruction...
you do not have any training to attend but you do need to be willing to try...remember, Angela believes anyone can's how she got her start!

Calling upon her experience painting both en plaine air and from still lifes in her studio, artist Angela Moulton of Pratt Creek Art will offer instruction in a three hour session to a limited number of students. 

 All students will be shown the process of painting her signature -- and oh colorful -- birds and blooms from displays she has created for the class. 

Each student will leave the class with skills in using acrylics, brushwork and a better understanding of composition and well as their own 6x6 original painting on a notched maple panel.   

Morning coffee break treats included.  
 ($80 early bird)
Class conducted at 44 Jayne St, Florida, NY.  

Space is limited, early bird registration through April 15th is discounted…please book soon so we can make plans to include you!!! 9am-11:30am 

and hope to see you there!

xo Jen


Sunday, March 31, 2019 honored... thanks Where Women Create

I am truly honored...
I was in the very first issue of 
Where Women Create magazine 10 years ago...
and this month...I'm in there once again sharing how my business has changed and grown over the years...I am so grateful.

The article is a whopping 10 pages and laden with peeks at the new space and my comments on being in business -- starting with my first show as a hobbyist in 1994 -- to going full time, to finally finding a space (a very BIG space) of my own...
 A huge thanks to Jo Packham for once again acknowledging me and including me among the many and talented women in business who are among the pages each issue....
 And a heartfelt and HUGE thanks to Ben Ashby for the images that provide the backdrop to my story...

I have a limited number of copies available on my site... HERE
or you can subscribe and order it HERE
xo Jen

Tuesday, March 26, 2019

bday sale... yep

Yep...those of you who read my BLOG 
always hear about it first...

Celebrate with me WED, THURS & FRI
use code JENSBDAYTREAT25 at checkout
on WED, 3/27 for 25% OFF
 -- in case you don't want to take your chances 
and miss something in the crush of orders on 3/28-- 
use code JENSBDAYTREAT30 at checkout
on THURS, 3/28 for 30% OFF
use code JENSBDAYTREAT25 at checkout
on FRI, 3/29 for 25% OFF
and codes cannot be combined...
xo Jen

...a peek at the recent workshop....BLYTHE MEET UP & WORKSHOP part II

...we gathered at the new home of Earth Angels Studios for fun and friendship...
...before we started the supplies were laid out...

Led by my friend and talented artist, Diane Mall Sammarco of DM Blythe, all in attendance were treated to a feast of knowledge on how to begin the sanding and carving process, a yummy lunch, and a wonderful dose of support and encouragement from kindred spirits.

It was a never forget day in the space...
Robin worked hard to sculpt a lovely pair of lips...

Lori Ann and Suza were star students!
...a before and an after from DM Blythe...
We had raffle prizes for dolly trivia questions...

...some girls that came to play... and my dearie, Melissa xoxox...
...the Sailors Tales crew...
...SAILOR!!!! we are at work...
Diane, me and Ethan...smiles all around xo
...learning is good...
...Betsy and Melissa on the hand-felted and oh so Marvelous Mutts Melissa is making... work... time!
...a sweet birthday gift from Melissa... shoot time!

Many thanks to Loren Pluth for the images...
Hope this gives you a bit of a peek into our day.

xo Jen
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