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Sunday, July 21, 2019

CIAO....our next event...CIAO CIAO CIAO!!

Our next event is coming soon....WOOO HOOO...
so I am at work making some 
Letty Teddy Blythes this week...
heads and bodies and fab fashion
 are all coming together....
We'll be at Blythecon Milano on September 7th...
I am totally in love with Italy and feel so excited to be able to visit once again.
(...what's not to love...) 

And the vendor list is a total WOW!!! 
I am so honored that Earth Angels Studios
  is included among the talent and style showcased from so many countries!

Expect more news from me and Rosanna De Bellis (fellow Where Women Create Alumna!)
on something special in the works...
and be sure to message me or email me
 if you plan to attend Blythecon Milano...
 xxoo Jen

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