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Sunday, June 29, 2008

GoodBuy - GoodBye SALE

Each year Earth Angels hosts a Summer Sale...And though I feel the blog is not the place to "sell", I did want to share the offerings and fabulous news of the bargains.... so please forgive the encroachment in this editorial forum...
SALE 6/30-7/15...or while they last...

…sigh…we are always sad to say good bye to some of the artists we have worked with and admire so, as well as some of the seasonal collections of now retired desings. The good news is we can offer you the remaining creations at incredible sale prices…to say “good bye” with a “good buy” for you.

Please enjoy the following sales on items posted to our website…
the following artists are included..specific details are below:

Primitive Twig assemblage pieces and art dolls 50% OFF
Jill Schaeffer’s - Jack & Jill Plates 50% off

All Bittersweet Books 50% off
Jennifer Murphy ALL retired Valentine & Spring Designs 50% off
(very few of these goodies remain - contact us soon)

Carol Spence Sellner dolls and framed art 50% off
Primitive Twig dolls 50% off

Jill Kenny’s JK Bears 50% off
Judy Eppolito’s Ashenberry Creations 50%off…e-mail for images
Cindy McGuire’s China Cupboard Bears 50% off


…No layaways, pre-orders or special orders on sale items…
Shipping charges and insurance fees will be based on the original price of the item/s.

Please call Jen with any questions
or to order from 8-8 NY time (845) 986-8720
or send an e-mail to
Please feel free to mention a second choice item, as things do go quickly…
thanks for your patience and we'll be back to my normal newsy posts soon
xxoo Jen

Friday, June 27, 2008

The Ferryboat Ball!

It was an evening that we'll long recall...

Here are the hosts of the Third Annual Ferryboat Ball – Victoria & Richard Mackenzie-Childs near the prow of the 1907 Yankee…
They gave their guests an utterly fabulous evening – no one does it like Victoria and Richard…..They are wonderfully fun, and the party had an un-matchably elegant, quirkiness! Every moment was magical…every detail artful…
...not to mention, the view...amazing...

 they are with the youngest members of their family...grand children and great nieces...
Subtle details like these blooms in conch shell added texture...

...young friends served a fun appetizer...bags of fritos with the fixins tossed in...we were given a plastic glove to dig in...

We dined upon a buffet of salads...all served in life preserver rings, suspended from ropes…Victoria was the “Salad Dressing” in gown made of faux veggies…with a table for a skirt, she poured dressings on salads from a collection of their teapots…

Deirdre Friebely was my date…we had a wonderful time exploring the ferry, hauling our drinks from the drink (funky sodas were drawn by rope from the Hudson River where they cooled)…and savoring the artful creations of this talented duo. the galley crew constructs the "ferryboat ice cream sundaes" for dessert...complete with waves of blue marshmallow and wee flags...they have such a wonderful group of friends who lent their heart and hands to make it all happen...

..some of the offerings...

I confess to bringing home some really wonderful treats…a few pieces of jewelry…and the real gems, this Animal Shelter lamp now in my living room...

....and this crackpot tureen which now lives on my kitchen table…

's Denise....doesn't she look divine!
...'twas an evening to remember! Thanks to you Victoria & Richard….and to my fellow Check Mates – ahoy! And until next year….

xxoo Jen
Earth Angels
PS Jane, I wish you could have joined time!

Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Bonnie Makes it Merry

This is Earth Angel, Bonnie Taylor Talbot... as a friend, she makes my heart sing silly songs of shared happy days. And, her work is just as wonderful as she....Her paintings bring me somewhere oh so sweet...they are as lovely as good memories, and as lovable as fine things and extra frosting.

Bonnie started painting ten years ago, teaching herself with every brush stroke and bravely experimenting with color and texture. I adore the results of her labor. Her works are light, airy and full of merry light.

She is an ebullient and festive soul, and it shows in her work. Her happy pieces in bright colors are layers of acrylics on canvas. Most are adorned with hand-stamped words and hand-inked, and oh so evocative, phrases. She mixes everyday objects with Parisian wrought iron grates, tiaras and crowns, chickens, ball gowns, the occasional perfume bottle and even sparkly chandeliers – all the things that delight her.

At our spring gallery event, Bonnie graced us as a featured artist. She wowed the crowds, she won the hearts of her fellow Earth Angels...and in between, she made me want to be more like her when I grow up (note shared cupcake fetish is a start). she is with her art posse!

She came early to the festivities, in time to catch one of Aidan’s Little League games, to help set up the gallery, and to just be a pal and go for ice cream on the mountain with me. I love that she was such a big part of it all, she really made it happen for all the artists. Oh, and did I mention that she “lost” my pickup truck in downtown Warwick…that perhaps is a story for another time!

I love her new works (some are already on the site...and Paul will post more this weekend -- or you can email for images)…
I adore how she couples plump chairs with juicy pears, buckets of flowers, or silly hens. In Bonnie's work, a jaunty party hat on a chicken is the norm! Such fun! I am simply thrilled that Earth Angels can offer such a fabulous selection of her original paintings…
…bust be warned, Bonnie does make everything more fun, just don’t give her your keys!
xxoo Jen

Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Victoria and Richard

Victoria and Richard Mackenzie-Childs are icons in the realm of home design. Their innately festive and utterly colorful d├ęcor, ceramic and textile creations are well-acknowledged as having pushed the elements of decor in new directions. They have shared their artful passions and an innate creative impulse since they met and married in 1974 while in art school together.

Their home and studio are aboard the Yankee…a 180” boat that once worked as an Ellis Island Ferry…if this boat could talk! Now it stands sentinel to the New York skyline, docked in Hoboken awaiting its return to a pier in Manhanttan that is currently under construction. In the meantime, the locals on the west side of the Hudson enjoy playing host to the ferry boat and the talented artists.

Over dinner last week (I was there with Jo for her shoot...more below)Victoria told us the story of how she and Richard met, and how she agreed to marry him after she destroyed his term’s work in an over-fired kiln…Until that time, she had been earnestly trying to fix him up with her roommate! They are a merry couple, positive and passionate…they imbue the room with their mood -- creative, kind and inventive.

This Saturday night, the dynamic Mackenzie-Childs duo will host their Third Annual Ferry Boat Ball…100 enthusiasts and patrons of their art will travel to join them in their festivities. “Check Mates” of the Mild Zanie CheckSociety – Victoria and Richards not so secret, secret society, family, friends, and industry contacts will converge to celebrate! Above Victoria creates the fantastical favors for her Check Mate guests....

's Victoria in the control room of the ferry - now her office and sewing room!

Their living room is is my pal Jo Packham! (I will be reporting more on her new adventure with Stampington to Launch "Where Women Create" this November 1st...stay tuned to this blog...)

Here are some images of Victoria and Richard preparing for the festivities...pictured with them is Where Women Create photographer Ryne Hazen.

The second level will soon be filled with music and the glow of all those lights...

If you think you can make it to the ball and want to be a part of their not so secret, Mild Zanie CheckSociety …here’s a link to their site. Keep and eye on the works and creations of their design company now called Victoria and Richard Emprise. As ever, their works are pure whimsy -- yet utterly balanced -- laden with lush details and texture, and packed with juicy color.

These friends have my full support and I do hope you'll keep a keen eye out for their new desings and fabulous creations...the jewelry is particualrly divine....more on their art soon...

I'll be on the boat this Saturday for the Ball and I promise to share images.

Xxoo Jen

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