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Thursday, February 26, 2009

Did you catch..

I just might need to start to watch tv...

Did anyone catch Jo Packham of "Where Women Create" on "Entertainment Tonight"??? Wow, Jo was on with Marie Osmond -- who is not only recognized as a performer -- but as an accomplished doll designer and artist.

Jo was just at Marie's studio for a photo shoot and will soon cover her extraordinary workspace in the pages of her magazine; Entertainment Tonight covered the photo shoot!

Too cool, just had to share.

xxoo Jen
Earth Angels

Monday, February 23, 2009

Painterly Teachings

I wish I could paint...this seems to me a photo that should be a painting, you know the one that belongs over a mantle in a stately manor home...

I nabbed this shot of my friend, painter Jennifer Lanne as she sat in the living room of her 1780s farmhouse. I was there with my pal Kathy to work on the "Where Women Create" photo shoot, we had taken a break from photographing the studio (it's located in her barn) to come into the house and warm up.

But, alas I don't all really. And so...I am particularly thrilled to announce that Jennifer will soon teach a class.

Sunday, March 29th
10am - noon
At Schuyler Pond, Saratoga Springs, NY
$120 - All inclusive....materials ...canvas, paint, aprons provided

A light brunch will be provided. Please book your spot soon as space/easels are limited.

Contact Jennifer Lanne to register (518)885-7625 or via email .

What a chance to study with her!

And my oh my, does that girl look at ease in her living room in that glamourous vintage red dress, as she does in her studio in a "kiss my grits" t-shirt!

Issue #3 of "Where Women Create" will feature a 10 page article on Jennifer and her fabulous barn studio. I sure will keep you posted on the WWC news and her latest arrivals via this blog and our email updates.

xxoo Jen
Earth Angels

Sunday, February 22, 2009

jammin' with Anna Mae

For sometime now, Jennifer Lanne has been showing up at my home toting a gift of "Anna Mae's" jam. The jars would appear, and before I could get my fill, the jars would be empty. It seems more than one person in this house is addicted to her fabulous concoctions...

And so, on a recent visit to Jennifer's, my gal pal Kathy and I were brought to the source. Anna Mae's kitchen is just down the road from the Lanne's, and these neighbors could not be more pleased to share Hope City Road.

Her industrial kitchen is a glistening, modern gem tacked onto the back of an older home. There, Anna Mae makes each and every batch by hand, often with her great grandchildren playing nearby in the main house...

She's been winning County Fair prizes for years. Her signature flavors like sour cherry, raspberry currant, rhubarb raspberry, peach, pomegranate and the top secret flavor combination -- "red, white & blue" are served in local restaurants and sent across the country.

They are divine. As you can tell, I am smitten...I love her jam with butter, with cream cheese, over ice cream...I have never had better (and some of you know I worked in the food industry for years...with a not to be named, famous jam maker as a client.)

To become addicted, you can buy her jams, jellies and fruit spreads for $4-$6 at the Ballston Spa and Saratoga farm markets, or save the trip and call or e-mail Anna Mae (518) 885-7356 or ...tell her the Lanne's jam crazy friend sent you.

And... Anna Mae, Jennifer will be by to pick up another case for me!
xxoo Jen
Earth Angels

Thursday, February 19, 2009

Bling ala Debbee

Well, well... Debbee Thibault must have heard my recent confession of bangle-mania and bling. Her new jewelry designs have just arrived.

Kathy unpacked them yesterday and we just "oohed" and "ahhhed". These are something special...made of Debbee's classic papier mache composition, and hand painted with lush details. Truly, wearable folk art and, since you might be wondering, priced at $45 - $90.

Here's a more detailed peek...
The painterly "Storyteller" bracelet hosts a trio of angels, a wisp of a star and flag, and the's divine.

The bangles are, of course, my favorite...they have a dainty row of dots in coral, aqua or red, white and blue...

The cross is utterly amazing, large and chunky I will hang one over the gilt mirror in my mudroom...Jennifer Lanne and Jennifer Paganelli have the first two...they saw Debbee wearing hers at the "heART of winter" and fell in love.

The wee heart is so charming, it adds a sweet touch worn alone or layered. Some customers are also adding the charms Debbee made for Earth Angels to this necklace for a baubly, swingy look.

...Key & Stars

...Bunny Love

...Make Room for Beauty"

...and the Santa-faced Heart necklace is darling.

I am guessing he will make a wonderful gift for my Mom, Rosie. She adores all thing merry, and Debbee more!

Here's Debbee with our mutual pal, Jean at the "heART of winter".

Hope you enjoyed this peek...I am off to dress and decorate myself!

xxoo and here's to baubles, bangles and bling
Jen O'Connor
Earth Angels

Sunday, February 15, 2009

Heartful Creations

I hope by now you've seen the second issue of "Where Women Create". The premier issue of this fabulous new publication landed on newsstands last November -- it's now sold out everywhere. This extraordinary magazine features the inspiring work spaces of extraordinary women. There are no integrated ads...just gobs of stories, pics and so much more within its 144 juicy pages.

If you have issue 2 in your hands, you may have already read the first "Artful Adventures" section I'm writing for the mag. It includes a calendar of events for artful readers to consider...and a "write in" request asking readers to forward images of their Valentine or heart themed art.

Here's a wonderful letter than came to the editor, Jo Packham, with images of the reader's "heartful art":

My name is Irene. I am a stay home mom who loves to paint. I totally inspired by the women in WWC. I read every single page in the magazine and wishing someday I would be the one who inspire others.

I would like to submit these two original acrylic painting for the Valentine blog "heARTful creations." I did both of the paintings on wood. Color were build up with layers of acrylic and oil pastel.
The first one contains the Chinese character, 'love' in the middle.

I hope you like them.
Chicago, IL

A big thanks to Irene for taking the time to submit her wonderfully "heARTful" creations...Please keep an eye on the "Artful Adventures" column for ways you can share your own artful adventures in creating, collecting, travel and more.

And here are a few more of my favorite "heARTful" creations that have sweetened the season....
Laurie Meseroll's mixed media Mud-Cakes celebrate the blessings of the heart...

Mohair creations from Heidi Steiner of Steiner Bears...

Some snippets of Valentine tributes...Cheryl Kuhn's paper art...

...and some sweet fabric heartful treasures...

I hope you all had a wonderfuul Happy Heart Day...
and if you don't yet have your copy of Issue 2 of "Where Women Create" -- please don't miss it -- it is sure to sell out soon.
Jen O'Connor
Earth Angels

Thursday, February 12, 2009

Simply Sweet

We had a candy-fueled adventure in paper and glue...I was reminded that kids have such a truly sweet expectation of a craft; grateful for the fun of it while it lasts, and satisfied with their results, no matter how simple they be.

A few bits of folded construction paper and some oddly shaped hearts and they were set, golden and ever so pleased with themselves! Some candy, a bow tied with little fingers and voila! Valentines for 62 classmates among my three little ones...done!

I loved that the kids did this with little guidance from me -- I have a tendency to overdue, to amplify and to complicate matters, to be truthful. They showed me that less can be so much more when it comes from the heart.

Happy Heart Day.
xxoo Jen
Earth Angels

Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Sis Boom Workshop!

ohhh la la...Jennifer Paganelli has announced a Sis Boom workshop!

Come join Jennifer as she walks you through her creative process showing you step by step how to achieve your creative goals. Her workshop will mix visualization and collaging. No experience is required -- what a great chance to explore your inner artist! Jennifer asks that you bring a large blank journal and magazines and/or clippings that resonate with you. Other materials will be provided.

Jennifer says, “This journaling is what helped me find my inner artist and has become a life long dialog of defining myself.”

Attendance is limited to 20 and the fee is $150. Please do consider adding this to your calendar for a very special experience. Jennifer, her home and her studio are utterly inspiring...and the chance to work with her is a priceless experience... Here is a link to the registration...
xxoo Jen
Earth Angels

Sunday, February 8, 2009

Handmade Valentine

With the sweetest of holidays on the horizon, I need inspiration. We're going to make our valentines soon and the days have seemed simply a sea of chores and to dos...this another...

So I've reminded myself to pause and take in the everyday sweetness around me.

Barbara Strawser seems to grasp love and push it back in true colors and simple forms. Her pieces each have a story that tells of love and sweet days. They are happy and full, like the busy days here feel to me.

They've got me in the mood to appreciate all that there is around me and tell those I love just how sweet they make my life.

xxoo Jen
Earth Angels

Wednesday, February 4, 2009

you asked for it

ok, ok! ...sooo many of you have asked to see the latest artwork in more detail. You loved the blog post on our recent event, but you want close-ups or the art, details on the available creations!!!!

Here are some...

We are working on various email brain newsletters to send to those of on specific artists' email list/s. If you are not on an artist/s' email update list and you'd like full details on the "heART of winter arrivals", just email me

xxoo JEn
Earth Angels

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