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Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Lanne's Studio - Insiders' Peek

Well, well...I must say I cannot get enough of artist Jennifer Lanne's home and studio. Both are glorious and a wonderful reflection of the artist's personal style and farmhouse chic aesthetic. And so, I am particularly thrilled to share the news that Jennifer has just been featured in a 10 page article in the latest issue of "Where Women Create".

The article is loaded with gobs of images and peeks into every corner of Jennifer's barn studio. It also tells the story of how she got her start as a painter, and the long road to her current space and home studio...

Here's a behind the scenes peek at the shoot that made the article possible when Kathy and I headed to Ballston Spa on a freezing cold day in January. We do have our share of adventures together!

Jennifer set to work painting, and we tried to capture her in action along with her space...

I love the sassy T-shirt!

They didn't use this portrait in the mag, but I think it's a fun shot...

And I also love these images of her paintings...and the still lifes that inspire them...

Here Kathy and Jennifer take time out to visit with the pig pals and farm princesses, Olive and Violet...

And here's Jen with her hubby, Dick...

We really did have a wonderful time pulling the shoot together and a BIG thanks to Jo Packham for the opportunity to feature Jennifer, her work and her space in the pages of the magazine.

If you haven't yet ordered your copy of issue #3, please call or email soon as these magazines do sell out! This issue is jam packed with fab images and peeks inside the creative spaces of so many inspiring women across the country... Here's the cover image...

(It's 144 pages and $14.99 + ship)

Again, a hearty congrats to Jennifer on this fabulous piece -- well done and well deserved!!

And Jennifer, as ever, it's not only my treat, but a real honor to work with you...
Jen O'Connor
Earth Angels

PS new works -- including wee wooden pieces as shown in the magazine spread -- have has just winged their way to Earth your in-box for details if you are on Jennifer's newsletter list or email me for details...

Saturday, April 25, 2009

That Aussie Sparkle

Here she is...Australian, mother of six, passionate collector of beautiful things and my loving, dedicated, and dear friend.

She makes me laugh, she's seen me cry, she loves me and my flaws, and we share a spirit of adventure.

...if ever I need validation, I can remind myself that Anne flies more than halfway round the globe to spend time sitting in my kitchen just to and drink hot chocolate with me, have cheese and bikkies, our brekkie and read to the kids.

Yes, we do manage to squeeze in an awful lot of fun on her visits, this time it was shopping at our favorite haunts, a trip the City, cupcakes at Magnolia, the movies, and lunch at Charlotte's Tea Room. But there were hours that she sat on the couch with her knitting needles clicking as I sorted through mounds of emails and orders.

We met on line about 9 years ago, both avid Tonner doll collectors. She bought a doll outfit from me on ebay (one I had won at a fundraising event)and we began to exchange emails.

Then when I was in Chicago in May 2001 for the Tonner Convention, I got onto an elevator with Aidan -- then a babe in his stroller/Anne calls it a push-chair...Anne recognized him from the pictures I had emailed! Then later that day, at a massive tea party with Mary Engelbreit, we were seated next to each other...divine intervention...Yes, again!

Her visits started soon after and I look forward to them like nothing else...She'll be back in late June 2010 for our annual "Friends & Family Reunion". I can hardly wait..and we'll be sure to give her, yet again, the long distance award!

Anne, we'll all miss you 'til then...
I do love you, you are the truest and dearest of friends.
xxoo Jen

Thursday, April 23, 2009

Debbee's Newest Bling

...ooohh la la... Deebbee is at it again!

She has just released her second collection of jewelry designs. They send me...and I adore the way they hang together. Here they are on the artist's stripey shirt...

...and here are some of the pieces on display at our recent event at "Paris to the Moon"...

These are in stock and ready to order...prices vary from $45-$110. You can call email for details or see the jewelry page on our site. badda BLING!
xxoo Jen

Monday, April 20, 2009


May 16th & 17th -- OUR NEXT EVENT...and this is the BIG one!

Our 8th Annual “Spring Fling”
Show of Original Art, Accessories & Decor
Warwick, NY

Meet Earth Angels’ artists…Shop for their creations…

Featuring paintings, jewelry, papier mache, altered art, soft sculpture, mixed media, dolls and heirloom teddies, accessories and d├ęcor from artists:

Jody Battaglia, Stacey Bear, Nicole Bowen, Dara DiMagno, Debbie Hartwick, Cheryl Kuhn, Jennifer Lanne, Laurie Meseroll, Leslie McCabe, Pat Murphy, Barbara Strawser, Debbie Thibault, Jill Wiener, Valerie Weberpal, Letty Worley

Our Special Guest

Here she is -- the Creator & Editor-in-Chief of “Where Women Create”

Saturday, 5/16 - Noon – 6 pm
Sunday, 5/17 - 11am – 3pm

FREE and open to the public

Hosted on the grounds of the new “Charlotte’s Tea Room”
15 Oakland Ave, Warwick, NY

WATCH THE MAIL FOR the postcard with full details...

...or see the events page of our WEBSITE...

We will also be hosting 2 SPECIAL MEAL EVENTS -- for these, there is a fee...

Join Jo Packham for a Supper Celebrating Women Who Create -
$45, 5/16 at 6pm
Join Debbee Thibault for Breakfast and Artistic Inspiration -
$20, 5/17 at 10am
Reservations and payment for these special artist events/meals required by 5/10

For more info call (845) 986-8720 from 9am-7pm EST
or e-mail


xxoo Jen

Sunday, April 19, 2009

Heidi's in the House

I love it...another wonderful blog to follow...

Heidi Steiner -- and her creations too! -- is know for her fabulous wit and wonderful style. She makes truly fab teds and pals and it's been my pleasure to work with her for...let's see...the past 9 years...well well time flies, Heidi!

Here we are at an event we hosted in Heidi's honor with artist Jennifer Murphy and our gal pal, Ro...

And here's the artist with our fab friend and fellow Heidi fan, Little Red Robin...

Thanks Heidi for your recent blog post mentioning Earth Angels...

We're sorry you'll miss the "Spring Fling" this year...but I am DELIGHTED you'll be able to join is in our tent at the COUNTRY LIVING FAIR in September. I cannot wait to see what Heidi will have up her sleeve for that one!

Stay tuned for more creations from Heidi and details on her appearance -- along with 15 more Earth Angels Artists -- the Fair...

xxoo Jen

Friday, April 17, 2009

Issue #3 is here!

ISSUE #3 of Where Women Create has arrived…
This new magazine picks up where Jo Packham’s ground-breaking book left off... and goes beyond!

Where Women Create invites you into the creative spaces of the most extraordinary women of our time. If you have not yet fallen in love with this quarterly publication, you just might once you've flipped through its pages and read the stories.

ISSUE #3 features Earth Angels’ own painter Jennifer Lanne and so many other talented and creative women.

More on the magazine shoot of Jennifer Lanne's fabulous studio soon...and in the meantime, if you have not already ordered this issue, email or call. The issue is 144 full color pages and $14.99.

For those of you who have already placed your order with Earth Angels, we'll ship in just a few days!

xxoo Jen

Wednesday, April 15, 2009

fast food trail

Well it's time for another blogland confession of a food obsession. (Have you noted I have many...)

So let's make that a "Double Double Protein" & "Animal Fries". If this means something to you, you're an IN-N-OUT Burger no need to to read on...

But if this sounds intriguing, well you might just want to consider a trip tor CA, AZ or NV to taste this stuff. Ok, well at least make time to visit on your next trip to the area - we certainly did!

On the plane rise to Orange County earlier this month I began to fantasize, as soon as we landed I asked directions, and within 15 minutes I had Nicole Bowen -- a fellow IN-N-OUT fan -- and Jennifer Lanne -- now an IN-N-OUT convert -- ordering from the not-so-secret "Secret Menu".

Yes, it's fast food (Well, not really "fast". If you're from NY it's more like getting stuck behind a slow moving vehicle in the left lane...but I digress with the impatience of hunger while the food is actually made to order and that's not a bad thing!)
There are no microwaves or freezers, just simple food made fresh while you wait..and yes, that's potatoes actually getting turned into fries on the spot, and rolls getting baked.

YUM - and the only thing that would have made the meal better...the company of fellow fans Laurie Meseroll & Magda Trzaski!

xxoo Jen
Earth Angels

Friday, April 10, 2009

art on tour

Here's part 2 of the post on our recent "Tour de Art" at Paris to the Moon. It was an utterly fab event...

And, sooo many of you have asked to see the event and the latest artwork in more detail. So here are some more images...
Nicole Bowen's Necessary Excess soft sculpture and jewelry creations were wonderful...

As ever, Nicol Sayre's art dolls were a wonder, one more beautiful than the next!

Laurie Meseroll's mixed-media Mud-Cakes donned the walls and charmed the customers in their style...

Debbee Thibault wowed her collectors and created new fans with her line of irresistible jewelry...

Paintings by Jennifer Lanne on canvas and wood added color and wonderful style to the room...

Dara's one of kind wearable art pendants and necklaces were just fabulously displayed and much appreciated by attendees...

For the first time, Debrina Pratt attended an Earth Angels' event...her creations were gobbled up!

Jo Packham was there to sign Issue #2 of "Where Women Create" ...

We are working on various email brain newsletters to send to those of you on specific artists' email list/s. If you are not on an artist/s' email update list and you'd like full details on the "Tour de Art" and spring arrivals, just email me

More soon!
xxoo Jen
Earth Angels

Tuesday, April 7, 2009

the year has bloomed

We've tried the new year on... we're moving forward and through it with certainty now. It's April.

It's a bright season of bunnies and cheer, new green grass and fuzzy chicks.... Spring always seems happy to be wrapped in pastel foils and decorated with glitter and bits of sunny days....

Have you caught its spirit, the newness that's around us? The artists surely have! Look at the treats that arrived this week from their studios. The new work brims with fresh ideas, softer colors and the look of spring. My very fave is the sweet "Esther Bonnet" by Jody Battaglia shown in the image above...

And I love the bunnies and chicks galore from Nicole Bowen...

And my favorite new critter is this wonderful bunny from Pat Murphy in a nubby mohair dressed and ready for Easter. The polka dotty ears simply send me...

So enjoy every bit of Spring and the holiday...Happy Easter! We are off for our annual jaunt to Disney with the kiddies. I'll be posting from the road as we fly South and yes, I will be checking e-mails.(Thanks in advance to you Kathy for taking and making calls while I am away).
xxoo Jen
Earth Angels Toys

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