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Tuesday, October 31, 2017

...a very happy halloween to all....

enjoy it all 

xo Jen

Monday, October 16, 2017 column is on the newsstands...are you an Artful Entrepreneur???

...many of you don't know that my formal training is in Urban Planning -- yep -- even have the Masters and the Professional License (AICP) -- 
but that may not seem to match with what I do everyday with Earth Angels Studios...

But it does! It does!  Why??? 
My specialization in Planning is in small business economic development... that means, I know how to help business grow through garnering sales, how they market and how they position themselves within the economy as makers and manufacturers...

So now -- instead of working with food and fashion liked I used to in Manhattan, the Bronx and Brooklyn when I lived in Queens -- I work with handmade and have since I started my dabbling in 1994 as a hobby business...

I went full time into Earth Angels in 2000 when I had my first kiddo and have not looked back.... 

Soooo it' really nice for me to have the opportunity to come full-circle and share my business development know-how in a four part series called 

"Paying the Bills with Your Passion"

A huge thanks to Jo Packham of 
for the opportunity to write this new column on artful entrepreneur....

Part I is on how to turn a hobby business 
(yes, just like I did) into a legitimate one...with research and evaluation of the market and your goods!

You can read the entire article in the July issue... 
....and the October Issue has just hit the newsstands with Part II  of my column -- more on that soon

...and hope you can catch these pieces if they are relevant to you as you start or grow your own handmade business....

xo Jen

Monday, October 9, 2017

BLYTHE -- quick question answered in images!

I was recently on the phone with an old friend and long time, passionate doll collector....HI MAGGIE!

...she had never really looked at Blythe and the realm of custom Blythe dolls...
and she was not sure what all the fuss was about!

So, I thought I would quickly post a few images here that came up on a google search -- some before and after customization pics -- that I had sent along to her... (sorry, I cannot credit the 3 images to follow to the photographers, if these are your shots -- let me know so I can!) are these same images to show you -- in just a few pics -- 
what the artists who customize do...
they sand, and carve, and paint, adding custom eye chips, gaze correction and more..
I am astounded at what they do to a base/stock doll...Maggie was too...there is a lot going on here in the realm of Blythe that deserves attention and celebration!

Thanks to all of the custom artists for applying their talents to the medium of Blythe...

AND if you want to be kept in the loop on all Blythe customs as they arrive from the artists' studios, just
t email me at

I am smitten with the many faces of Blythe and hope -- even if she's not your thing -- you can appreciate what the artists do...
xo Jen

...a peek at the Spring Soiree...loved our visit to Canandaigua!

this never got published...

here is a long overdue peek at our 
Spring Soiree in Canandaigua...

I sure hope we get to visit Nancy Wiley's amazing shop again soon



and keep scrolling for more peeks
More BLOG posts coming soon!

Monday, October 2, 2017


...I will do my best to get back to posting to the BLOG this month!!! SO STAY TUNED!

....I have to share some GREAT news...

we have a festive event coming soon to the
4:00pm - 6:30pm

"Blythe & Teddy's Afternoon Out"

of "Sign of the Tymes"
Special Guest Artists Letty Worley, Sue Parker and Rosanna De Bellis Demos, Hand Made Creations,
Vintage Loot for Blythe & Heirloom Teddy Bears


 YUM...SHOP and SNACK and LEARN and SEE what all the fuss is about!
She has been causing quite the stir here at Earth Angels Studios...
Peek at her pages 
...and stay tuned for more postings and forgive my absence... I will be keeping up with postings and holler if you've missed the BLOG...
xo Jen

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