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Friday, March 26, 2010

Kitchen Photo Shoot we photographed our recently re-done kitchen for a story in "Romantic Homes" magazine. For those of you who read me, you've followed the re-do from bad oak cabinets and cramped quarters to the current open plan with repurposed furniture.

Thanks to Kathy -- the greatest of gal pals and ever the cheer leader. She showed up and made tea and chatted with me through the longest stretch of the day, while we patiently waited for the light in this sunny space to cooperate.

Here are just a few shots for a little taste of the action...I'll keep you posted on the feature and when it will run.

A big thanks to the editors of Romantic Homes Jacqueline DeMontravel and Jickie Torres for the support and consideration. Thanks gals for being interested in the re-do of the space and thanks to everyone who made the re-do a reality!

Now, I am off to make more tea...what else is new!
xxoo Jen
Earth Angels

Monday, March 22, 2010

The Cart Before the Horse Arrives!

I first bought from them in 2006, and have collected their work for some time, so I couldn't be more thrilled...Earth Angels will now offer "Cart Before the Horse" works!

The creators of these wonderful works are a dynamic and talented team Jo James and Dylan Curry. Jo James designs, paints and sculpts, while Dylan Curry stuffs and sews their dolls, figures and whimsical soft sculptures.
I love the wonderful feel to their painted muslin creations, appreciating the fine detailing in the painting, their palette and more. So how wonderful that they've agreed to come on board as Earth Angels and allow us to present their creations to our customer friends and folk art aficionados.

Inspiration for the creations comes from the flotsam and jetsam of every day life with children, like little "treasures" left in pockets, favorite storybooks, toys, and a true sense of play.
Here are some of my faves:

Each creation by Cart Before the Horse is an exceptionally wrought, three dimensional painting on cloth. Dolls, figures, whimsical characters and fanciful beings are each made with quilter's muslin that has been painted and sanded, then painted and sanded again, giving the fabric a rich patina that feels like old leather and an utterly soulful appearance.

I am thrilled to now be able to present Cart Before the Horse creations to Earth Angels’ customers and, as a Cart Before the Horse policy, shipping to US destinations will always be FREE. E-mail us if you'd like a sneak peek and/or to be added to the e-mail update list for these works.

Stay tuned for more!
xxoo Jen
Earth Angels

Sunday, March 14, 2010

Debbee's Spring Arrives

Spring is a breath away...and Debbee Thibault's designs have me more than ready for the new season to arrive.

Her special releases for the season are each very limited...and we are thrilled to have a limited number of each to offer our customers.

Here’s what Debbee has just written to share with her collectors and enthusiasts:

“Spring has sprung with Poor Pitiful Pearl (shown above)in the middle of all of it. She is dressed up for Easter and has her favorite bunny to share in all of her special fun.
Pearl and her make believe friends are available right now only for the season."

Debbee says:

"When I was visiting and working with the factory in Germany, I learned about the wonderful spring tradition of displaying eggs and ornaments on the bare branches of trees as well as decorating and using them in all kinds of holiday arrangements. I loved the idea and it so fascinated me that I felt I could start a similar tradition here in America using my own unique ornament line. You can create a center piece for your Easter table with a mix of ornaments and fairy lanterns. The glimmering lights and shiny glass add a nice touch in setting the atmosphere."

Thanks Debbee for this springtime magic...

xxoo Jen
Earth Angels

Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Birthday SALE

It's time for the annual, and oh so fabulous,
“Happy Birthday (to me) Sale”

I used to try to keep track of customers’ birthdays... I would send a coupon for a “treat discount” in appreciation for being a customer, but tracking of 8,000 or so birthdays got a bit out of hand!

So, this year let’s once again celebrate my birthday with a treat for all of you...

I am turning 41, so it’s 41% off….
WOW!(yes, "wow" that I am 41 and "wow" to a matching discount)

As a friend and fan of Earth Angels you are welcome to choose
one, two or three ITEMS ON THE WEBSITE
at 41% OFF
NOTE: see the website list of artists for links to their pages!
(and thanks to these artists for their cooperation!!)

What a fabulous chance to add something special to your home, your collection, or choose as a special gift for yourself or someone special.

To take advantage of this special offer….
please E-MAIL your order beginning at 12:01 am on March 10th the sale will continue through 3/15 but things will go quickly so don't wait to order...You can also call us 8am-8pm ONLY(845) 986-8720.

Orders received with a credit card will be filled first (you can of course email your card safely in 2 separate emails)...

There are no restrictions as to what you may order/what the discount will apply to, but there is some fine print like no layaways, pre-orders, special orders, it doesn't apply to any previous orders, and of course this is on IN STOCK items only, etc...E-mail of you need those details.

xxoo Jen O'Connor
Earth Angels

Thursday, March 4, 2010

Knit Not + Kathy = Hudson Event

We used the wonderful excuse of Kathy's Birthday and her and Jane's shared knitting passion to take a run up to Hudson, NY. Of course, when we got there the knitting store we went to visit was closed... but no matter...another adventure ensued.

We discovered a wonderful courtyard of castoffs...

Shared a perfect cup of cappuchino and a bit of lunch in honor of Kathy's 49th...

And -- thanks to our designer and antique maven friendStephanie Lloyd suggestion -- I met with Able Sun, the owner of the wonderful antiques and art marketplace -- "The Hudson Supermarket". Able is intrigued by some of Earth Angels' artists and their creations and offered to host us for an artful trunk show in June -- stay tuned for dates and details on this cooperative venture...

Here are some images from our adventure of "The Hudson Supermarket" -- the future event location...

Woo Hoo -- I might never learn to knit now, but no matter, there's an event to plan in Hudson! Hoping some of you can join us next time were there...

xxoo Jen
Earth Angels

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