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Sunday, October 31, 2010

I am wondering why mini chocolate bars taste so much better when fished from a bag of kid loot, on a cold evening, with the crunch of dead leaves underfoot?

This is our local Halloween here in Warwick, NY...Can you tell this town loves it!

Thanks to all who shared in the festive day, our "trick-or-treating" and parade-walking buddies...

I am already looking forward to next year...and in the meantime, I am thinking my current sugar overload should hold me over!
xxoo Jen
Earth Angels

Friday, October 29, 2010

Save the Date to Shop Paula: 5th Annual "heART of winter"


Earth Angels' ”heART of Winter” - WEST
5th Annual Artists Showcase presented by Jen O'Connor at the renowned store

with special partner “PARIS TO THE MOON”

Friday, 12/3 from 3pm-7pm
Saturday, 12/4 from 11am-2pm

Hosted at Shop Paula
139 West 1st Street,
Tustin, California…in Orange County

Featured Earth Angels’ artists include: Debbee Thibault, Jennifer Lanne, Laurie Meseroll, Melody Doyel, Lynsey Walters, Leslie McCabe, Nicol Sayre, Dara DiMagno, Valerie Weberpal and Cheryl Kuhn among others whose work will be presented in this fabulous setting for festive shopping and the savvy browsers’ enjoyment.

Visit for more info on our wonderful retail host and their avant garde clothing and home offerings via Paula Home.

xxoo Jen
Earth Angels

Thursday, October 28, 2010

Amy's "Vintage Notions"

"Vintage Notions" is an incredible book by my new gal pal Amy Barickman...this is a tome to treasure and share, time and again over cups of tea and a sweet moment to browse...

Amy's book beautifully hard bound in linen and loaded with juicy images, anecdotes, vintage line art and more, so retro and oh so wonderful…

Here’s what Amy says about her fab new book:
Vintage Notions is the culmination of a personal journey that started twenty years ago when I began collecting rare sewing and needle arts books, vintage home arts magazines, and cookbooks. I reached a pivotal point in my collecting when I came across the work and wisdom of Mary Brooks Picken.

Amy tells her story:

I first discovered Mary in the summer of 2008, while returning from a creative workshop in Omaha, Nebraska. I began reviewing several vintage newsletters and magazines that I had collected while hunting for artwork for The Vintage Workshop. They were published by The Woman’s Institute of Domestic Arts and Sciences in Scranton, Pennsylvania, between 1916 and 1934, and they were inspiring. Combing through the aged pages of these wonderfully illustrated and beautifully written publications, I realized that they were still relevant today and provided a blueprint for a simple, fulfilling life.

Amy says, “Researching and writing Vintage Notions has been an odyssey for me. And while my endless hunting for great vintage material will never stop, I understand the drive behind it now in a way I did not before I encountered the work of Mary Brooks Picken. It seems that all along, part of me was searching for the answers that Mary and her work provided. Her work shows that dignity, joy, and meaning can be derived from the home arts. Mary has become a beacon for me, both personally and professionally, and I want to share some of her light with you.”

I cannot imagine anyone who loves the hand made and treasures the old not loving every sweet page of this book…I adore it myself and we are thrilled have a limited number (just 24) of AUTOGRAPHED copies to offer Earth Angels’ customer friends for $29.99
DO NOT miss this one! You'll want to buy one as the gift you really want to keep...
xxoo Jen O'Connor
Earth Angels

Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Don't Miss Dara at "Friends in Christmas"

There's a wonderful piece on Dara and her talents in the local paper...and a plug for a wonderful upcoming showing of her work...
click this link to see it...ARTICLE

The article mentions Paul Gordon's FRIENDS IN CHRISTMAS. This is a wonderfully intimate group art show and gathering on November 13 at Paul's studio in Martinsburg West Virginia...

Dara and Paul have been the closest of friends for many years, so she will be there along with other talented artists...

My oh my, how I wish I could attend.

xxoo Jen
Earth Angels

Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Did you get yours?

The latest edition is here and shipping...if you didn't get yours yet, give a holler!

It's another steallar edition with gobs of great stuff in its 144 pages, including fab stories on Earth Angels' artists Diana Card and Kitty Babendreier...(I had fun working on those pieces with you gals!)

You can email or call me to order...mention this post for reduced shipping.

xxoo Jen
Earth Angels

Saturday, October 23, 2010

THEA our Guest Blogger: "Seeing Dots! The 2010 Ferry Boat Ball"

...with photos by her husband Richard Traub...thanks to both of them for sharing their evening with the MacKenzie-Childs'...

The evening's light was perfect as we arrived at the 2010 Annual Ferryboat Ball, hosted by Victoria and Richard MacKenzie-Childs, where we walked down the path through the Polka Dot Garden.

Their home, the Yankee Ferry, is docked on the Hudson's western bank in northern Hoboken. The way to the brow was lined with polka dot plantings--dozens and dozens of colorful flowers were displayed in rescued tires lining either side of the pier. The MacKenzie-Childs hope to extend this garden full length of the pier.

The gangplank was marked by a whimsical facade of Lady Liberty, which concealed hidden steps so I could climb up and be transformed....

Greeted by hosts Victoria and Richard upon boarding....

...we then met their engaging grandchildren, Whittaka and Felix. The children graciously allowed my husband, Richard Traub, to capture them in a brief photo shoot.

Once aboard we were treated to a display of Victoria and Richard's latest creations...color and style were everywhere...

I couldn't resist a sneak peak into the galley to see the amazing food being prepared...

The crowd gathered and mixed are some of our fellow guests...

The table was sumptuously laid, decorated by rounds of round food, each a different color, served on skewers. So there were grapes and Fritos and "dirty" cheese balls, melon balls, and olives. Thus began our culinary adventure.

The next course was matzoh ball soup, followed by falafal and rice.

Each course was served by the children who worked tirelessly to keep the plates coming and going.

Whittaka, in her spare time, found time to sing to us in French and then, after the main course, she and Felix, pretending to be rushing penguins, flew round us to the "Flight of the Bumblebees" while serving garlic flavored salsa sorbet. The meal ended with cakes.

It was a grand evening and one we'll long recall...

...submitted by guest blogger...
Thea L. Traub

Note from Jen:
Thea...I only wish I was with you and glad you could join the colorful and textured world of the MacKenzie-Childs clan...

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