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Thursday, October 31, 2013

BOO! and treat of a sale today and tomorrow only

I plan on eating a lot of candy today, 
but sharing the treats of the holiday 
is part of the I am hosting a 2 day sale.

So WOO HOO and say BOO! to 
20% off the entire site with code BOO20

sale ends midnight on 11/1

thanks and enjoy xxoo Jen

Wednesday, October 30, 2013

...please go for me, because I can't! November "Remnants of the Past"...

Oh boy, oh boy....I so wish I could be there....

Judy Watkins hosts an amazing show. So mark your calendar for 11/9 & 11/10 for this
 fab event in SLO, CA.

I was lucky enough to attend in the Spring with fellow special guests Jo Packham, Ben Ashby, Lisa Leonard and Laurie Meseroll and we all LOVED it....
But this month I cannot fit it please go for me and shop 'til you drop on the amazing vintage offerings...

xxoo Jen

Thursday, October 24, 2013

hope to share coffee with ya'll...

We're already in Atlanta and setting up for this weekend's event...

Keep an eye on the site, the BLOG, Facebook, Twitter and Instagram for peeks and previews of what's in store for this event and sure hope you can join us! The coffee is on me for Early Buyers...

SEE YOU THERE xxxooo Jen

Monday, October 21, 2013

Hello Monday...still love them....Maruca's back

Hello Monday. Hello pretty fall days...
I have been in business since 1994...I began dabbling on the side while I worked full time....buying and selling handmade dolls, bears, vintage goods...
Things changed when I have my first kiddo in 2000, I quite the job and after flailing around a bit, had settled on Earth Angels as my "calling".

When we moved to Warwick -- my hubby's home town -- things took off. 
I had more room, more air, and another baby.  
By 2002 I had a bunch of accounts with some really fab artists and designers....and things were rolling along.  

In a car ride last year with Michelle and Sue, I counted all the artists I had worked with and no longer's a lot -- about 80 -- so when I have the opportunity to rekindle a relationship to work with a designer once again, 
I am thrilled.

So hello Maruca Designs....and welcome's been 8 years since we've worked together and I am so glad we've come full circle.

Here's a peek at a photo shoot Shannon and Allie did on Friday...
I love these gals, their style, their Boulder-made bags...

So Hello Monday.

Hello I need to pack and leave Wednesday for 
 Atlanta and there's so much to do. YIKES!

Hello old friends and new.

Hello Fall Fashion....Fall Days...and Fall Color's.

Hello old things, new things and everything in between.

Hello new week, you are going to be a busy one! 
I am ready for you, 
kinda sorta...

Hello to all of you. And what are you up to this week???

xxoo Jen

Thursday, October 17, 2013


Fab Fall Fashions are in....and 20% OFF

Order Anything on our Jewlery & Accessory Pages
(yes, including SALE items) from 10/17-10/20
and SAVE 20%
with code FALLBLING at checkout
1,200 pieces of jewlery, purses, corsages, bling and more NOW
Love that and love lookin' good for the season!
xxoo Jen

perfect fall day's the kind of crisp Fall day I want to cuddle up in the big arm chair at my gal pal Kathy's house...flip through a magazine, and drink tea and visit with her...

I love her family room. It has all the ingredients of handmade and vintage that I adore, and just enough whimsy to make it really her own.
I think I might grab one of her yummy soft blankets and really tuck in...
don't you love how she has them in the little metal doll bed...I do! 

As a matter of fact, I am thinking my cats would be in there in a New York minute if they saw this set up! 
(Cats are so smart, they never miss an opportunity to nap!)

But a nap is a pleasant fiction in my world! 
Just too much going in here to slow down...
But I need a break, so I am off to Kathy's once again for tea...
she always seems to be able to talk me through my big plans and provide the best of insights and suggestions....what are friends for after all...
We are hard at work here getting ready for the next event...we'll be heading to Atlanta next week for the annual Country Living Fair....

Stay tuned for more on that...and sure hope to see you in Atlanta soon! You can see the events page of the site for details....

xxoo Jen

Monday, October 14, 2013

no tricks, all treats on Magda....35% off xoxoxo

Time for a Treat No Tricks...

Big Time BOO!
SAVE 35% on ALL
Magda Trzaski "Black Iris" Creations
with code Magda35 at checkout
'til 10/16

...enjoy a browse of this friend's
talent and artistry...

I adore Magda and her fab collections
and it's wonderful to be able to offer them
at these very exclus

ive prices xxoo Jen

hello monday, Atlanta we're coming soon!

Hello Monday, I can't belirve it's coming so soon....with cream and sugar on top.

It's our trip to the annual Atlanta Country Living Fair and 
our special "Early Buyers COFFEE TALK" with the Earth Angels...
(this is in 2 weeks and there's so much to do!!!)
So hello Monday and pretty please put this on your calendar!  
10/25, 10/26 & 10/27.
We have a wonderful time, it's a fab event, and if you are anywhere in the should be there to see the pages 
of the magazine come to life on Stone Mountain...
If you cannot make it, stay tuned here, on Instagram and on Facebook too for sneak peeks from the artists...they have great art to share....

So hello Monday, time to pack the boxes and get ready to load the truck...
this huge event is just two weeks away...

Hello to all our Southern friends and especially the "Sweethearts on the Homefront" -- we'll be there soon...

Hello to all who make the Fair possible at Hearst and Stella 
AND a BIG all the artists and my helpers who get us ready and run the show....

Hello perfect fall days. 
Hello Apples. Even better, hello Apple Pie.

Hello leaves, you are so pretty, please stay on the trees a bit longer, 
I am not a rake lover.

Hello chilly noses and fingers...the kids are wearing extra layers and there's frost each morning on the garden....

Hello to all of you and hope you have a fab week, whatever you have in store.

xxoo Jen

Thursday, October 10, 2013

the last bits of summer...

Summer always seems like it's red to me...
a big red sun that burns away 
to rusty fall leaves and golden shadows...

Red, wonderful red.
Apples and barns and skies before storms.
It's cheery red toenails peeking from sandals and lips all dressed up. 
It's every pair of shoes I've ever loved.
Ahhh, yummy red, brave red, intense red...
It's pink's bossy big sister and I love her for it!

And I am sad to see that color go... 
The last bits from the local farm stands are the last of my summer reds...
cherry tomatoes and berries...
and they'll soon be gone from the farm stands all together.

Here they are gathered in my fave berry bowls...
Red seems to taste as good as it looks....

xxoo Jen

Wednesday, October 9, 2013

love the long weekend looming - free shipping to celebrate

I love a 3 day weekend...who doesn't.
(and I am looking forward to this one more than most since we all need a bit of a break around here)
So thanks Christopher Columbus for soo many reasons...the whole finding the country thing was so cool! And let's celebrate!

SHOP THE SITE NOW and we'll ship it free
with code FREESHIP until Sunday

It's our biggest show and event season but I know everyone can't attend our events...
so browse the site and 
we'll send your order at our expense
Free shipping applies to ALL standard orders...

Monday, October 7, 2013

hello Monday and am I that behind the times...INSTAGRAM

...sometimes I really am living under a rock. 
A big old rock called entrepreneurship...

When you work so hard at your own "thing" you, often.... lose sight of what's around the bend when you are tackling the task, crisis, or job at hand.  So little things, and big things alike can get lost in the daily shuffle until you have time to actually think, plan and then act.

So hello I am late to the party once again.

I am FINALLY on Instagram 

you'll see me there as


and I sure hope you'll consider following me. It's been fun... 
And thanks Ben Ashby for making me do this! That's what 7 hour plane rides are for, to help your friends understand all sorts of things better!!!
and hope I find you there too!
My posts on Instagram are linked to the personal page of my facebook identity, but not to my fan page, and since my personal page is maxed out with friends I am also encouraging folks to LIKE me at my business page to keep up with me, if my life and the biz interest you. The posts to the fan page and Earth Angels Studios vary, as does Instagram...which by the way seems to be an easy and fab visual way to catch a nugget of someone's day....

So hello Monday.

Hello making time for the little thing and time to think about the big.

Hello perfect Fall weather. You really are my favorite season.

Hello pumpkin-flavored EVERYTHING -- 
why do you taste so good at this time of year?

Hello to making pies with Rory....that kid loves to bake.
We've done 4 pies this week.

Hello Columbus, thanks for making that trip in 1492...and I am grateful we've got you covered with an annual 3-day weekend coming up.

Hello homework, laundry, lunches and all the day to day small things that make the days click...

Hello Soccer, Soccer Soccer!!!

Hello to all of you and have a fab week whatever you are up to!

xxoo Jen

Friday, October 4, 2013

a nice treat from Maree....

 I love it when we can host a special sale to celebrate the style and talent of one of our fave artists...this weekend we're featuring talented Australian....

SAVE 35% on all of Maree's dolls & accessories
with code MAREE35 at checkout
'til Monday at midnight... or while they last!

Enjoy a browse...and add something special from this talented Australian artist to your collection while we have offerings to share at clearance prices.
xxoo Jen

Thursday, October 3, 2013

brown paper packages tied up with string...

....brown paper packages tied up with string...
these are a few of my favorite things.
You have no idea how that went over and over in my head when we were in Salzburg in August. 

And here I am now wrapping some little gifts and I think I have decided, it really is the little things after fragments of an old song, or a wisp of a sweet memory, that are the best...

The best, like a perfectly wrapped little gift. Simple in brown paper and butcher's twine...

 ...little sprigs of the last of the lavender tucked inside.
(My paper and twine come from my pal Jo Packham's Create-ologie site)

And while I know everyone calls it "butcher's twine" these days...
I remember the fancy bakery on Hillside Avenue and watching the shop girls wrap and wrap those white paper boxes in this red and white twine from a ginormous role....and while I can't go back in time and get those black and white cookies, but I sure can think of them as I finish this project....

xxoo Jen

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