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Saturday, May 30, 2009

All of a sudden...

All of a sudden, I am re-doing my kitchen.

Say goodbye to this...and all because my nephew Oliver was here and I asked him to take down cabinets with Micah.

And so it began...harmlessly at first...thinking about surfaces, storage and using the space. And all of a sudden it is happening!

Here's the before...

and the after... or should I say "the intermittent" until paint, stove hood and antique corner cabinet arrive!

Shannon's here for the summer and she's been emptying cabinets out onto counters with a brutal joy, forcing me to sort, purge and tidy.

Here's is the goodbye pile...don't worry...I have plenty more...I am way to much of a pack rat...what is a "potato ricer" anyway???
The kitchen -- as it was 'til the first power tool arrived on the scene last week --like aging leftovers - still ok to ingest, but not pleasing to the palette.

And so, I am making this up as I go along. Yes, I have a vision, yes, I am a really good planner...but this has become a "one-step-at-a-time" let's "do-it-ourselves" re-do we are fitting in between other projects and plans..oh and a the regular and never ending to do list.

I should confess that in an impassioned lust for a kitchen that will be and mine in mood and design... I drove to the dump and tossed out all those overhead cabinets (yeah, really), what I used as a desk (uh, oh!) and an ancient behemoth of an over-the-stove microwave. Then I drove home and took chisel to tile.

I am wondering where the heck I will put the glasses...but I will figure it out. I have decided to go for less cabinet space (I'll just fill them if I have them). Yes, less, but more useful. How that will all play out is orbiting in my head, and the universe just might kick back a good answer.

So I have come to accept that indeed, the kitchen re-do is finally -after years of gnashing my teeth at the prior homeowners' love of mauve and green tiles (visualize a Marriott Motel in the early 90s...) and a lack of decent flat surface to actually prepare's happening...

Just like that... so wish me luck and stay tuned! Kathy I am off to read some of those cool mags you've loaned me...thanks for the support and encouragement...and to Melissa thanks for the appliance help, and to Jennifer, thanks for the island ideas and sharing Stephanie & Ken's magic(more on that soon)!

So there is much to be done, but what makes me most fretful, all the writing on the walls that will be covered with paint. Fear not -- I am going to transfer the kids' notes on heights with dates to some tracing paper and re-do on another surface...but those quotes (some of you know I write favorite quips and quotes on the wall) will go - but no worries new ones will come...

...more soon
xxoo Jen

Thursday, May 28, 2009


You'll read more about her in the next issue of the "Where Women Create"and you'll get a complete tour of her space in the pages set to hit newsstands on August 1st. But in the meantime, I am thrilled to give you just a peek at the studio of of my great gal pal and Earth Angels artist Nicole Bowen. Her space really takes the cake!

I've had an utter blast visiting artists' studios as an editor for Jo Packham's new magazine...the artists and their photo shoots are a treat to experience and the space and the spirit of the artist are so entwined.

Here are some images to give you a sense of the scale and her delish! This feels like one of the happiest places on the planet...It's as effervescent, sassy, colorful and truly, inspired and inspiring as the artist herself.

Nicole is an illustrator at heart and she always begins with her sketchbook. It is then her love - no her passion!!! -- for fabrics and textiles that bring her character and stories to life.

Memory and fantasy really inspire her work, as do her enormous and colorful collections of old toys, antique carnival prizes and children’s books....

Nicole keeps her favorite objects in the studio so they can impart their spirit into my work.

And here are my fave closeups of work in progress...I cannot wait to see these pieces when Nick has had her way with them!

I love mother and daughter artist teams and I know and work with several of them (Pat & Jennifer Murphy and Diana Card & Deirdre Friebely). Nicole’s Mom, artist Judy Menard, lives just two doors down the road. Judy stopped by while I was there and immediately began to bounce ideas around with her daughter. Judy has great personal talent and a wonderful artistic eye.

Here we are as we wrapped up the photo shoot - a ton of work, yet soo much fun to be there and have time with Nicole and her family in their home and her fab-u-lous work space! Thanks Nick for a great day.

I will have to do a post about Nicole's home's another extension of her style and houses her unbelievable collections and treasures...

xxoo Jen O'Connor
Earth Angels Toys
PS As for the full magazine spread, if you don't have this next issue or call...

Tuesday, May 26, 2009


SAVE THE DATE....June 11th - 13th...for the Annual Spring/Summer Open House at Sis Boom...I'll be there, and hope you will be too!

Jennifer Paganelli invites freinds, fans and shoppers to visit her lovely home and browse a bewitching array of home decor, accessoires and fab clothing -- all made with her oh so stylish and and deliciously colorful FABRICS!

Earth Angels' artist, the wonderfully talented folk art painter Barbara Strawser of Pennsylvania will offer a showcase of her work as well. Jennifer is a huge collector and a very good friend of Barbara's...

This is an event not to be missed...log onto for details and directions. The open house will run form 9am-6pm each day.

I can hardly wait!
xxoo Jen
Earth Angels

Friday, May 22, 2009

Ashley's Atelier!

How fabulous...Ashley will be hosting an OPEN STUDIO event later this month! Mark your calendars if you are in the area and do not miss this chance to peek inside her studio and her new retail store..."FOLLY".

Ashley is a charming hostess, and I do hope you can meet the artist at her atelier later this month!

Friday-Sunday, MAY 29-31, 2009
518 PERSHING ROAD, FIVE POINTS, RALEIGH, NC 27608...see Ashley's website for details

And see Ashley's page on our website for more glorious creations of celebration from her glittery and oh so sparkly shimmering butterflies...

...dainty fairy nests (...just $64...)

...and grande this statuesque creation..."The Bella Camille"...

Ashley, thanks for adding your inimitable brand of whimsy to our world...

xxoo Jen O'Connor
Earth Angels

Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Our Spring Fling

...our 8th Annual Spring Soiree was a huge success! It's so wonderful to see so many collectors and enthusiasts...old and new... turn out event for our events to meet the artists and enjoy the art.

Our location in downtown Warwick, NY at "Charlotte's Tea Room" was festive and lovely...Jo Packham was an amazing special guest and the artists clearly have art on their minds!

An event like this is such a boost to me! A big thanks to all the attendees who made the trip from places far and wide: CA, TX, FL, MI, WV, MA, CT, NJ, PA, DE, MD, AZ, OH, and all made your mark upon the weekend and made it memorable...So a BIG Thanks to all.

Here are some more of my fave images of the collectors, artists and enthusiasts who were here to share in the event...

Here's my utterly amazing Mom, Rosie (right) with her gal pal Pat...they met on their first job at age 18 and it's been 60 years of friendship. What a hoot they are together!'s painter Barbara Strawser with our friend, collector Julia...thanks Julia for all!
...thanks go to you Jeanne for making the trip to visit with Debbee Thibault and see her new jewelry desings... are some of my good pals who stopped by...
...these are two ladies who really made the weekend what it was, my great friends Kathy and Jo Packham with stacks of the new "Where Women Create" magazine...
...look are these gals, Leslie, Jody, Nick and Jennifer...
...I love you all...Cheryl, Letty and Valerie...

And here are some more images of the art showcased at the event. It never seems that I get enough pics to show it all, but here are some...Hope you got to see the WEBSHOW and more images too...
...from Cheryl Kuhn and her "small stories studio"...
...Shannon loves all of Nicole Bowen's new purses...she just couldn't decide which was her fave...
...Pat Murphy and her bears...

Jennifer Lanne and her work are always a delight...I love her new mixed media and 3-d pieces... was wonderful to showcase Diana Card's work...I love those firefly and moonlit scenes...
Valerie Weberpal's new creations are just too wonderful...Letty Worley created some amazing new desings...

Thanks again and a big xxxooo to all who made it possible...Jo, the artists, our helpers Little Red, Denny, Sue, Kath, Shan and my Michelle and our host Joanne at the Tea Room!

Hope you can join us next time too!
xxoo Jen

Sunday, May 17, 2009




Wee Bunny Creature – 6x4, One of a kind, hand-built papier mache, with embroidery and found object and fabric details, $295 SOLD
Knit Wise – 13”, One of a kind, hand-built papier mache, with embroidery and found object and fabric details, $395 SOLD

In a Small Blue Car - One of a kind, hand-built papier mache, with embroidery and found object and fabric details,
10x12, $550 SOLD


Loretta - fabulous and just ONE REMAINS in this edition - presented here – this is the 4th board in the Gees bend series named for another quilter, 19x19 with fabulous whirling colors, regularly $210, VIA THIS WEB SHOW $185

Hopscotch - lush color and detail, 19x19, regularly $210 VIA THIS WEB SHOW $185 SOLD

Her offerings are now SOLD OUT...e-mail to see more creations...

Sailor Couple - each 6.5x8 and a merry and very nautical pair, all vintage and found objects, old fabrics and trims, $70 the pair, VIA THE WEB SHOW $58 the pair SOLD

Magic Shoes - antique ephemera meets shell shoes in this magical one of a kind assemblage, all vintage and found objects, 9.5x14", $88 SOLD


Little Billy Buttons - charming mohair 8" black cat, felt jacket and sweet paper hat, wee antique party whistle and hand letters tags, an exclusive edition of 8 for Earth Angels, 1 available, $190

Miss Tickled Pink - 6" elephantine beauty on skates, an exclusive edition of 8 for Earth Angels, 2 available, $200

Merry Melody - so sweet, of wool felt in cotton attire, she carries vintage millinery blooms, 4.5", an exclusive edition of 8 for Earth Angels, NOW JUST 2 available, $175


Bonne Chance - one of kind mixed media in petite wood box with found objects and antique velvet ribbon,
original paint, 4x5, $130 SOLD

Curious Garden - dainty original painting under glass, mixed media with antique millinery blooms and flourishes, 7x6, $125

Captain's Daughter - original painting mixed media in antique ephemera covered drawer, emblazoned with detail, surreal scene, 18x17, regularly $900 VIA THIS WEB SHOW $740


WEE Purses - each a fab melange of felt and found fabrics and trims, appliqued details, each 35 on a cord to hang round your neck at your fave length, create for cell phone, credit card and shopping list or keys, all sweet (individual images available) REGULARLY $80 VIA THIS WEB SHOW, EACH $55 MANY SOLD EMAIL FOR AVAILABILITY -SOLD OUT

Cake on Bunny's Mind - one of a kind of found and vintage fabrics, 16" wide!! and 9" tall, fab! $135


Little Family – a young family celebrate the day, 8x10, acrylics with oil glaze, $2458 x 10, acrylics with oil glaze, $245

Bloom Time - a happy spring day, 7.75x 9.25, acrylics with oil glaze, $245


Little Sprout & Little Miss Sunshine - each one of a kind doll stands 6.75" tall, dressed in vintage textiles and trims, with paper mache hands and feet and hand painted details, $215 each

Jeremy Frog - about 5" wide and 4.5 while sitting this froggy chap is oh so dapper, REGULARLY $195, VIA THE WEB SHOW $138

The Constant Gardener - 7.5" one of a kind in vintage textiles with papier mache hands and feet and wonderfully detailed hand painted features, $210 SOLD


Master Gardener - 17” to ear tips, soft pink mohair, dressed in vintage fabrics with vintage ribbons, she carries vintage millinery flowers she has gathered. A straw hat rests gently on her back,

Gardening in my best Apron - 10” pink mouse, dressed in vintage fabrics. She wears her “Sunday Best” apron and hat to gather her vintage flowers from the garden, $260

...note two items are featured below at a special web-sale price of $125...choose these or any featured on Dara's page on our site for $125 AS A WEB SHOW TREAT PRICE...or BUY 2 on the website for $200!!!

Forever and a Day – one of a kind assemblage and wearable art, 18” vintage chain with 3.25” pendant, overall 21.25”, found objects vintage findings, ephemera, original photo, regularly $165, NOW $125

To Texas – one of a kind 3.5 assemblage pendant on vintage 18”, found objects vintage findings, ephemera, original photo overall 21.5”, regularly $165, NOW $125 SOLD

DEIRDRE FRIEBELY many of you know Deirdre is on maternity leave, so we have just one new piece and we'll inlude it, and another, at a special WEBSHOW TREAT price...

Conversation - a pair of conversing cats and topiaries against a checkered ground, classic whimsy, mixed media piece on gallery wrapped canvas, acrylics, ephemera, 16x20, $250 VIA THIS WEB SHOW, $195

Doughnuts and Coffee – a merry snack, 12x12, mixed media piece on gallery wrapped canvas, acrylics, ephemera, WAS $135, NOW $88
(TREAT - choose any 12x12 on the site for $88!!)


Goldie Fish - fun finned pincushion has a worm on a line as its emery, wonderful design and whimsy, 8" fish and its line, $136

The Cat's on the Ball! - wonderful wool and velveteen cat sits atop a merry pincushion abll, wee mousie emery keeps needles sharp, about 65, $170

CHERYL KUHN to see when more are avaialble

The Light of Faith - one of a kind assemblage, 14-1/2" x 9" all vintage and found objects, has a manner of hooks and notions for use to hang objects from it, or as itself is wall art, just wonderful, $108 SOLD

Who is in Love... - one of a kind assemblage with all vintage elements, original antique photos, ephemera, found objects, metal finding and more Steampunk details, working clock, only Cheryl has this sense of balance and story in her work, 19" x 11-1/2", $138 SOLD


Gardener's Gift - 41x12x8, three dimensional multi media piece, exceptionally done with extra details on sides and multiple layers, acrylic with distressed surface found objects, and more, regualrly $760 VIA THIS WEB SHOW $580 SOLD

"Masquerade" - 20x20, fabulous orignal mixed media, acrylics with oil glaze, hosted in a frame of found antique objects including an old sifter, ticking trim and nails, fabulous depth of story and texture, $320 SOLD


Happy Girl - 6x12 mixed media on 1" gallery wrap canvas, gentle in color with lush graphite detailing, mica and more, regularly $195, VIA THIS WEBSHOW $170 SOLD

House of Love - 8x10 original mixed media, ephemera, mica and more on 1" gallery wrap canvas, regularly $250, VIA THIS WEBUPDATE $185

My Dream Hose -mixed media on cradled birch, fabulous in scene and story, soft palette with gentle wax and sheen from mica and graphite, grand in scale with many compelling details, 20x29, regualrly $1,500 VIA THIS WEB SHOW $895 SOLD


Flower Children - a group of blue blooms, each a one of a kind pin or adornment wrought with felt buttons and more goodies, 5", $60 each

Blooms - orignal punch needle nestled in hand made and hand painted wooden frame, adorned with found objects and trims, 8x11, one of a kind, $295

Carmen Miranda - fab punch needle pins, felt, found objects, swinging happy gals,


Whitney & Winslow...
Whitney - a dear sailor dressed in a vintage rompor ersatz Raggedy Andy, 14", one of a kind hand dyed and distressed mohair, wonderful details, $275 SOLD
Winslow - a creamy caramel colored mohair, hand dyed dressed in a vintage garments with sailor motif, one of a kind, 24" $625

Beau & Pinkie...
Beau - a fabulous blue tipped bear in all vintage garments of exceptional quality, 28" one of a kind, $695
Pinkie - chocolate brown and so dear of face, in vintage knitted dress and trims, one of a kind, 20", $425 SOLD


Sewing Annie - exquisite glass eyed beauty atop a paper box, 18: one of a kind dressed in antique textiles, $375 SOLD

Birdie Bluw - divine winged darling, 19" and one of a kind stadning atop a paper box, wonderful details and lovely in every way, $365 SOLD

Eliza - one of a kind 12" in all antique textiels, so gentle and sweet, $245 SOLD


Toodles – darling one of a kind mohair bear in vintage finery and trims, 15.5”, $275

Angelica – one of a kind mohair ellie with wonderful vintage garments and trims, millinery blooms, 11”, $225 SOLD


Chickies Three - a group of chicks gather among the blooms, fabulous antique frame, tempera and watercolor underglass, wonderful original piece, 10x20, $365

I Love Tea - a dainty piece packed with wee details, original painting in vintage frame, 3.5x5, $95

Sweet Darling Girl - I adore when Barbara uses these c1930s swivel frames, so charming, original watercolor underglass, 13x11, $245


WOW - Artist Proof - Angel here she is, a one of a kind released for this WEB sale, so special and signed as an artist proof, 7.75" tall and a variation of a piece that is in Debbee's collection, $395 SOLD

Silver Cross - so wonderful, and done in silver with a red heart, 3 avaialble, 4” chunky gold cross pendant, 30” ball chain, $75 JUST 2 NOW AVAILABLE


heart on a string - one of a kind, papier mache, wire in archival hand made frame, 10x13x3, backed with hand made papers and couture ribbons, $495

sitting on a cloud - one of a kind, papier mache, wire in archival hand made frame, 12x15x3, backed with hand made papers and couture ribbons, $495


Crow Moonshine Jug Fase - hand thrown with applied decorations, from the imagination of Earth Girl! one of a kind, 8", $

Crow Bird Nest Jar - a wonderful pot, hand thrown and decorated with hand built face and wee nest atop, funky and functional with a lush soulfoul glaze and style, one of a kind, 9", $150


Bianca & Fritz - happy bunnies, each one of a kind soft sculpture in found and vintge fabrics, about 16", $70 each or VIA THIS BLOG POST $125 the set

Gladys & Horace - fab plaid wonders, each one of a kind soft sculpture in found and vintge fabrics, about 16", $70 each or VIA THIS BLOG POST $125 the set


Kitty - fabulous one of a kind piece, 14"x6 old velvet book hosts fab bear, $165 SOLD

Sweet Bear - one of a kind bear and book, done in all vintage finery, with all antique details and trims, 6", $125 SOLD

See the Best Pixie - wonderfully luxe in a soft hand dyed pastel mohair, old china head doll and all vintage and antique trims, one of a kind and laden with detail, 18.5", $225


THANKS for stopping by xxoo
Jen 8-8 NY time 845-986-8720's a link to the website...

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