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Wednesday, February 28, 2007

the textures of Blogland...

There it is Tracy!!! Thanks to all my friends who are helping me to learn the etiquette of Blogland...I appreciate your help and suggestions. I am new to this but my, am I having fun. And I love the comments....sometimes I feel as if the web that connects us all is so bright and textured.

On that note....I find that the textures and colors in my everyday living with art and handmade objects, make the days brim with wonder. I am loving taking images of fun combinations with my new digital camera lens. Textures galore....look at these yummy and glistening Mudcakes offset by the tactile and lush Lynsey Walters jewelry...

...and the same of Lynsey's violet and pansy felt ring, next to a favorite old dish on my dresser which also made it into this month's "Country Living" piece entitled "Spring Fling" and two fabulous pieces from Dara DiMagno.

Dara's wearable art amazes me. She taps her metalworking skills and harnesses a penchant for altered art, melding her visions into fancies that are as provoking as they are pretty. Dara called last night and we had the nicest visit...she'll be making the trip from West Virginia in May for our annual event and I cannot wait for her to meet everyone!

...have a wonderful evening....just simply
xxoo Jen
Earth Angels Toys

Monday, February 26, 2007

talented women inspire...

...there is never a day that passes without that sweet moment of the first perfect bite of a cupcake with more to come...I am reminded by the handmade creations that surround me of the many and true friendships that have been unearthed, discovered and fostered through a shared love of beautiful, whimsical and artful things.

Today my sweet moment is dedicated to three of my very favorite people whose work is captured in the second image above...first to Jody Battaglia...without whom I would not be in business (true that!) nor would I have ever discovered all that there is in the realm of contemporary folk art and teddy bears...I might just be Jody's biggest fan, but even better a friend (hope that shoulder is healing well Jody). Thanks Jody for putting the fun in my everyday.

....and also good thoughts go out to two talented women that I am thrilled will finally meet at my home for our Annual Spring Soiree...Debbee Thibault and Jill Wiener aka Earthgirl. Each of these women has become a special friend to me and their fabulous work has put such incredible customer friends in my path. Thank you all for this beautiful web of collecting, friendships and inspiration! Debbee you are simply the high diva in my world and Jill my honorary cupcake queen. I adore you both beyond words.

Now, what's new here today at Earth Angels....the snow is still as pretty out our windows...a fresh dusting early this morning made it picture perfect. And Tracy, our mail carrier has just left me two boxes laden with plates from Jill long last!! Funny, Jill is Jody's sister, so how fitting I was typing the above dedication when Jill's latest creations arrived. Many of you know of my adoration for Alice in how could I resist sharing this lush image.

Many more images will be posted this weekend when Paul is back from his trip ....he's promised tons of updates: Valerie Weberpal, Debbee Thibault, Nicole Bowen, Jill Schaefer, Cheryl Kuhn, Diane Allison, Mudcakes, Dara DiMagno... so visit then for sure, or email if you need a sneak peek.

...I am taking pictures and more pictures today!!...enjoy your day...I am off for more tea and more pictures...yikes no cookies left...I wonder who ate them all???

...and as I think each day and hope you do as well, "I am most wealthy in my friends".xxoo Jen
Earth Angels Toys

..what cheers this winter this point in the winter, I think we all daydream of spring. I find my mind wandering to fluffy bunnies, yellow chicks and of course the accompanying chocolate. Spring means cleaning, which in this house just mean curating new displays of holiday art...I've just put away the last rogue Christmas bauble (why do I always find that after all the boxes have gone into the attic??) and the Valentines treasures are stored away. And time for a confession, I just ate the last of the chocolate (after all those last 4 looked so lonely in the box!).

And I know, I need pictures, but eblogger and I are having trouble...hope it works this time...I am attaching a picture of my favorite least my favorites today...I love Jody and Julie and I think the textures are fab together for SPRING.
..perfect thoughts for another snowy day here! The kids had no school and mercifully my niece has them playing at her house while I try to recover from my weekend away with my niece! Thanks to all of you who commented on the BLOG-- I wish you could've joined us, my did we have fun. And we ate the yummiest brick oven pizza ever...

So now back on the homefront...Boxes have arrived at long last from Julie Arkell!! Hurrah! I will email pictures later this evening if you'd like to see them, let me know...also goodies from Valerie Weberpal and a few more from Nicole Bowen...all spring like wonderful treasures to chase away the snow and fog.

So...what are my current looks like an Easter tree will go up in the front hall, and yellow chicks will overtake the least that's the plan for now...hope you all have fun finding distractions from the looming Spring Cleaning and the inevitable snow shovelling for those of you in northern climes.

...and remember, "...imagination is more important than knowledge." -- some smart guy named Einstein said that
xxoo Jen

Thursday, February 22, 2007

weekend wonders...

Before I left Warwick for my weekend's adventure (more on this below), I was inspired to move about some of my favorite super charges me to play with my goodies, folk art and fun things.... I have put away the last of the Valentine treasures and the chicks and bunnies are starting to try to pop out of their boxes.

(new to blogging and had hope to load an image here...well working out the kinks...)

I just got off the phone with Lisa Kaus and she has a group of Spring themed work in progress. And Dara DiMagno just sent a new collection of jewlery laden with flowers and fancies (Paul has promised me major postings on the weekend of March 2-3!! so keep an eye out for her latest and much more from other artist friends). Ahhhh....just 4 more weeks of winter and then Spring can have it's fun and me along with it! what is a weekend for...well this weekend I am off to Manhattan for my annual girls weekend with my 13 year old niece Hayley. I love that this will be our 6th adventure togeter...we'll catch a tour of the Madame Alexander Doll Museum, see friends Michelle Hodge and artist Robert Tonner at Comicon, hit Tinsel Trading, and every shoe store and Godiva in between...pure heaven to have a good friend to share time. Of course, this is not a typical weekend for me the Mom of 3 little ones, but I love the escape!! I hope you have a moment to yourself to enjoy something fun this weekend too...

love art, eat cake, have fun
xxxooo Jen

Tuesday, February 20, 2007

Country Living ARTICLE!! Woo hoo!

Thanks to Paul, my old friend and webmaster, I am actually in business, so when he said, "You need a BLOG", as ever he did the work and here we are. Thanks Paul! This is all new to me so as soon as I fugure it all out I will use this as a vehicle to tell you of new arrivals (like the boxes I just unpacked from Cheryl Kuhn, Diane Allison and Debbee Thibault) and news....and speaking of which...

...if you've yet to see the March 2007 issue of "Country Living" magazine, please check it out. It's a fabulous issue dedicated to women entrepreneurs, and there's a 6 page article on Earth Angels. How cool!

I love that we got some fabulous attention for the wonderful artists with whom we work. Many thanks to Stacey Bear for making this possible and to Jane Dagmi for really understanding what I do and celebrating handmade objects. Go girls!

I am looking forward to hearing from all of you out there...and to those of you who email regularly, thanks so much. I hope you can post comments to this blog...

and a cupcake of a thought...from me to scribbled on my kitchen art, eat cake, have fun
xxoo Jen

hi everyone..

Welcome to the Blog -- thanks to Paul we will now be posting what's new and for more...

Wednesday, February 14, 2007

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