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Wednesday, February 28, 2007

the textures of Blogland...

There it is Tracy!!! Thanks to all my friends who are helping me to learn the etiquette of Blogland...I appreciate your help and suggestions. I am new to this but my, am I having fun. And I love the comments....sometimes I feel as if the web that connects us all is so bright and textured.

On that note....I find that the textures and colors in my everyday living with art and handmade objects, make the days brim with wonder. I am loving taking images of fun combinations with my new digital camera lens. Textures galore....look at these yummy and glistening Mudcakes offset by the tactile and lush Lynsey Walters jewelry...

...and the same of Lynsey's violet and pansy felt ring, next to a favorite old dish on my dresser which also made it into this month's "Country Living" piece entitled "Spring Fling" and two fabulous pieces from Dara DiMagno.

Dara's wearable art amazes me. She taps her metalworking skills and harnesses a penchant for altered art, melding her visions into fancies that are as provoking as they are pretty. Dara called last night and we had the nicest visit...she'll be making the trip from West Virginia in May for our annual event and I cannot wait for her to meet everyone!

...have a wonderful evening....just simply
xxoo Jen
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Anonymous said...

I really like Mudcakes work, I like the felt jewelry too!

Anonymous said...

Jen! This is what I was looking for!!! Works great! p.s. Have you seen Constance's work (above comment)? Its really incredible!

Lori said...

Jen, great pics. Ugly rainy day in NE Ohio. Is there anything uglier than dirty melting snow? However, the mailman brought to my door lovlies from Cheryl courtesy of Earthangels.
Happy Day!!

cabin fever said...

Hi Jen-
LOVE your new blog - enjoy reading your comments and seeing all the great pictures!

Here in Western Mass we are coping with lots of rain and snow, but Spring is on the horizon - have also put away all the red hearts, now am concentrating on Spring! - pussy willows, forsythia, lots of green (for grass!)
Love this blog, can't wait for more of Julie's pottery!
xoxo Liz

Anonymous said...

Hello Jen!!!
I am just so so excited to have you in blogland!! I will surely be visiting daily!

I am loving the eye candy already!!Keep it coming!!

The article in CL is just so fabulous! Candyland colors and smiling faces!! Sweet lil family as well!!

Best Wishes!! And thank you for all that you do! : )

xoxo Jenny

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