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Monday, February 26, 2007

talented women inspire...

...there is never a day that passes without that sweet moment of the first perfect bite of a cupcake with more to come...I am reminded by the handmade creations that surround me of the many and true friendships that have been unearthed, discovered and fostered through a shared love of beautiful, whimsical and artful things.

Today my sweet moment is dedicated to three of my very favorite people whose work is captured in the second image above...first to Jody Battaglia...without whom I would not be in business (true that!) nor would I have ever discovered all that there is in the realm of contemporary folk art and teddy bears...I might just be Jody's biggest fan, but even better a friend (hope that shoulder is healing well Jody). Thanks Jody for putting the fun in my everyday.

....and also good thoughts go out to two talented women that I am thrilled will finally meet at my home for our Annual Spring Soiree...Debbee Thibault and Jill Wiener aka Earthgirl. Each of these women has become a special friend to me and their fabulous work has put such incredible customer friends in my path. Thank you all for this beautiful web of collecting, friendships and inspiration! Debbee you are simply the high diva in my world and Jill my honorary cupcake queen. I adore you both beyond words.

Now, what's new here today at Earth Angels....the snow is still as pretty out our windows...a fresh dusting early this morning made it picture perfect. And Tracy, our mail carrier has just left me two boxes laden with plates from Jill long last!! Funny, Jill is Jody's sister, so how fitting I was typing the above dedication when Jill's latest creations arrived. Many of you know of my adoration for Alice in how could I resist sharing this lush image.

Many more images will be posted this weekend when Paul is back from his trip ....he's promised tons of updates: Valerie Weberpal, Debbee Thibault, Nicole Bowen, Jill Schaefer, Cheryl Kuhn, Diane Allison, Mudcakes, Dara DiMagno... so visit then for sure, or email if you need a sneak peek.

...I am taking pictures and more pictures today!!...enjoy your day...I am off for more tea and more pictures...yikes no cookies left...I wonder who ate them all???

...and as I think each day and hope you do as well, "I am most wealthy in my friends".xxoo Jen
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