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Saturday, October 29, 2011

Lock, Stock & Iron

...there are those among us that know the old ways, the way things used to be done everyday and now, somehow, have been all but forgotten.

Richard Lanne, Jr - yes, that's Earth Angels painter, Jennifer Lanne's hubby, not only knows these old ways, but can share them in the gentle and patient manner of a master craftsman. As a professor of life in what are really lost arts, Dick has begun to share his knowledge on the web via his BLOG...
You can read him to learn more about Civil War era metalworking, edible plants, back woods survival and more...he will also be featured in an upcoming issue of FOLK magazine so stay tuned to hear more about this fabulous and fascinating couple...

Jennifer has set up the BLOG and it looks glorious...I was happy to help with some photos from an event he invited us to in August (just 2 months ago but it seems like a forever...I have been meaning to post since then!)

...but no matter...what Dick knows and shares is ready for the listener...catch him if you can...
Here's what he has to say about himself...

I was born, raised and still living in upstate New York, the foothills of the Adirondacks.I am a life long Boy Scout and enjoy teaching as well as learning about blacksmithing, black powder, flint and steel firemaking, foraging for edible and medicinal plants and other useful affairs of living history, through Boy Scouting events and historical civil war re-enactments.

I am grateful to Dick for sharing all that he does...and in the way that he does...and proud to call him friend.

xo Jen

Wednesday, October 26, 2011

FOLK issue #2 do not miss this!

oohhh ahhh...issue #2 is ready for pre-order!

FOLK is $6.95 +shipping...please call me or email me to reserve your keepsake copy (it would be criminal to ever recycle this sweet publication).

This issue is sure to charm...and I am thrilled to report you will see some Earth Angels' treasures and artful goodies among the pages...

A big thanks to Editor in Chief, Ben Ashby for this fab new magazine and for including us!

xxoo Jen

Monday, October 24, 2011

...what I did on my summer vacation...

Summer seems like ancient history today...the fall has rolled in and I am loathe to admit it will be months before the ease of that sweeter season with easier schedules rolls around again.

I have been so overwhelmed getting the kids back into the school swing and taking the Art Girls on tour, that the pictures from our family's great and wonderful summer adventure have languished...until today.

In need of some good cheer I have finally downloaded, edited and sent them off to Shutterfly for printing...took me long enough, eh? In a way I am glad that I did take my sweet time about it...the memories and moments bubbled to the surface and it seems not so long ago when I look at the pictures we snapped...

Here are some of my faves....this was our second jaunt to Ireland as a family, Micah's 3rd 5th...I sense a family addiction to the Country and that's a merry thing. It is full of charms and traditions, a wonderfully slower pace (no worries, it'll be grand, don't trouble yerself, and so on...) and simply the most staggeringly beautiful landscapes I know...
If you know Ireland, you'll see we were once again on the west coast...Connemara, The Burren in my fave Clare...and of course...Kerry...but it's Dingle and Dunquin...Kenmare and Kilarney ...that we all love so...


I miss it already...

xxoo Jen

Thursday, October 20, 2011

be here now!

...ok so we are in Atlanta setting up for the Fair...hope you can join us...full details on the Fair Site

Here's the basics:

October 21-22-23, 2011
Stone Mountain Park, Atlanta, GA

Country Living Fair TICKETS On Sale Now!

The pages of Country Living Magazine come to life! Rain or Shine!!!
A Fun, Folksy & Fabulous Show & Sale of Folk Art, Antiques, "Made in America" Crafts, Art, Furniture, Home Decor & More.
Meet the editors of Country Living Magazine.
Plus Seminars & How-to's, Artisan Demonstrations, Harvest & Gourmet Market, Childrens' Activities & Fall Festivities.

Stone Mountain Park
- Atlanta, GA
A world class destination and Georgia's most visited attraction located at Exit 8 off US 78 East, just 16 miles from downtown!

Hours: 10 a.m. to 5 p.m. each day. Rain or Shine! Most exhibits under cover.
Tickets can be purchased until one week before the fair and at the fair box office all the days of the fair
One day $13 in advance - at door $16
Weekend Pass $15 in advance - $20 at door
Early Bird $40 (8:30 am to 10am) only available in advance and limited to 2500 tickets. 90 minutes of priority shopping
Children under 16 free if accompanied by an adult.
Regular parking fees apply. ($10 per car per day) Discount advance tickets & Early Bird tickets are available online & by phone until 10/19. Tickets are always available fair days at the box office. Regular parking fees apply. ($10 daily)

Fair special subscriptions $8 if purchased at the fair. There will be many locations at the Fair to purchase a special subscription.
Bring your address list. Makes a great gift! (can be used to extend a current subscription)

Call 1-866-500-FAIR for tickets and info

hope to see you there!!!

xxoo Jen

Sunday, October 16, 2011

...a Fair view...

Here's a peek at our "Art Girls' RoadShow" stop in Columbus last month....we were there for "The Country Living Fair"....and as we pack our bags to head to yet another "Country Living Fair" (the Southern edition) in Atlanta this week, we've been getting lots of calls and emails asking what to expect...

I can only tell you the Fairs are almost indescribably fab...and if there is any way you can be there to take it all it...get there!

I posted these images to Facebook last month...but I've had many requests for a BLOG posting so you can see them all here...In no particular are my fave images from the 2011 Ohio event...

's a peek at the 2010 Atlanta this link to the BLOG post from last year...

Post on Columbus from 2010 event...

Hope to see you soon
xxoo Jen

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