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Tuesday, February 14, 2017


xxoo to all
Hope your day is a sweet one...
...and full of CHOCOLATE
xo Jen

(...some of my fave vintage images from old postcards...)

Monday, February 13, 2017

...there's a sale...just sayin'

it's almost valentine's day...and we've got a treat to share

sweet offerings from Lisa Leonard...silver, pewter & gold
now through 2/17 we're offering all her creations at 20% OFF
with code LOVELISA at checkout
YES - some are already on sale!!

and thanks for sharing the love of handmade

Thursday, February 9, 2017

sweet & petite...happy things

I am completely smitten with tiny things... when the parcel of itty bitty fairies arrived from France recently, I couldn't wait to take them out and have a good play...
I first saw her work in the kitchen of my dear friend, Rosanna De Bellis @rosannadebellis
 and it was really love at first sight...
 I am thrilled we're now able to work together to share Stephanie's style and handmade lovelies...

Each is about 2" tall and prices start at $19...

I especially love when you can see Stephanie's fingerprints in the clay...

...these two are my current faves...
can't blame me, 
I'm Irish and GREEN is my fave color...
but they are all uber cute
xxoo and happy day to all with small joys...
sometimes the little things 
have the biggest magic of all

Thursday, February 2, 2017

...long OVERDUE!!! A congrats to friends...

It's a true treat to be able to sit down and read any of Jo Packham's magazines...
and when I can do it with a cup of tea and read one cover to cover, well, it's just absolute heaven...
 it makes me think of my friend Jo, and all the incredible women she has connected over the years...

So, once again, thanks Jo for featuring all the incredible women 
It's even better when I know the women or have worked on the stories! 

Peek below and see Nikki G & Jaye.
Both are great friends, and it's a true treat to know them, have worked on these features and then, 
to open the mag months later and see their stories and spaces...sigh....

Here's Nikki G. celebrating her entertaining style and Polish heritage in the November issue of 
Where Women Cook...
if you don't have this issue - you need it!

And here's Jaye dishing about how she's fit her lifestyle photography business into her life...
the November issue is one of my faves ever...
you need this one too!

 xxoo to Jo and all the incredible women she celebrates.  I am a grateful girl to know her and be part of the Where Women Create network!


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