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Monday, March 31, 2014

hello Monday & hello spring...finally! All that and Jocelyn's bunnies too!

It's time we really say Hello Monday and WELCOME JOCELYN O'GORMAN...
and all her lovely bunnies too!

We met at the Country Living Fair in December and I was immediately captivated with her festive paper creations and seasonal follies...

Since then, she's been a special guest at our "heART of winter" event in Sanford, FL where some of you met her and experienced her art in person, and soon enough she'll be joining us at the next Country Living Fair in Rhinebeck, NY in June...

In the meantime, please help me say HELLO to spring with a peek at Jocelyn's wonderful bunnies and springtide wonders....she creates are under the moniker The Painted Fern and you can see all of her currently available works HERE.

I had a little help from Charlotte and Hannah with the new art that arrived...
Hello Monday and Hello Spring... this was the girls' fave...

But I love her grande standing bunnies...

It's not often that a new artist joins the ranks of Earth Angels...sometimes it takes years of me knowing someone, and sometimes it takes 5 minutes.  Jocelyn O'Gorman was the latter. And I thank her for being her...and sharing what she does...

In addition to seasonal works like these bunnies I adore, she does make paper follies, mixed media pieces, ribbons, and more...
So hello Monday.

Hello new partnerships and hard work.

Hello trust.

Hello love at first sight.

Hello Spring and getting ready to breathe fresh air.

Hello suitcase, time to pack for the Texas trip to visit Holly at her new Old Glory Antiques Pop-Up...(details here if you can make it).

Hello new cleats for the kids for soccer, and for baseball, and new running shoes for all of us...hello Nike outlet!

Hello to all of you and hope you enjoy your week whatever you are up to!
xxoo Jen

Wednesday, March 26, 2014

her repro designs are 50% off while we still have them...

This group of cuties was designed by Jody and created by the Edinburgh Incubator, 
one's cuter then the next.

We have the remaining stock on 
close-out at 50% OFF... 
just use code JODY50 through Sunday 
(though I'm not sure they'll last until then).

These sweeties are tough to resit... 
xo Jen

Monday, March 24, 2014


 Hello Monday....what a week you will be, 
we're heading to TEXAS!!!

at Holly Kuhn's 

from noon-7pm 

701 N. Main Street
Burton is a charming small town tucked away halfway between Houston and Austin, 
just seven miles from Round Top. 


Hello Burton...
Hello packing the suitcase...
Hello making the many lists before I go...
Hello shopping Texas style...
Hello hard work...
And Hello all our Where Women Create Friends...
Jo has asked me to join her for her signing...details below...
Hello to our special guest artists 
Letty Worley & Laurie Meseroll...

(yes I am literally shouting out loud my appreciation for this wonderful lady and design diva!)

HELLO to all of you and have a super week!


Thursday, March 20, 2014


We're rounding up The Art Girls' RoadShow and heading to Texas during Spring Antiques Week!

Join us to share in the excitement of the Grand Opening of Holly Kuhn's
 "Old Glory Antiques" in Burton 
just 7 miles from Round Top & Marburger 
let's celebrate my 45th Birthday in artful style!

March 28th - March 30th

We'll be there with a fabulous showcase of art and handmad...appearances by our favorite artists Laurie Meseroll, Latty Worley and Leigh Elena Navarro as well as our amazing friend, Jo Packham.

for more details and directions.
(and note...the Pop-Up will be open 3/27-4/3, but Earth Angels will be there 3/28-3/30)


Hope to see you there....xxoo Jen

Wednesday, March 19, 2014

a just because sale...SUGARBOO

...from time to time, 
we feature an artist...
just because
we want to celebrate their style
& we want to give our much appreciated customers
(yep, that's YOU) 
a chance to shop at a discount...

use code SBOO20 at checkout until Sunday


 I am in love with her use of color and pattern....these works are all on wood, but more sculptures, paper and petite works are on the site...

Hope to see some of you in Texas next week...
catch me at the Grand "TEXAS" opening of  
Old Glory Antiques during Spring Antiques Week... Details HERE 
xxoo Jen


Monday, March 17, 2014

Hello Monday...Happy St. Patrick's Day!!!!

Hello Monday...Happy St. Patrick's Day...
I was raised a in an Irish-American house in Queens, a tribe of friends and family about me. Our shared background hovered, a constant, coagulating force. Communal knowledge bonded us as did Ireland's presence. It never seemed too distant, our history was just east, across the same ocean that touched the shores of Long Island. 

I went from one Irish name to another -- Graney to O'Connor without a hitch when I got hitched...


My childhood friends had names from the phonebooks of Galway, Kilkenny, Tralee, and dear Donegal. "Mc” and “O”, and “Fitz” this and “Fitz” that. There were Kristina McGann, The O'Connor Brothers, Joanie John Gibbons, Pat McInerney, Pat McKenna, Pat Kelly, Liz McNelis, Matt McLaughlin, Jim O’Driscoll, Deirdre Duggan, all those Bradys, Kevin O’Shea, Timmy O'Flaherty, Siobhan Flynn, Tara Welch, and all those Leahys who had cousins everywhere, and so many more.
Some had parents with brogues, some said “h” as “hAy-ch”, and all were proud little Irish-Americans.

This place where "we" had come from was heralded as a hauntingly beautiful, full of soft days and green meadows that rolled to cliffs hung on the Sea.


But, it was full of pain for those that had left in haste, in hope, or in hunger...making our familiar heritage, sometimes fearsome.

What did this mean to us as collected ethnics?
We learned to re-tell stories of brave clans, wee leprechauns, revolution, magic and superstition.

We competed for who had the most freckles.
When people asked, “Where is your family from?”, they meant, “Which County?”, not which Country.

We cut school – quite forgivingly – to attend the St. Patty’s day parade en masse. We relished the green line painted down Fifth Avenue in our honor and watched in awe as the thousands upon thousands of "New York's Bravest" and "New York's Finest" marched by, all of them Irish in descent.

We sang “Molly Malone”, “The Fields of Athenry” and "The Wearin’ of the Green”. And, we knew with a brave certainty, and hitch in our chest, that U2 was not just another band and that, “Sunday, Bloody Sunday” was not just another song.

We knew too that The Irish are prone to wit and festivities, and so were we, and so I am.

So Hello Monday...

Hello to joining us, be Irish for a day if you like. But most of all, be proud to be an American where we can celebrate our shared traditions and our differences.

Hello to the wearin' of the green in this house.. and after all, everyone really is Irish on St. Patrick's Day...or so we like to amuse ourselves.

Hello Ireland...I miss you. I think it's time to make another trip to see you soon...

xxoo Jen (and for the generations of my own Irish American forebears)
let's make that....
Jen Graney Sullivan Moran Brady Fitzpatrick Nichols..and all those generations of Irish American grandparents, and great grands that got me here today

PS and yes, to the avid readers of me, this is a re-post from '08, but then again, we Irish Storytellers are known to repeat our tales now and again...

Sunday, March 16, 2014

feeling lucky? TAKE 17% OFF YOUR ORDER...

...I love that you read my BLOG...
So you're hearing about this SALE first!

TAKE 17% OFF your order 
with code LUCKYME at checkout

This code is valid site-wide with the exception of Debbee Thibault's creations and tickets to our upcoming event with Cinderella, "Tea at the Castle"

Wear something green and celebrate..
or just shop a little and feel lucky...
Erin Go Bragh! xxoo Jen

Thursday, March 13, 2014

Cinderella has arrived, and we're hosting a very royal event to celebrate!

...this is the most wonderful new book from Nancy Wiley.
Same old story about the shoe that changed a life, magic and mice and so much more....but this interpretation is truly original 
in its lush style showcasing her illustrations and dolls. 
I am smitten...
and to celebrate, we're HAVING A (very royal) PARTY!!!
I'll be co-hosting Nancy's BOOK LAUNCH party on May 17th 
in Canandaigua, NY...can you be there???
We have just begun to sell  tickets available to "Tea at the Castle"
Join us...

I am thrilled to be working with Nancy on this...

And if you cannot be there to celebrate with us (tea, lemonade, roayl punch and sweets are on the menu) do consider adding this amazing book to your shelf...
Here's a peek...
and offering FREE SHIPPING with code Cinderella at checkout...

Nancy...we know each other a long time...I think about 15 years through the doll world and Robert Tonner, Maggie Iacono, Maggie Labouisse, Marsha Hunter and more wonderful folks of that realm...
I am so honored and thrilled we are finally able to work together....

Stay tuned for more on the event! And hope to see you there!
xxoo Jen

Monday, March 10, 2014

Hello Monday and Hello "Gatherings"

Hello Monday...
Are you ready for Spring??

I am...Spring is newness and all about what's fresh and happy to me.
And I am excited to be working with a new friend...'s wonderful too to share the news that "Gatherings" magazine Editor-in-Chief Heather Spriggs Thompson has invited me to be a regular contributor to her lovely and charming magazine. And thanks to Liz Hanley for the wonderful networking and friendship that has brought us together ( all know Liz Loves Vintage and if you don't you should!)

If you are not familiar with this new publication...back in July of 2011 Heather launched Gatherings as a creative hobby. Now, Gatherings is composed of a creative team of contributing editors from the US, UK and The Netherlands featuring regular columns on food, vintage, interiors, crafts, styling and photography.

The Spring Issue- Artists + Artisans is released TODAY....

...and I've invited Heather to be our guest blogger HELLO HEATHER...
Here's what she has to say about her magazine...

Hello Earth Angels readers. It's such a pleasure to share with you my great labor of love. Gatherings Magazine was born out of my design blog, Gathering Spriggs. For my first issue, Summer 2011, I gathered stories from other bloggers and friends with the intention of using it as platform to share unrecognized creative talent, shops, and decor. Gatherings began as an digital only publication with a worldwide audience and has been featured on world-renown blogs like : Decor8, Lobster and Swan, Bright Bazaar and others. After having my son in April 2012, I had to make an important decision. Either I had to let go of Gatherings or dive in head first to turn this creative hobby into a business. So by September 2013,  I relaunched Gatherings Magazine with a new website, blog and for the first time offered printed editions. Knowing Gatherings couldn't survive as a solo project, I gathered a team of creative talent from across the globe including contributing editors from the United Kingdom, The Netherlands and the US featuring regular columns on food, vintage, interiors, crafts, styling and photography. Gatherings is an independent, home-grown magazine with a mission to provide beautiful inspiration for everyday living and encourage creative spirits.
I really believe in growing organically and living by the golden rule. I approach each issue and each collaboration by putting myself in the shoes of my readers and contributors. Along with editing, I also photograph, style and write articles each issue.

Now, with our Spring issue launching this week, we are excited to be partnering with so many creative organizations like Earth Angels Studios to help Gatherings grow into a nationally recognized print publication. In this issue we celebrate artists and artisans. With articles inspired by working artists, home + studio tours, and recipes bursting with the colors of a painter's palette, the pages of Spring 2014 salute creativity.

Thank you Jen for allowing me to share my story and my passion.

Hello to you Heather and thanks for sharing...I loved doing the piece on Jennifer Lanne for the new issue...cannot wait to work on more for you!

Hello new week and thinking of Spring...

 I need to pack and ship art to Texas for our event!

Hello snow...wish we could say goodbye!

Hello to thinking about Spring decorating projects...I just ordered new slipcovers (long overdue) for my ancient Pottery Barn couches, but these couches just won't quit on me!

Hello lots of school projects on the counter. Can you spell BOOK REPORTS!!!!

Hello I need a cup of tea....

Hello to all of you and wishing you a wonderful week whatever you are up to!
more soon xxoo Jen

Thursday, March 6, 2014

We're heading to TEXAS SOON!

....just as we're unpacking from our recent event in Florida we are already re-packing and getting ready for our big trip to Spring Antiques Week in Texas!
Yeeehaw! We're heading to Round Top and giddyup to SAVE THESE DATES to see us as the special guests of Holly Kuhn at the Grand TEXAS Opening of her Old Glory Antiques Pop-Up in Burton....we'll be there 3/28-3/30...but Holly's Pop-Up will be open from 3/27-4/ do catch it!

Thanks to Holly Kuhn for the invitation...I am over the top excited about this opportunity to work with her...It's been a long time in the works thats for sure!

Holly and I met through Jo Packham in 2010 when I sat down next to her at a breakfast at Jo's "Creative Connection Event" -- and well...that started things! Funny how those chance meetings build into something so much bigger...'s an honor to be working with you this Spring! 

Joining us will be Jo Packham, Laurie Meseroll, Letty Worley Leigh Elena Navarro and more Earth Angels artists too! They're preparing a special showcase of art and handmade to share with everyone who can attend...and do ke
 ep an eye on the BLOG, facebook and your emails for sneak peeks!

Please mark your calendar to make it to Burton 
(just 7 miles north of Round Top) 
and we sure hope to see you there...
I am hoping I can fit some vintage loot in my suitcases to come home with me...Holly has the most amazing selection of treasures and goodies (I hope to visit her Colorado venue someday too)

See you in TEXAS!!!
 xxoo Jen

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