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Monday, March 23, 2009

Jo's on the Tele..Again!

My oh my Jo's on the tv once again talking about her new magazine "Where Women Create". This time, she's been interviewed in her own studio space. It really looks wonderful....

There are also some shots of Deirdre Friebeley included in the segment, and a wonderful image of Debbee Thibault's "Keepsake Angel"-- Jo claims she's the wee guardian of her studio.

Here's a link to the tv segment from earlier this's 5 minutes long, but be patient it begins with some local tv ad...
link to tv segment -
Bravo Jo!

xxoo Jen

Saturday, March 21, 2009

Queen for your Everyday

I have been known to utter the mantra,"Love art, eat cake and have fun." And while that sings true, I am now officially adding a new nugget to that sweet, but slightly sassy phrase. Here it is.....

"Love art, eat cake and have fun...while wearing your tiara!".

I have just devoured every decadent page of folly, trims, beads galore and paper whimsies in the wonderful book "Crowns & Tiaras" by Kerri Judd and Danyel Montecinos. These gals, and the artist contributors, exceed expectations in their fabulous how-to guide! They show just how much fun it can be to add glitter and glamour to our everyday.

The 127 pages of the soft cover book have me smitten with all forms of circular and regal headdress...the allure of the bejeweled crown, a titillating tiara, the simple swirl of a conical paper party hat....

All are fit for daily coronations, a lunch date with the gals, or any daily activity that needs sparkle.

I am seriously considering the pleasure, nay the privilege, of performing my daily chores in the "Glitterati Crown" by Ashley Carter that currently sits atop a vintage cake stand on my dining room hutch...or perhaps I might borrow this paper leaf crown that sweet Eden has donned. What a way to make the moments more fun --
and shock our already overworked UPS man!

Several glamorous gal pals have contributed to the book... congrats to all...Ashley Carter....Bodacious Glitter Bella and Countess of Sparkle Couture

Nicol Sayre...Lady of the Lovelies and Duchess of the Dollies

(here she is second from left with L to R pals Robin, Dawn and Rosanna)

Brava Bambinas! Now, go polish those tiaras!

This fabulous book is available through Earth Angels for $14.95. Twenty copies have just been delivered...Call or e-mail me at to order.

xxoo Jen O'Connor
Earth Angels

Thursday, March 19, 2009

California Here We Come

We've headed west for the weekend! Thanks to Darren Calkin for the gracious invitation to co-host our event at his renown shop "Paris to the Moon" in Orange County.

We do hope you can join us for ...

Tour de Art
Saturday, 3/21
10 am – 4pm

1720 Santa Ana Avenue, Costa Mesa, CA

We'll be showcasing paintings, jewelry, art dolls, papier mache, altered art, soft sculpture, mixed media, accessories and décor items. AND MEET JO PACKHAM -- thanks Jo -- we're so glad you will be able to join us to promote your new magazine "Where Women Create"

I will be back in Blogland next week, stay tuned for images of the event's art and artists.

xxoo Jen O'Connor
Earth Angels

Monday, March 16, 2009

Bluebirds & Polka Dots

Bluebirds and polka dots are some of my very favorite things. Lucky me, I've just unpacked a wonderful new grouping of Earth Girl pottery from Jill Wiener.

Clearly, Jill is seeing dots!

...and hoping for signs of Spring...

Her work is as fresh and fun as ever. These are happy, functional works with a good dose of spunk.

And while we're chatting about Jill, here's a peek at two of my favorite images of the Earth Girl's own nest.

Thanks Jill for this wonderful new group of work...Michelle is working on an e-mail brain newsletter and we'll be sending it along shortly. Watch your in-box and the website for details.

xxoo Jen
Earth Angels

Saturday, March 14, 2009

Ring a ding ding

Jill Schwartz and her Elements jewelry have landed on the pages of "Lucky" magazine.

Bravo Jill...your Golden Jade ring is listed in their section, "What I Want Now" which features an editor's top picks for a fave outfit for the new spring season. The ring is $66 and available in sizes 6, 7 and 8 through Earth Angels...

A note on "Lucky"...I don't subscribe to this mag, but some how I keep getting it in the mailbox and I finally gave it a good read. If you like fashion, reasonably priced fashion that is, and sensible beauty tips...this mag delivers. Most of all it tells you where to find "it"...oodles of websites, and even special pricing for readers they call "Lucky Breaks" on items they feature on the pages of the mag...interesting. I think I like their style...and they prompt me to consider my own!

Their new book documents all sorts of personal styles from preppy to bohemian, to urban cowgirl and all the looks in between.

Hmmm...I might have to add that book to my wish list. I wonder, is there a "Mom on the Go" look?
xxoo Jen
Earth Angels

Thursday, March 12, 2009

a welcome to blogland

Jennifer Murphy has arrived in blogland.

Her blog is loaded with images and inspiration; it's a must see stop on your blogland tour. I love that she generates pithy posts almost daily. I find myself clicking over to her blog -- often in the middle of my most pressing work -- and leave her posts cheered and motivated!

I found these montage images of her latest creations on her blog just a few days ago. Thanks Jennifer for letting me post them here...They're sneak peek of the next box of cuties on their way to Earth Angels (e-mail if you'd like the details).

Thanks to Jennifer for welcoming us to her world via this blog...
and how exciting, she and Jay will soon be welcoming a baby into their world!

All this exciting baby news is fun to share (Deirdre you have a compatriot!)

xxoo Jen
PS...and a very merry birthday to Jennifer Murphy and Dara DiMagno...they share today's date!

Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Reminder: Tour de Art

This is your official reminder and WE HOPE TO SEE YOU THERE!!!

Saturday, MARCH 21st
10 am – 4pm

Hosted by “Paris to the Moon”
(...we'll be on the grounds and in the buildings at the rear of the area...with oodles of art)
1720 Santa Ana Avenue, Costa Mesa, CA

Meet the artists, shop for art! Showcasing paintings, jewelry, art dolls, papier mache, altered art, soft sculpture, mixed media, accessories and décor items...


JO PACKHAM has graciously agreed to attend...Jo will be greeting readers and chatting with attendees about her new publication, "Where Women Create".

Our event will feature the art and artistry of...

Event Exclusive offerings and more from Debbee Thibault...

The art dolls of Nicol Sayre...

Laurie Meseroll's mixed media Mud-Cakes...

Dara DiMagno's wearable art...

Debrina Pratt's creates from the Land of Enchantment...

Jennifer Lanne's original paintings...

Nicole Bowen's Necessary Excess accessories and soft sculpture

Yes, the event is free and open to the public...

…visit the website to browse our exclusive event offerings…
…see the “Events Page” for details and directions…
call Earth Angels (845) 986-8720 from 9am-7pm NY time
or Paris to the Moon (949) 642-0942 11-5 CA time

Monday, March 9, 2009

Style Time

It's time to blog on style!

I think it's utterly fabulous; the artists I work with, look like their work. No, not really...but really. The artists, and the art they create, are inextricably linked in style.

A peek into the home of painter Jennifer Lanne offeres wisps of understanding for her inspirations, and a deep appreciation for her very personal style. She paints, dresses(with total aplomb)and decorates in a wonderfully stylish blend of farmhouse chic and rugged elegance.

Jennifer's look, her likes... her inimitable style is present everywhere in her home. Here's a peek...

The parlour is perhaps my favorite. This was the original room in the 1780s home...the red adds color punch to cozy couches that surround the hearth...

And here's her living room. I adore how she layers color and texture. They convey her love of old things and her playful spirit.

A peek through a window shows her porch and arbor. In the summer this is strewn with blooming vines.

This is a work in progress; a pillow that Jennifer has embroidered with the names of all the kittens and cats that have come into her family...last I heard she's taken in a new stray...grab that needle and floss Jennifer!

This built-in hosts part of her old toy cow collection...

Kitchen shelves cradle more favorites...

And...look at this fab new purchase Jennifer nabbed while antiquing here in Warwick, NY. She gave him a fine collar...

Jennifer, I love your style... It's a treat to see it play out in every corner of your home, and in every uber cool outfit you don...

xxoo Jen
Earth Angels

Thursday, March 5, 2009

Stacey's in the House

Anyone who's visited my home knows just how much I adore the creations of artist Stacey Bear; her paintings, boxes and mixed media works dot the walls of each room and hold several prime display spots. She calls her one of a kind folk art pieces her "Momentos". And, as my years of passionate collecting and my years in business continue to accumulate, so have I fallen more in love with her work...and the artist herself.

And so, here I am, in the midst of what is supposed to be "spring cleaning" (but I really find myself playing). You see I am forever trying to organize my snapshots and image files in an attempt to create some order. But, I am getting distracted looking over past parties, events, trips and special days.

Here are a few of my favorite pics of my friend and talented artist Stacey Bear... she is with my sister Roseanna and Nicol Sayre on my porch...
here she is (on right) with pal Jody Battaglia at a Fall Fete some years back...

...and here I am with Stacey and Ro during one of our annual antiquing adventures in Pennsylvania...

Now, here's what else I am supposed to be working on today...a box of new creations have just arrived from Stacey. Here are a few peeks at her latest designs. As ever, Stacey's work sends me...

Michelle will be sending an email brain newsletter on 3/6 with all me if you'd like to be included on Stacey's update list to get a sneak peek at these creations.

Enjoy your day and all that it brings...I am hoping for some organization here; I've got the spring cleaning bug! I am off to rearrange a cabinet, and I have saved another pile of snapshots for reminiscing with a cup of tea...but not til I get some work done!
xxoo Jen

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