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Sunday, November 29, 2015

...don't miss this... SIS BOOM SHOPPING do not want to miss this... pal Jennifer Paganelli's annual 
SIS BOOM open house..
12/3, 12/4 & 12/5
in Wilton, CT
This is a happy stuff, amazing shopping and just plain fun...

Please make the trip to visit her in Wilton, CT if you can!

I will be there with my gal pals 
Anne & Kathy shopping up a storm... there's just the best of 
merry loot to be had...
xxoo Jen

Monday, November 23, 2015

...joyful wishes for a Thanksgiving filled with good things and happy moments...'s time for me to extend heartfelt wishes for a beautiful and happy Thanksgiving...'s time for me to remind myself just how much I have to be thankful for in my world.

I am a #gratefulgirl and I thank each of you all for your kindness, support and encouragement for me, my family, the artists and the business.

Happy Thanksgiving...
My wish is that you share the day 
with people who treasure and appreciate you...

xxoo Jen 
ps...order with code THANKFUL15 now through 11/30/15 and we'll take 15% OFF your order...
sorry no layaways, prior order and WEE Forest Folk are excluded... 

Monday, November 16, 2015

being green...a peek at some of my collection...Torquay Pottery

 ...from time to time I really love to share a peek at the most beloved among my collections... 
my Torquay Pottery...
Now, I am a true "collector"...
I have so many collections, 
I joke that I collect collections! 
That said, I have been dedicated to this masterfully made pottery since I was 18...
But one humble plate has actually been in my family for 5 generations now!
Here's Rory with his plate and my Mom, Rosie

 Recently I attended the wonderful, annual gathering of the North American Torquay Society (NATS)
Once a year we collectors gather to share, swap, learn and catch up...I am thrilled that the 2016 Convention will be held right here in 
Warwick, NY and Mahwah, NJ... 
stay tuned for details!  There will be a salesroom open to the public on Saturday, August 13th
Watch the events page of the site for more info..

Talks are part of the program at the annual conventions...and I wanted to share just a peek at some of the slides from the talk I gave to my fellow NATS members on "Being Green"

Much of my collection is dedicated to celebrating my favorite color...


Here's a closer look at some green patterns...

 ...of course I love the Shamrocks...
being Irish, and all!
I fell in love with florals thanks 
to friend Shelby Scherr...
They are like a garden in bloom...I am, of course, partial to those done on a green ground...
My fave of all is perhaps the Farm Scenes...but those are rare and few... 
hoping to find more someday...sigh...

So that's a quick peek...

For those of you intrigued...
you can read more about Torquay Pottery 
and the Society NATS

It's a great group of folks...and as much as I love the pottery, I am an active member and recently took the post as Vice President because,
 "'s about the people not the pots", 
as my dad says... 
and they are great people!

AND if you can catch us at 
The Country Living Fairs...I am hosting NATS CHATS each day at 12:30...
thanks to Stella Show Management for this opportunity and to Country Living Magazine for acknowledging Torquay Pottery as 
"What's Hot in Collecting Vintage"

happy collecting
xo Jen

Thursday, November 12, 2015

ANNUAL SALE can shop early.... usual we sneak the news of our ANNUAL SALE
via the BLOG and social media...
SO get to shop first! WOO HOO!
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Just look at all this loot on the site...

Shop NOW to avoid disappointment!
Enjoy and thanks xxoo Jen

Monday, November 9, 2015

peek at the Fair...

It seems like we just packed the truck and drove back from Atlanta yesterday!  

Wow, what an undertaking... 
such a big trip...
and an incredible event...

We loved our time in Atlanta...I am a #gratefulgirl that I get to work in a business I love with artful and talented people I admire....

A big thanks to the helpers and artists
 who made it possible...from start to finish, 
I owe you a debt of gratitude...



you are all a total WOW

Thanks too go to Stella Show Mgmt and their incredible staff & Country Living Magazine 
and our special pal
Betty Lyn for all the support and encouragement... are some of my fave pics from the event... more have been posted to the facebook albums and instagram #artgirlsroadshow

 ...xxoo to you all
and cannot wait until next year!

Monday, November 2, 2015

artful entrepreneur Clare Jordan...nice news

...I had so much fun with my column for the November issue of Where Women Create...
Thanks to Jo Packham for mailing it all possible and thanks and congrats to Clare Jordan for honoring me with the opportunity to share her wonderful business journey in my "Business of the Studio" column...

Clare you amaze me! 

 The entire issue is a such a great read...'ll have to nab a copy of the mag to read Clare's entire story...and there are so many other fab features in this issue... one of my faves to date!

You can catch more of a view of Clare's art 

Earth Angels is a retailer for her curios, baubles and cheeky buttons 
...these are usually our biggest hit 
at The Country Living Fairs!

Thanks again Jo & CONGRATS CLARE!!!

xxoo Jen

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