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Friday, January 28, 2011 need to peek at Schuyler Pond!

Here's a peek at the location of our event in May...this is just the most glorious of the most beautiful of spots in the most scenic of towns.

How lucky are we to have talented decor maven, and shop owner Amanda Crames open her doors to us...She's invited the Earth Angels to ensconce themselves in Schuyler Pond Home & Garden's the merry little outbuilding adjacent to her barn and on the adjacent grounds.

Here I am with Amanda...just after we walked the space and I had a tour of her utterly gorgeous home (...more on that later...I have to go back soon to do a photo shoot!)

And peek behind Jennifer and Amanda to see the outbuildings Earth Angels will fill with our own brand of magic...

Now back to the shop...Here are some images of her displays...don't you want it all? I did...everything is sumptuous, tempting and tastefully festive with wisps of femininity and rugged flourishes!

Here are some more expansive views of what she calls "The Loft"...

And here are some favorite nooks and peeks within this magical space...

And here's our lovely host with our mutual gal pal, Jennifer Lanne. A big thanks to Jennifer for providing the introduction and for making this cooperative venture a possibility...

Hope to see you all in May... we will be compiling accomodation info and will have this to send via email...please let me know if you need this...Saratoga is a fab destination!

AND WOO HOO - Jo Packham has agreed to join the Art Girls' RoadShow for this event and will be our special guest....coolness., more on this event soon -- so SAVE THE DATE!
Sat, 5/21 & Sun, 5/22
Jen O'Connor
Earth Angels

Tuesday, January 25, 2011

...will we see you here and there? will be here, there and everywhere in 2011...the Earth Angels & the "Art Girls' RoadShow" is taking to the highways and byways in 2011...FL, NY, NJ, WA, OH, GA and CA...are on the docket so save these dates to meet the artists and see their creations...(You don't want to miss out on the fun, do you?)

So get that calendar we go!

3/4 & 3/5, 2011
"heART of winter" - SOUTH
at the Jeanine Taylor Folk Art GallerySanford, FL
OUR Postcard looks like this:

5/21 & 5/22, 2011
10th Annual "Spring Fling"
Schuyler Pond Home & GardenSaratoga Springs, NY

6/11 & 6/12, 2011
"Artists' Showcase"
at Rose Petal Porch
Lafayette, NJ

9/16, 9/17, 9/18, 2011
"The Country Living Fair"
Columbus, OH
visit the show's promoter Stella Shows for tix and details
...featuring Earth Angels' Artisan Showcase Tent & Earth Angels LIVE!

10/21, 10/22 & 10/23, 2011
"The Country Living Fair"
Atlanta, GA
visit the site of the show's promoter Stella Shows for tix and event details...
...featuring Earth Angels' Artisan Showcase Tent & Earth Angels LIVE!

Fall 2011
The Creative Connection, CA details pending!

12/2 & 12/3, 2011
"heART of winter" - WEST
at The Paula Shop
Tustin, CA

tba - EVENT at "Hutch Studio" - LaConner, WA

SO NOTE these dates, and be there! We'd hate for you to miss the fun
xxoo Jen
Earth Angels

Sunday, January 23, 2011

...and the award goes to...

....and "The award goes to...."..."Let us celebrate..."...the everyday, the old, the faded and the glitter-bedecked...

Patrice Greene's festive ribbons and trophies have just been posted to the site by our fab webmaster, Paul...

She calls her offerings "The Trophy Wife". And it was sweet chance and good old gal pal networking that brought us together. We met at "The Country Living Fair" in Columbus last September -- Laurie Meseroll introduced us...Laurie and Patrice had met the week before at "The Creative Connection"...making those connections really does work.

Here's Patrice with a pal and Jo Packham (Jo is wearing on of her ribbons)...

Patrice's work is wonderfully done, with a strong sense of balance and an irresistibly tactile embrace of ephemera and old trims and fine ribbons. Each one showcases her style, taste and most assuredly, her desire to celebrate what’s special each day and every day.

Right now we have her signature ribbons and of course, the trophies shown above!

Thanks Patrice for sharing these with us! She is working on medals, so stay tuned!

Click this link to see her page....

xxoo Jen O'Connor
Earth Angels

Thursday, January 20, 2011

..yes, she makes the world's best hot fudge...

It's true. Katie Cammaro makes the world's best hot fudge. Her grandma inspired her love of chocolate and the every day celebrations good food can make more special. A long-time friend to Earth Angels' painter, Jennifer Lanne, I was introduced to Katie and her amazing hot fudge a few years back and it's been as many years that I have been a fan of her fabulous "Sundae's Best"...
Lucky me, I got to shoot Katie in her kitchen for an upcoming feature in Where Women Cook...ohhh ahhh yum yum...her home and kitchen were as divine as the ice cream stuffed pound cake she made for the shoot.

Here is a sneak peek, but you'll have to wiat for Issue #3 to see all to glorious food shots...

After lunch, Katie gave us a quick tour of her factory. It's a funky space, that suits her perfectly; it used to be an old time luncheonette!

You can see all her flavors on her site...
Thanks again, Katie for a fab experience, I confess I would write more, but there is ice cream in the freezer and hot fudge waiting...

xxoo Jen
Earth Angels

Monday, January 17, 2011

So, is this a romantic life?

...I guess I am a romantic after all.
"Romantic Homes" magazine's February issue has just hit the newsstands with its annual feature, and one of my perennial faves, "The Romantics"...

I was asked to submit for this feature this year...and while at first I didn't think I led a "romantic life"...upon reflection, I came up with a story of adventure that conveys my ideals of romance, and my own brand of a romantic lifestyle .

I should mention that, you'll only be disappointed if you expect tales of candlelit dinners or surprise gifts. I adore my husband, but this is not his style, our style.... he would rather we go for a hike or work on one of our old cars...I would rather we potter about the house or garden with the kiddos...

A big thanks to Jacqueline deMontravel for the opportunity to think about what romance really means to me, and the chance to share a peek into our home and world...

Please, please pick up this magazine if you are not already a subscriber. This current issue is more packed that ever with fab photos, heartwarming stories and a nod to the sweet romance of everyday joys.

Well done once again Romantic Homes! ...and here's to romance...and whatever it means to you.
xxoo Jen O'Connor
Earth Angels

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