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Friday, November 18, 2016




DECEMBER 1, 2, & 3, 2016 


Earth Angels Studios' Very Merry Appearance 

Thurs, Friday & Saturday - 9am-5pm


Hosted by Jennifer Paganelli in Wilton,CT 

EARTH ANGELS STUDIOS & Our Art Girls' RoadShow Will Attend as SPECIAL GUESTS

Join us to share in the excitement of the season with special shopping and lots of loot from Skippy Doodle Designs, Jocelyn O’Gorman, Clare Jordan, and The Polka Dot Club, Deirdre Friebely among others…
We'll be there with a fabulous showcase of art and handmande from Earth Angels Studios' featured artists. Appearances by Sue Parker and other
special pals of Earth Angels including 
ANNE BLUETT of Australia!!

Stay tuned for more info! 

 I love working with my friends and Jennifer has a festive and wonderful spirit...

xo and hope to see you there...

Tuesday, November 15, 2016

Do you know Blythe?

  Blythe is a doll that may look familiar to some.  
 This doe-eyed lovely was originally made for just one year by Kenner in the US in 1972.  How do I know this....

But in the mid to late 1990s, a well-known fashion photographer, Gina Garan, began to take one of these dolls with her everywhere and photograph her.  Blythe was the subject of many photographic studies. This was of course long-before social media, and when she released a book of her work showing Blythe in all these fun setting, a cult phenomenon was born!    
By 2001 the Japanese company of Takara resuscitated production of Blythe and by 2006 another book on Blythe – redressed and re-fitted in inspiring fashions by quite famous designers came out.


The real magic began to happen for two reasons: #1 artists around the world started to customize Blythe – re-sculpting the face, changing wigs, painting eye-chips and making miniature couture fashions for this wonderful little model AND #2 the emergence of visual social media platforms.  So, everything went crazy and this little cult classic of a doll became and indie art phenomenon with BlytheCons and established and fledgling artists turning their attention to Blythe.  
Now artists are putting their own twist on Blythe and customizing dolls...changing the face makeup, the hair, carving and re-carving the nose, chin, philtrum and eye sockets...and more! 

 And what's so wonderful is that the new Blythe world has spawned many ancillary hobbies and creatives to create for Blythe...just like our own Earth Angels Letty Worley making Blythe party pets -- because every doll needs a best friend!!!

If you are interested in a custom Blythe...please email me at and I will send you full details....

We are working with renown artist to accept commissions and will be making this service available as her time allows...
...and thanks to Mademoiselle Cupcake -- aka Rosanna De Bellis my soul sister for bringing the festive world of Blythe to Earth Angels...

xo Jen

Thursday, November 10, 2016

the BIG ANNUAL SALE...starts now FOR YOU! usual we sneak the news of our 
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USE coupon code EARLYBIRD30 for 30% OFF

Just look at all this loot on the site...

Shop NOW to avoid disappointment!
Enjoy and thanks xxoo Jen

Thursday, November 3, 2016

NEXT EVENT SUNDAY, 11/ Rose Petal Porch...CATCH US!!!


...our Merry Artists' Showcase at 
Rose Petal Porch in LAFAYETTE, NJ on
Sunday, November 13th
Join us for a holiday celebration of of art, handmade and vintage.
 ...more details on the Events Page...

…featuring Earth Angels’ Studios artists Sue Parker of “Skippy Doodle Designs” & Letty Worley of “Letty’s Bears”,
...among others!

This festive and artful shopping day will be hosted by Joyce Meehan 

This will be our 3rd visit to Rose Petal Porch…and we are thrilled to be going back

102 State Route 15, Lafayette, NJ
Be sure you are on our mailing list to get event details as they are announced

See for more details and directions to the event!

Hope to see you there!
xo Jen

Wednesday, November 2, 2016

...a peek at the Fair...thanks Atlanta!

It's always hard to catch up after a major event...
I have boxes, inventory and packing supplies everywhere, not to mention mounds of dirty laundry and correspondence to return...

But I love our events. All made possible by the efforts of so many...
 A peek at the pictures reminds me how very grateful I am to all those who made it possible...
thanks Laura and Megan
thanks Lucy
thanks Teresa
thanks Letty
and thanks Sue
...and of course...thanks Blythe for being a wonderful shopper and spokesmodel! she is with her fave #CLfairfinds

xxoo to all of you for another amazing event

...and keep en eye on the events page for what's next for the Art Girls' RoadShow...we've got an appearance in NJ on Sunday, 13th at 
Rose Petal Porch...
Please join us! 
Details for all of our events are HERE

xxoo Jen 

Monday, October 31, 2016

Trick or Treat...?!?

Hi all and a very happy Halloween...
Hope it's full of many treats and no tricks...

Have fun!  

...and please save the date for our NEXT EVENT

...our Merry Artists' Showcase at 
Sunday, November 13th

Hope to see you there... 
xo Jen

Tuesday, October 25, 2016

a peek at BlytheCon UK....

I made a quick but memorable, 3-day trip to Edinburgh earlier this month...

With the studio of Scottish jewelry designer, Lynsey Walters for my column in "Where Women Create" on the agenda (and more on that soon) I was also able to attend BlytheCon UK...

...all I can say is...WOW!
Capturing such a dynamic event was a challenge...and while I have oodles of images to edit and share, the format and personalities were all new to me...but a peek at an event like this one must be shared in a timely fashion.

So I am thrilled to share a collection of images prepared by writer, editor and photographer -- and Blythe devotee -- Rosanna De Bellis.

Many thanks Rosanna for the opportunity to share your signature-style collages...I appreciate you being a guest blogger/photographer and allowing me to give a peek into this wonderful world that you've invited me into with open arms and much beautiful enthusiasm...
 I was truly overwhelmed...
 There was a vast array of talent and styles showcased by the designers and artists who shared their art at the event...
Incredible...and yes, I could not help myself, I had to get some new outfits for my own Blythe doll...
 Some folks' have a dedication that goes far beyond the miniature fashions and customized art dolls!
I really enjoyed everyone I met...from the sales floor to the Voo Doo Rooms after party - there was talent and style and many friendships to be found...

Thanks to all for the warm welcome into this artful community.
You can find Rosanna on Instagram @rosannadebellis 
and more things Blythe on her account

More on the taking of this photo soon!
xo Jen

Tuesday, October 18, 2016

exciting news...and WELCOME SASHA

I wanted to share some lovely news...
we have a someone new among the ranks of the Earth Angels Featured Artists

Each designer toy creation is a sweet surprise laden with detail... 
When I asked Sasha to share a little about herself with readers, here's what she said...

 I started to make toys when I was 8 and was rather successful. I always had my own pocket money, I traveled a lot and was featured in TV programs about handmade stuff. 
When a teenager I had other interests and forgot about toy making.
"Relapse" happened to me 9 years ago when I wanted to make a handmade gift for my friend. I made a teddy bear and then I couldn't  stop!!! I worked in the office that time so I had to give up job to make toymaking my main occupation. 
I love to experiment with materials, colors, size, shapes, characters...

I especially love her pieces featuring the "Napoleon Hats"!
...and I am definitely partial to her petite creations...there's a sure charm in them...

Here are some other faves...
Thanks to Sasha for sharing her talent...I am loving all that she has made for us to share on the site...and we are hoping for more SOON!!

I am thrilled and honored to welcome her!

...and stay tuned for more designs from this talented young, Russian artist

Thursday, October 13, 2016

Event NEXT WEEK...Hope to see you in Stone Mountain

Our fall season is in full swing 
and the next event is just around the corner...
Hope you can catch the Art Girls' RoadShow when we visit Stone Mountain next week for our annual appearance at the Atlanta Country Living Fair!!!

October 21, 22, & 23, 2016 

"Country Living Fair" - Atlanta

Stone Mountain Park, Atlanta, Georgia

See the pages of the magazine come to life at the southern edition of the Fair, now in its 6th year

Friday, Saturday and Sunday 10am - 5pm

Friday & Saturday – early bird admission and show specials at Earth Angels tent 8:30-10am

Featuring the art of ALL of the Earth Angels Studios' featured artists and appearances by numerous artists festive shopping and the savvy browsers’ enjoyment.

Special Guests include Lucy Farmer, Sue Parker, Laura Putnam and Letty Worley...

Featuring Earth Angels LIVE!
 Tickets & Directions on the show promoter's website

 Hope to see you there!
xo Jen

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