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Tuesday, October 18, 2016

exciting news...and WELCOME SASHA

I wanted to share some lovely news...
we have a someone new among the ranks of the Earth Angels Featured Artists

Each designer toy creation is a sweet surprise laden with detail... 
When I asked Sasha to share a little about herself with readers, here's what she said...

 I started to make toys when I was 8 and was rather successful. I always had my own pocket money, I traveled a lot and was featured in TV programs about handmade stuff. 
When a teenager I had other interests and forgot about toy making.
"Relapse" happened to me 9 years ago when I wanted to make a handmade gift for my friend. I made a teddy bear and then I couldn't  stop!!! I worked in the office that time so I had to give up job to make toymaking my main occupation. 
I love to experiment with materials, colors, size, shapes, characters...

I especially love her pieces featuring the "Napoleon Hats"!
...and I am definitely partial to her petite creations...there's a sure charm in them...

Here are some other faves...
Thanks to Sasha for sharing her talent...I am loving all that she has made for us to share on the site...and we are hoping for more SOON!!

I am thrilled and honored to welcome her!

...and stay tuned for more designs from this talented young, Russian artist

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