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Wednesday, November 28, 2012

...singing the blues...

Funny enough, Laurie Meseroll is not blue at all...
why should she's her BIRTHDAY TODAY!

She's happy and busy and doing fabulous in grad school  but from this great spot but has entered a Blue Period shall we call it...
Her new creations sing with hues of cyan, azure, aqua and royal....

I love how she's drenched her canvases with tides of texture...
So does Ben Ashby of FOLK magazine....he'll be doing a feature on her soon...

You can see more of them on the pages of the site featuring her original mixed-media paintings.... 

xxoo Jen

Sunday, November 25, 2012


ok watch out....we are sharing the news of the Cyber Monday Sales...


Shop before noon NY time on Monday, take 25% off
Shop after noon NY time on Monday, take 20% off
your entire order -- anything on the site
with Coupon Code cybersale at checkout

Enjoy xxoo Jen

Saturday, November 24, 2012 a week we'll be merry - JOIN US

I'm taking a moment's break from packing and sorting orders and Christmas cheer to remind everyone that in a week we'll be at our final event of 2012...

If you want to know what to expect, peek at Jennifer Lanne's gorgeous BLOG POST on our Merry Artists' Showcase at Schuyler Pond...and more details are on our site...

12/1 and 12/2 see us in Saratoga, NY
Special guests painter Jennifer Lanne,
Sue Parker of Skippy Doodle Designs 
Ben Ashby of FOLK Magazine
We'll be showcasing oodles of special holiday art and SALES from our artists too!
Hope to see you there!
xxoo Jen

Thursday, November 22, 2012

Black Friday Sale

FRIDAY, 11/23 
with coupon code
AT CHECKOUT ON FRIDAY 11/23 -- yes sales begin at midnight...
enjoy and thanks for shopping with Earth Angels, we know there's a lot of wonderful things out there and we appreciate your orders....


Wednesday, November 21, 2012

ahh..sweet little Sugarboo...I love these!

I didn't realize how much detail was in these compact, and oh so artful wooden pieces by Sugarboo...
We've just added a few more of their signature designs to the site...

Order them (or anything on the site)  and they ship free with Coupon Code SweetShip until 11/26...just another little "....BlackFriday is coming soon so we better turn on the sales!"

This little Baby Elephant is my very fave.  We only have one each of these amazing don't miss them...

 Here are some other faves...

 Hope it's stacking up to be a great week for you...

xxoo Jen

Thursday, November 15, 2012

something I'm really excited about...

 Diana just visited from New Jersey on her way to Maine....
 She's created a wonderful series of signed prints from her all time favorite original paintings... and just dropped off 25 of each.

I am utterly thrilled that we have been able to upload oodles of images of these available prints to the site....
 She is excited as I am about this partnership to share her work...
 Here she's showing off an all-time fave..."American Snowmen"  which measures 5.5x15" and is $20...

Here's a peek at some of the wonderful details of one of my faves, 

Here's a peek too at another fave called "No More Pencils"...I'll let you figure out the theme of that one!

And Diana's personal fave, "Herb Garden"...
 Thanks too go to Harold for his fab photos of the prints...he's posted them to her pages on the site, and they look super...with loads of detail to show the stories Diana is telling in each piece.

Thanks Diana, you know I adore you and all you create.
 xxoo Jen

Tuesday, November 13, 2012

can you join us??? Event 12/1 & 12/2 in Saratoga...

Save the date, mark your calendar and make some plans -- we're celebrating the season with our last event of 2012 at one of our very favorite shopping locales  Schuyler Pond Home & Garden in Saratoga Springs, NY....
Join us for artful shopping and to meet the artists and our special guests at this reknown d├ęcor retailer for a fabulous holiday shopping experience with special merry treats and sale specials.

10am - 5pm
11am - 3pm

Featuring the art and artistry of featured artists painter Jennifer Lanne and Sue Parker of Skippy Doodle. Special guest Ben Ashby of FOLK magazine and Katie Camarro of Sundae's Best. Also featured the artistry of Derby Blooms, Melody Elizabeth Designs, Krys Kirkpatrick, and Lisa Leonard creator of “heartfelt” jewelry.

Thanks in advance to our hostess, design guru and owner of Schuyler Pond -- Amanda Crames....her store is amazing and we are always thrilled to be a part of her holiday celebrations.


Here's a peek at the postcard for details...

Hope to see you there....

xxoo Jen

Friday, November 9, 2012


It's been a treat to watch the following of FOLK magazine grow.
Here's a peek at the new issue...

How can you not love a start-up business?  
How can you not want to support the efforts of the wonderful band of 20-somethings that are pulling together issue after wonderful issue?

I mean look how adorable Ben is when he joined the Earth Angels line-up in Atlanta???!!!
Led by Ben Ashby....with his crew chiefs Heath Stiltner and Hillary Lewis, these young entrepreneurs deserve your attention.

And if you have not read their magazine as yet, what are you waiting for?
The new issue is $7 and this week we are celebrating FOLK-style by offering back issues for $5 each...that makes it a good time to catch their vibe on "Real American Living"

The December issue is a true treat featuring The Beekman Boys and Earth Angels....yep, here's me...there's a 8 page story on me and Earth Angels.

This new holiday issue sports a dual cover featuring our wonderful friend and Earth Angels' artists, Debbee Thibault.
This issue is packed with seasonal glories from their many contributors...

You can take a peek at more issues on the PRESS pages of our site...

All of the Earth Angels love having the support of FOLK, and we love 'em right back! (here they are with Laurie Meseroll...they'll be doing a feature on Laurie in March)....
They so get the idea of hard work and group effort...

xxoo to all my FOLK pals and cannot wait to see what y'all are up to next!
xxoo Jen

Thursday, November 8, 2012

are you an early bird?

If so you might want to shop our one day sale...

After all, who needs to wait for Black Friday to catch a bargain?

Take 20% off anything on the site with coupon code
at checkout.

Don't miss the chance to find a gift for someone on your list...or yourself!

xxoo Jen

Monday, November 5, 2012

hello gentle to us please

Hello us rebuild.

Hello Monday. I am praying those New Yorkers do what they do best, 
to do what it takes to get the job done. 
And a big job it is.

Hello Monday and please Mother Nature be kind to us in New York, stay warm a bit longer...let us be grateful for the small joys of the season. 
Help those who need to be brave face these challenges.
All my love and thoughts to my friends and their families who lost their homes in Breezy and in Jersey heart hurts for you. 

Hello to good friends making the days feel right, and maybe just normal afterall.

Hello to friends with no power and sharing candy and sweet warmth.

Hello to traditions, they make things feel good, even if things are different.

 Hello strangers that are becoming friends to many.

Hello to ingenuity's organizing trunk or treat to keep the kids spirits bright on a cold day.
Hello that things keep chugging on and a sense of humor makes it more tolerable.

Hello to creative make it all possible...

Hello sweet very lucky we are to be safe.  
I have too many sad pictures in my mind of the destruction of the storm...

Hello Hello Monday...and sending love and strength to all on the East Coast....
xxoo Jen

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