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Saturday, April 30, 2011

...a shout out and a last call...

Hey there...

This is a last call on some in-house copies of our fave magazines…just a few of each are still here and some of you have emailed that your "Borders" and "Barnes & Noble" etc are sold out SOOO..

ISSUE #2 - Where Women Cook...shown above...featuring Molly of "Orangette" and my pal Sarabeth Levine...

ISSUE #3 of PRIMS...featuring Earth Angels' artists "Cart Before the Horse" and Stacey Bear...the creator of "Momentoes"...

ISSUE #10 – Where Women Create

…love this issue…it features Earth Angels’ special friend, artist Magda Trzaski

ISSUE #1 - Where Women Cook

…oh la la, what a great inaugural issue! Featuring Earth Angels’ pals Serena Thompson, Mama Agata (hi Chiara!!!), Elizabeth Maxson and so many more talented gals…

Give a jingle 8-8 NY time (845) 986-8720 or send an email to me at if you need either one…


Happy Reading
Xxoo Jen
Earth Angels

Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Why can't I be in two places at once...aka 2011's "The Creative Connection"

There's a "Good News Bad News" kinda thing going on here..

The Creative Connection is set for September 15-17, 2011!!! This amazing event will be held in St. Paul, MN and will be sponsored by Sterling Publishing and Blog Her. (can you say WOO HOO!) Word is, it is going to be the networking event of the season with four attendee tracks being offered in: Food, Handmade, Social Media and Business.

This utterly amazing event was founded by two of my friends, Jo Packham and Nancy Soriano...(I will never forget the day the two of them got together here in Warwick on the porch of Charlotte's Tea Room and the plan for the event was hatched...but I digress) I love both of these women, and I am so very proud that they have created this wondrous convention-style event for artful women who are passionate about their businesses, their lives, learning and so much more.

So what's the bad news you ask? Well, I cannot be there this year.

By the time the dates were announced for TCC I had already made a commitment to once again be among the featured vendors at The Country Living Fair in Columbus where Earth Angels is a big part of the event and as such, I had made commitments to artists for their work that I will of course keep -- it's always my honor to show the work of the Earth Angels' artists.

Big sigh...

So, next time you hear they are handing out super-powers, please get me an order of "able to be in 2 places at once", OK?

It is with true regret, Nancy and Jo that I will miss being there, I know I will miss out on so much...but I sure do hope some of you out there will go and tell me all about it...AND I will do my best to be there in 2012!

xxoo Jen
Earth Angels

Saturday, April 23, 2011, are you a "Rebel" girl?

...with a rebel yell, more more more...

Actually for talented Gina Riley of "Rebel Designs" it's about style, texture and everyday fabulousness...

Her bracelets and cuffs are a study in scale and sparkle. Each wonderful piece is made in NY with fine materials including harness leather, cast metal and the renown Swarovski brand crystals. I hope you love their elegant forms and playful proportions as much as I do.

And, a big thanks to our friend and style maven, Phyllis of "The Paula Shop" in Tustin, CA and artist Jennifer Lanne for turning us on to "Rebel Designs".

Look at Jennifer Lanne modeling her fave on a "Where Women Cook" photo shoot...


And, take a peek at some of my favorites from the first order we received from her Manhattan's tough to choose a favorite but I am completely smitten with the "chunky squares" and of course, how can I resist the "magic donuts"?!

These and more are now posted to the site...thanks to our amazing webmaster PAUL!!! for setting up her page...I keep looking at it and drooling...which one do I "need"..

xxoo Jen O'Connor
Earth Angels

Tuesday, April 19, 2011

...chocolate obsession continued..

This is Part #38 in the confessions of various obsessions, alas they are too numerous to confess at one sitting and sadly, or goodly, more are added on regular basis due to a natural enthusiasm for trying new things and a willingness to surrender my palate, my cash stash, and more, as I absorb another passion.

Chocolate (...umm sorry only Dark Chocolate) served straight up and unimpaired with candy-like accouterments has long been a dare I say it may be dethroned by the the drinkable "Bru"???

My gal pal Kathy -- of prior BLOG fame -- showed up with this new product one day as a gift and apologized as she gave it to me. I thought it odd until she warned me about what was inside...

"Bru"...that's 100% brewable cacao...

Yes, straight up in the French Press or even better, adorned with sugar and half and half it makes the meanest, big-girl hot chocolate drink you might find out there. I was no less captivated than then King of France when the Spanish monks presented him with bricks of chocolate several centuries back.

But cacao and its benefits are ancient (note to self to research Aztecs and chocolate), and I so do love old things...

This is being marketed as the new thing coming for true antioxidant’s like almost calorie and carb free pure chocolate and ironically, as if just for me, it’s being distributed from my town of Warwick, NY!!!

It's nice that it has those fringe benefits, but I am in it for the thin hot cocoa or a really strong chocolate tea (if you know Harney & Sons Chocolate Teas, that's good too but I digress...)

SO WATCH FOR THIS, hunt it down, you just gottta try it...
but be warned, it's addicting. "Thanks" Kath!

xxoo Jen
Earth Angels

Thursday, April 14, 2011

...don't say I didn't REMIND YOU! now you should have made your plans to attend our 10th Annual "Spring Fling" in Saratoga next month!!

Did you get your postcard in the snail mail???

Many of you come ever year, for so many years, and we simply can not think of hosting an event without you...Ro, Julia, Pamela, Marlene, Kathleen, Jean, Kristy, Sal, Ellen, Krista, Nicole, Phyllis, Loretta, Liz, Theresa, and Kathy among others...More of you have thought about attending an event but just have not gotten around to it...

Please know, we don't disappoint, and this event looks like it will be our very best yet...(more soon on our host Amanda Crames and her gorgeous "Schuyler Pond"...)

So please, make a plan, grab a gal pal, talk someone into making the drive with you. I truly look forward to seeing you again, or meeting you for the first time...

My fingers are crossed that we'll see you here on 5/21 and 5/22...

FULL DETAILS are on the siteand YES there is still some room at the Break Out events...

"Picnic Lunch with the Artists" on Saturday at 1 PM
"Breakfast with Jo Packham" on Sunday at 10:30 AM

Call me 8-8 NY time to book your attendance at these (845) 986-8720

Here's a peek at some of our prior events...and scroll the albums on facebook (see on facebook to see our fan page)...

Hope to see you in Saratoga Springs next month...stay tuned for more on the artists attending and some sneak peeks...
xxoo Jen O'Connor
Earth Angels

Monday, April 11, 2011

Bring on the BLING…

They don’t call Ashley Carter the “diva of sparkle”, the “glitter queen”, the “lady of glitz” and the reigning “monarch of folly” for nothing”.

She’s pulled out all the stops with her Goldbug Studio collection for Spring 2011…magical nests, festive hats and cake toppers abound. All are richly appointed with millinery blooms, a dusting of magic and a luminous countenance that comes from the exceptional quality of vintage and found materials with which she creates them, as well as the care given to their design and construction. They are whimsical, ethereal, festive and oh so cool.

Here’s a peek at her peek at the recent NY Gift Fair. She is clearly channeling old school glamour, long forgotten Mardi-Gras balls, and starlet-style.

I confess to drooling, it’s all a bit much to take in and well, I think I see t all and then when I leave her boot, checks flushed and imagination reeling I feel as if the photos can never do her displays and art work justice…

And here are a few images of the latest arrivals

Paul will be re-doing Ashley’s page on the site to showcase these wondrous new works…and in the meantime, feel free to email if you want to see more pics or need details on size and prices

Ashley, you know I adore the vibe of your work, thanks for all the fab new creations…I am lucky to call you “friend”.

Xxoo Jen O’Connor

Earth Angels

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