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Tuesday, April 19, 2011

...chocolate obsession continued..

This is Part #38 in the confessions of various obsessions, alas they are too numerous to confess at one sitting and sadly, or goodly, more are added on regular basis due to a natural enthusiasm for trying new things and a willingness to surrender my palate, my cash stash, and more, as I absorb another passion.

Chocolate (...umm sorry only Dark Chocolate) served straight up and unimpaired with candy-like accouterments has long been a dare I say it may be dethroned by the the drinkable "Bru"???

My gal pal Kathy -- of prior BLOG fame -- showed up with this new product one day as a gift and apologized as she gave it to me. I thought it odd until she warned me about what was inside...

"Bru"...that's 100% brewable cacao...

Yes, straight up in the French Press or even better, adorned with sugar and half and half it makes the meanest, big-girl hot chocolate drink you might find out there. I was no less captivated than then King of France when the Spanish monks presented him with bricks of chocolate several centuries back.

But cacao and its benefits are ancient (note to self to research Aztecs and chocolate), and I so do love old things...

This is being marketed as the new thing coming for true antioxidant’s like almost calorie and carb free pure chocolate and ironically, as if just for me, it’s being distributed from my town of Warwick, NY!!!

It's nice that it has those fringe benefits, but I am in it for the thin hot cocoa or a really strong chocolate tea (if you know Harney & Sons Chocolate Teas, that's good too but I digress...)

SO WATCH FOR THIS, hunt it down, you just gottta try it...
but be warned, it's addicting. "Thanks" Kath!

xxoo Jen
Earth Angels


Michelle said...

Ummm...this sounds amazing and I want to try it!! Are you selling it??? Let me know where I can find some!


Thea said...

So you've lead me squarely into temptation and I am aching to try this bru. Hope I can find it in NYC! xoxo Thea

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