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Monday, February 28, 2011

Hip-Hip Hooray "Girl's World" is here!

Congrats to my pal Jennifer Paganelli of Sis-Boom on the much anticipated release of her fab new book... "Girl's World"...

It's a bright and festive new publication that shares "Twenty-One Sewing Projects to Make for Little Girls"...and more eye-candy in colorful hues than I thought possible! I really wish I could sew, if you can, please read on as I can then vicariously live through your aptitude with fabric and needle...

It's $24.95 and you can (and I hope you will if you like to sew for little girls...because I cannot and I wish I could now more than ever) pre-order it from Chronicle is the link to order it and Jennifer's wonderful new notecards and a spiral notebook too...(since I can read and write I might just buy them too...the book I have already ordered to support Jen AND to drool over the picys)

If you are not familiar with Jennifer and her creations, here's a peek at her home and studio from my last visit (and stay tuned... she opens her home to the public once a year for shopping her great original sewn designs and paper follies and I typically share the invite on the blog).

And here is a quick peek at her magic studio...I am hoping to see a piece on her and her studio in Where Women Create at some point...

When she graciously opens here home to share her designs, she often invites and features Earth Angels' artist, painter Barbara Straswer whose work Jennifer's truly loves and has throughout her home.

Now, back to that book I was telling you about...Here's what Jennifer has written about the book:

"We've kept it a secret for so long.. and now is the time to share the joy and excitement! This is the time for Girls World!!
A time to invite our daughters to share in the most sacred of ways..creativity... You will create the most perfect of moments just dreaming of ways to create your very own signature style in your very own girls world. Sis Boom adores children and we are grateful to be a part of your connection to your children. Truly the world is their oyster and they get to imprint their own notion of design. With Girls World, we get to be the message carrier of the generations that go before us. Sis Boom celebrates your world!"

Fine Print on the book notes that it is By Jennifer Paganelli with
Photographs by well recognized photographer Tim's 7-1/2 x 9 in; 176 pp ; 35 color photographs, b/w how-to illustrations throughout, 9 pattern sheets in an attached paper pocket, concealed Wire-O binding, ribbon closure, hardcover... Nuff said!

Great job Jennifer and so very pleased you have published this for us to enjoy...I adore you...gee can you tell why? This gal is a lot of fun...
(and a shout out to Jane Dagmi and a thanks to her for introducing two of the Jen's in her life. You can read Jane on her blog Miss Blogworthy)

More soon
xxoo Jen O'Connor
Earth Angels

best in show

My pal Donya definitely gets "best in show" for her amazingly chic beret -- not to mention her fab creations. She was definitiely channeling early 30s starlet and latent flapper chic at the recent New York Gift Fair.

I adore Donya O'Brien, her style and the artistry she shares in her "Metal Monk" creations.

Kathy agreed and could not help but try a few pieces on for the girlie girl fun of it...

Here are some shots of my newest fave designs...all are yummy gorgeous and laden with spring tide notes and lush detailing that calls to mind blooms, warmer climes and a festive yesterday. Made from found and vintage elements, it's tough to choose a favorite.

Donya is a gem to work with and I cannot wait for the new order to arrive... I might get out that beret and play dress up with all the new baubles.

xxoo Jen O'Connor
Earth Angels

Friday, February 25, 2011

Hunting again in Hudson...

So we "just had to" make the trip once again to the Hudson Supermarket...

Lured by the chance to visit with our pals Jennifer Lanne and Stephanie Lloyd, the promise of fab vintage finds and the assurance of a great lunch at Chirs' "Hudson Supermarket Cafe", me and Kathy made the trip with the excuse of picking up paintings from Jennifer Lanne for next week's event in Florida.

Here's a peek at the loot in Stephanie's public showspace at the need to get there to take it all in, but the peek shows her style, her incredible love of texture and the palette she's hand cultivated and bred to share. Stephanie is a talented designer and purveyor of industrial, mercantile and one-of-a-kind furnishings and accouterments much of which is repurposed at Urban Indian, her husband Ken’s workshop.

I cannot help but circling, and circling her displays 'til the melange of savory arrangements set in and take root in my lust for the old and worn, the revered and the not forgotten vernacular of yesterday...some detail shots show you what I mean...

Of course, there are some shots too that show just how hard we were "working"...look here who's goofing in the chair we both want...

...and with our buddy Ken -- yes, he's the genius behind Uban Indian, but we think his true talent lies in moving huge cupboards with one handtruck and a grasp of physics that is way beyond me...nevermind the muscle factor.

We are always willing to make the excuse to celebrate, but this time around we did cheer Kathy on her 50th...this might be my fave pic of her ever...not sure if it's the trophy she is holding or the hat she's donned, but it works for me!

Thanks again to the pals for the adventure, we all seem to mix business and pleasure with aplomb...

Until the next time...I will savor the memories of our excursion in friendship and the fab finds that made the trip back to Warwick.
xxoo Jen
Earth Angels

PS We are planning another jaunt to enjoy one of chef Chris' prixe fixe Saturday nite special suppers at the Cafe...3/19 is on the docket and he is taking ressies now for his incredible meals. I have never eaten better food than the Market for details.

Thursday, February 24, 2011

..Leo lured her!

Great news....We have managed to lure talented painter, Diana Card south with us to Sanford, FL for the event next week. Actually, to be truthful, Leo has lured her.

Leo is her grandson and the wonderful babe of fellow Earth Angels artist, Deirdre Friebely...Leo lives in Florida, the event is in Florida, so you see it's going to be quite a family affair.

Hope to see you there and yes, Leo will be making cameo guest appearances...a la his rock star status...

Details for the event are on the site and stay tuned for more news on the event via this BLOG and facebook.
xxoo Jen O'Connor
Earth Angels

Monday, February 21, 2011 better be paying attention!

Yeah, that means you...You had just better be paying attention! Valerie Weberpal is at the top of her game, on the mark, so right on; In short, her work is getting better, and better and I am just about over the top, smitten - nay obsessed with her work more than ever...

Valerie does incredible things with fabric and needle. Her creations are beautifully textured and layered with festive abandon, yet impeccable stitched. OOOHHH AHHHH...

I adore the pillow-like soft dolls she creates from found and recycled, re-purposed and new textiles, all trimmed with a flourish of festive appointments from buttons and bows, to swirls of colorful ribbon or dashes of unexpected texture and color.

Valerie is from Illinois where she lives with her family on a working farm. On her days away from the Harvest Moon studio she has found my dream job – she works in a gourmet candy shop….YUMMY! There, she hand-dips chocolates and makes candies as yummy as her work…but I digress.

I hope you can encounter her work or meet her soon...Catch her work at our upcoming event in Sanford, FL on 3/4 & 3/5 AND catch the artist yourself this coming May at our event on 5/21 & 5/22 in Saratoga Springs, NY...details for the events are on the events page of our site.

I love everything about Valerie and her work...Val, you are a gem! And I am thrilled to work with can read her at her blog...or log onto her page on our site and see what all my fuss is about... me if you want a sneak peek of the latest arrivals that are not yet posted to her page...

xxoo Jen
Earth Angels

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