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Saturday, November 22, 2008

Retirement Party

Our friend Debbee Thibault has made the difficult decision to retire more than 100 of her treasured designs. What does that really have from now until 12/31, to place your order for these creations before the moulds are broken and the pieces are gone forever.
Debbee, congratulations on this momentous and difficult decision to say goodbye to so many fabulous creations. I know this will leave more room in the workshop for new work and new themes...(I cannot wait to see what you'll be up to next...)but before I do, there are 4 pieces must have I need to add to my collection!
Collectors in interested in receiving a list of the retiring designs can email me and I will send that along (only some of the pieces are shown in the image above)...

xxoo Jen O'Connor

Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Lanne's in the House!

...You'll find artist Jennifer Lanne in Warwick this weekend. Once again, she'll be at "The Country Life" with a fabulous selection of her original paintings. Join her on Saturday 11/22 from noon - 4 pm.

This time, there's some thing new among her work...a nod to French Country...for some time Jennifer has wanted to explore this theme... and in this new grouping she has done a stellar job.

We hope you can join us to meet the artist and enjoy refreshments...

The Country Life is located at 40 Main Street in downtown Warwick...for details or directions contact me via email or by phone
8-8 NY time (845) 986-8720

See you there
xxoo Jen

Saturday, November 15, 2008

She's the Tops!

Jennifer Murphy's latest cake topping creations make me want to get married all over again...or maybe just have another baby...or perhaps, I need no excuse to ask her to create a custom cake topper for my next celebratory cake!

These one of a kind, heirloom creations are made from fabric, wool and paper. Each is adorned with vintage millinery blooms and trims. I adore the merry medley of textures and the whimsical note they add to happy celebrations...Sweet cuddling couples, adoring birds, bunnies and more so sweets to top the cake. Her prices on these pieces start at about $195.

Jennifer is also working on "cupcake toppers"...these are smallish hand built stoneware pieces perfect for cupcake towers or cakes.
She prices them from $65-$100...

Here's a link to Jennifer's etsy shop where you'll find her toppers...or visit her site and email her for more info...
I've been married almost 15 years...I sense an anniversary cake AND TOPPER in the works...but then again, I love the idea of giving one of these fabulous creations just as much as getting one!

xxoo Jen O'Connor

Thursday, November 13, 2008


Dara is are her creations.
I wear one of her necklaces almost every day, and they never fail to start a conversation, garner a comment or collect a look....

Her designs are daring in texture and fascinating in form; they are truly wearable art. She creates with vintage metal findings, jewelry pieces, found objects and the forgotten faces of the original photos she has collected for more than 30 years. Her works offer charming stories, fancifully adorned with words and images -- a testament to her love for words.

I am so thrilled that she has created a special body of work celebrating yesterday's toys for the event we're having this weekend (see us and these works on Sunday in Hackensack, NJ).
Thank you Dara for reaching deep into your collection of images to find those with dolls, old toys and so many teddy bears. The results are a wonderful...

Dara is showing her one of kind creations (including some new bracelets, earrings and Christmas ornaments) at three show venues in the next few weeks. I hope you'll mark your calendar and attend to see her work in person...

Saturday, 11/15 - Friends in Christmas in West Virginia
Sunday, 11/16 - Earth Angels' booth at the JMK Show in Hackensack, NJ
Thursday, 12/4- The Rebecca Ray Studio, Chagrin Falls, OH

Wear Art!
xxoo Jen O'Connor

Tuesday, November 11, 2008

See us in NJ on Sunday!


Earth Angels will be in Hackensack, NJ this weekend showing a variety of our artists' creations at JMK's fabulous "The Doll & Teddy Show" on
Sunday, 11/16 from 10-4 pm...
We'll be there with bells on, with show special pricing on select inventory (including up to 50% off on goodies galore for gifts, to trim your tree or treat yourself...) and best of all...
Artist Nicole Bowen -- the talented creator of "Necessary Excess" -- will be in tow with a merry band of her latest felt and fabric creations...figural boxes, characters, purses and necklaces...
I am so very fond of this show and venue, as well its wonderful promoters, Jesse and Rona Kohler. It was the very first show I ever attended back in 1996 when I first started my business. Unlike so many other "collector shows", the Rothman Center at Hackensack University is a venue that has grown stronger over the years with a die hard following of attendees.
This weekend's show was featured in September's issue of
"Country Living" magazine...For directions...follow this link...

If you are anywhere nearby, I urge you to make the's well worth several hours in the car....and my wonderful customer friend Rosanna from Italy is flying in to attend for the second time!

Don't miss it! Look for Earth Angels in Row "I"....we've got the big booth stuffed with wonderful handmade teddies, art dolls, holiday goodies (yes there will be decorated trees), jewelry and so much more...I'll be there with Cindy, Bob, Allie, Denny, Little Red and Nick...and hope you can stop by to introduce yourself and join the fun...

See you there! xxoo Jen
Earth Angels

Sunday, November 9, 2008

At Stacey's House...

Stacey Bear has a fabulous personal style that comes to life her home. It's filled with her beloved collections of antiques, books, old toys, beaded baskets, sewing notions, and textiles...and her studio, where her artistry -- with it's dark rim or humor -- plays out in her paintings and her artwork she calls her "Momentos".

I have been remiss in not posting these images from my last trip to Stacey's here they are.

I have previously confessed that, if you ever find that I have run away, I am likely to be ensconced on the couch at Stacey's or in her backyard on the giant swing. Her home is one of my very favorite places on the planet.
Ro and I went down for another visit a few weeks back. Stacey, once again, our time with you was magic. Thanks for sharing your home, your heart and your talent. All of the above constantly inspires...

You can meet Stacey at the upcoming show "Friends in Christmas"...join Stacey and her talented friends at Paul Gordon's West Virginia studio for merriness and art...I wish I could be there for the fun...

See Stacey's site for a gallery of previous work or visit her page on our website to see her latest arrivals...including many small ornaments and wee hanging pieces.
Stacey is a really wonderful friend, a fascinating person and her talent tops the charts...

Jen O'Connor

Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Debbee says, "Ho, Ho Ho"

Debbee Thibault loves Christmas...she is passionate about special traditions that celebrate the spirit of the season...she keeps the holidays dear with heirloom decorations, lights on the the tree and things that sparkle and shine.

In 2006, she launched a line of blown glass ornaments...I was smitten at first glance and I look forward to the new designs each holiday season brings my way...
Here's a peek at the latest decorations that have just arrived... these are finely made like the antique pieces I have seen, luminous, light and wonderfully sculpted. I love that they can hold a wee battery-tea light too...

Debbee’s exquisite ornaments are handmade in Germany, mouth blown in the old world style at the same factories that were working 100 years ago. They really do have the luster and beauty of old-time Christmas. I am thoroughly impressed with their craftsmanship and they are event more wonderful in person...
The tree display shows them along side some of her classic papier mache Santas at "Kitty's Ltd" when Debbee and her assistant Carolyn (who shot these images and shared them with me...) attended a singing in association with Golden Glow in August...Kitty stocks these beauties too...thanks gals...they look wonderful!
If you have purchased Debbee's work from us in the past, watch the mail. We just snail mailed info on "set specials" and "promo pricing" on these designs...we'll also be emailing the info so let us know if you'd like to receive the details please email me...
So, happy Ho Ho Ho and these images sure do get me in the mood to get into the attic and the closets and pull together my decorations for the trees I will do next will be filled with Debbee's work for sure!
xxoo Jen O'Connor

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