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Monday, March 10, 2014

Hello Monday and Hello "Gatherings"

Hello Monday...
Are you ready for Spring??

I am...Spring is newness and all about what's fresh and happy to me.
And I am excited to be working with a new friend...'s wonderful too to share the news that "Gatherings" magazine Editor-in-Chief Heather Spriggs Thompson has invited me to be a regular contributor to her lovely and charming magazine. And thanks to Liz Hanley for the wonderful networking and friendship that has brought us together ( all know Liz Loves Vintage and if you don't you should!)

If you are not familiar with this new publication...back in July of 2011 Heather launched Gatherings as a creative hobby. Now, Gatherings is composed of a creative team of contributing editors from the US, UK and The Netherlands featuring regular columns on food, vintage, interiors, crafts, styling and photography.

The Spring Issue- Artists + Artisans is released TODAY....

...and I've invited Heather to be our guest blogger HELLO HEATHER...
Here's what she has to say about her magazine...

Hello Earth Angels readers. It's such a pleasure to share with you my great labor of love. Gatherings Magazine was born out of my design blog, Gathering Spriggs. For my first issue, Summer 2011, I gathered stories from other bloggers and friends with the intention of using it as platform to share unrecognized creative talent, shops, and decor. Gatherings began as an digital only publication with a worldwide audience and has been featured on world-renown blogs like : Decor8, Lobster and Swan, Bright Bazaar and others. After having my son in April 2012, I had to make an important decision. Either I had to let go of Gatherings or dive in head first to turn this creative hobby into a business. So by September 2013,  I relaunched Gatherings Magazine with a new website, blog and for the first time offered printed editions. Knowing Gatherings couldn't survive as a solo project, I gathered a team of creative talent from across the globe including contributing editors from the United Kingdom, The Netherlands and the US featuring regular columns on food, vintage, interiors, crafts, styling and photography. Gatherings is an independent, home-grown magazine with a mission to provide beautiful inspiration for everyday living and encourage creative spirits.
I really believe in growing organically and living by the golden rule. I approach each issue and each collaboration by putting myself in the shoes of my readers and contributors. Along with editing, I also photograph, style and write articles each issue.

Now, with our Spring issue launching this week, we are excited to be partnering with so many creative organizations like Earth Angels Studios to help Gatherings grow into a nationally recognized print publication. In this issue we celebrate artists and artisans. With articles inspired by working artists, home + studio tours, and recipes bursting with the colors of a painter's palette, the pages of Spring 2014 salute creativity.

Thank you Jen for allowing me to share my story and my passion.

Hello to you Heather and thanks for sharing...I loved doing the piece on Jennifer Lanne for the new issue...cannot wait to work on more for you!

Hello new week and thinking of Spring...

 I need to pack and ship art to Texas for our event!

Hello snow...wish we could say goodbye!

Hello to thinking about Spring decorating projects...I just ordered new slipcovers (long overdue) for my ancient Pottery Barn couches, but these couches just won't quit on me!

Hello lots of school projects on the counter. Can you spell BOOK REPORTS!!!!

Hello I need a cup of tea....

Hello to all of you and wishing you a wonderful week whatever you are up to!
more soon xxoo Jen


Heather S Thompson said...

Thank you again Jen for sharing Gatherings with your readers and for allowing me to tell my story here. Im grateful everyday for my friendship and connection with Elizabeth Hanley who introduced me to you. She inspires me and the pages of Gatherings. Hope you have a wonderful, productive week!

Storybook Woods said...

Thank you so much for mentioning Gatherings and our wonderful Heather. Clarice

Unknown said...

Congratulations!! That is awesome news! I pray your week goes smoothly.
I popped in from Lisa's blog to say HI!

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