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Thursday, March 6, 2014

We're heading to TEXAS SOON!

....just as we're unpacking from our recent event in Florida we are already re-packing and getting ready for our big trip to Spring Antiques Week in Texas!
Yeeehaw! We're heading to Round Top and giddyup to SAVE THESE DATES to see us as the special guests of Holly Kuhn at the Grand TEXAS Opening of her Old Glory Antiques Pop-Up in Burton....we'll be there 3/28-3/30...but Holly's Pop-Up will be open from 3/27-4/ do catch it!

Thanks to Holly Kuhn for the invitation...I am over the top excited about this opportunity to work with her...It's been a long time in the works thats for sure!

Holly and I met through Jo Packham in 2010 when I sat down next to her at a breakfast at Jo's "Creative Connection Event" -- and well...that started things! Funny how those chance meetings build into something so much bigger...'s an honor to be working with you this Spring! 

Joining us will be Jo Packham, Laurie Meseroll, Letty Worley Leigh Elena Navarro and more Earth Angels artists too! They're preparing a special showcase of art and handmade to share with everyone who can attend...and do ke
 ep an eye on the BLOG, facebook and your emails for sneak peeks!

Please mark your calendar to make it to Burton 
(just 7 miles north of Round Top) 
and we sure hope to see you there...
I am hoping I can fit some vintage loot in my suitcases to come home with me...Holly has the most amazing selection of treasures and goodies (I hope to visit her Colorado venue someday too)

See you in TEXAS!!!
 xxoo Jen

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