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Monday, February 26, 2007

..what cheers this winter this point in the winter, I think we all daydream of spring. I find my mind wandering to fluffy bunnies, yellow chicks and of course the accompanying chocolate. Spring means cleaning, which in this house just mean curating new displays of holiday art...I've just put away the last rogue Christmas bauble (why do I always find that after all the boxes have gone into the attic??) and the Valentines treasures are stored away. And time for a confession, I just ate the last of the chocolate (after all those last 4 looked so lonely in the box!).

And I know, I need pictures, but eblogger and I are having trouble...hope it works this time...I am attaching a picture of my favorite least my favorites today...I love Jody and Julie and I think the textures are fab together for SPRING.
..perfect thoughts for another snowy day here! The kids had no school and mercifully my niece has them playing at her house while I try to recover from my weekend away with my niece! Thanks to all of you who commented on the BLOG-- I wish you could've joined us, my did we have fun. And we ate the yummiest brick oven pizza ever...

So now back on the homefront...Boxes have arrived at long last from Julie Arkell!! Hurrah! I will email pictures later this evening if you'd like to see them, let me know...also goodies from Valerie Weberpal and a few more from Nicole Bowen...all spring like wonderful treasures to chase away the snow and fog.

So...what are my current looks like an Easter tree will go up in the front hall, and yellow chicks will overtake the least that's the plan for now...hope you all have fun finding distractions from the looming Spring Cleaning and the inevitable snow shovelling for those of you in northern climes.

...and remember, "...imagination is more important than knowledge." -- some smart guy named Einstein said that
xxoo Jen

1 comment:

Lori said...

Love the bunny by Julie!! Can't wait to see her new stuff on your site. Happy Day.


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