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Monday, March 22, 2010

The Cart Before the Horse Arrives!

I first bought from them in 2006, and have collected their work for some time, so I couldn't be more thrilled...Earth Angels will now offer "Cart Before the Horse" works!

The creators of these wonderful works are a dynamic and talented team Jo James and Dylan Curry. Jo James designs, paints and sculpts, while Dylan Curry stuffs and sews their dolls, figures and whimsical soft sculptures.
I love the wonderful feel to their painted muslin creations, appreciating the fine detailing in the painting, their palette and more. So how wonderful that they've agreed to come on board as Earth Angels and allow us to present their creations to our customer friends and folk art aficionados.

Inspiration for the creations comes from the flotsam and jetsam of every day life with children, like little "treasures" left in pockets, favorite storybooks, toys, and a true sense of play.
Here are some of my faves:

Each creation by Cart Before the Horse is an exceptionally wrought, three dimensional painting on cloth. Dolls, figures, whimsical characters and fanciful beings are each made with quilter's muslin that has been painted and sanded, then painted and sanded again, giving the fabric a rich patina that feels like old leather and an utterly soulful appearance.

I am thrilled to now be able to present Cart Before the Horse creations to Earth Angels’ customers and, as a Cart Before the Horse policy, shipping to US destinations will always be FREE. E-mail us if you'd like a sneak peek and/or to be added to the e-mail update list for these works.

Stay tuned for more!
xxoo Jen
Earth Angels


krys kirkpatrick said...

Very cool. I love to see new artistic talent it is so inspirational. I too am painting on muslin...but I am into mushrooms at the moment. Mine is much more rustic. Love all your artists!

Jo James said...

Thanks for letting me come on board ♥ I'm in such good company!

Unknown said...

Oh wow. I've always wanted to do something like this. But man, these have so much character!! I love it!

Carolee said...

LOVE Joee and Dylan's work! Congrats to all you, and wishes for much success! :)

~ Carolee

Turtle Child Studio said...

These are so sweet! I love the look of them. They are just so whimsical and have a real "vintage" toy feel!

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