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Sunday, March 14, 2010

Debbee's Spring Arrives

Spring is a breath away...and Debbee Thibault's designs have me more than ready for the new season to arrive.

Her special releases for the season are each very limited...and we are thrilled to have a limited number of each to offer our customers.

Here’s what Debbee has just written to share with her collectors and enthusiasts:

“Spring has sprung with Poor Pitiful Pearl (shown above)in the middle of all of it. She is dressed up for Easter and has her favorite bunny to share in all of her special fun.
Pearl and her make believe friends are available right now only for the season."

Debbee says:

"When I was visiting and working with the factory in Germany, I learned about the wonderful spring tradition of displaying eggs and ornaments on the bare branches of trees as well as decorating and using them in all kinds of holiday arrangements. I loved the idea and it so fascinated me that I felt I could start a similar tradition here in America using my own unique ornament line. You can create a center piece for your Easter table with a mix of ornaments and fairy lanterns. The glimmering lights and shiny glass add a nice touch in setting the atmosphere."

Thanks Debbee for this springtime magic...

xxoo Jen
Earth Angels

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