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Monday, July 8, 2019 TOY STORY...

...I am forever tagging my Instagram posts of toys #workhardplayhard

I suppose the bottom line is, 
I love to play. I love toys...

I don't think there's a room in my house where there isn't a doll or teddy bear.  

...this capture of me from the recent Blythe Con where I presented a showcase of toys and handmade from Earth Angels Studios  
 (photo cred to Linda Holland with xxoo)

I can remember my kids playing with MY toys and me playing with theirs... and while I was always a dolly girl, my one daughter could never stand them -- she always wanted to play with little animal figures or stuffies.
One of my sons loved anything with wheels...the other played only with action figures.
 Toys spark the imagination, they remind me of happy childhood memories and they make me feel young at heart...

They say for children play is their's how they learn.  Well, for me, play might still be my work... #ilovemyjob 

These are some new offerings I've just posted to the site...there are indeed so many I will just include a very few here... click this to see them all
(Doremi doll on left and below available at Kamino Collectibles...
other items available at Earth Angels Studios)

Enjoy a peek and hope that you can find some playtime in your day... can find the toys and vintage goodies -- may fun for Blythe -- on these pages of my site
and follow me on insta at
@jensearthangels for more

 xo Jen

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