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Friday, May 27, 2011

the faces of the fling...

We've been posting to facebook about our 10th Annual Spring Fling, but it seems we need to BLOG about some of the magic before the memories fade...and likewise, I need to say thanks to so many freinds before I call upon them again (our next event is just 2 weeks away...)

It really was a wonderful event. Thanks to each and every one of you for all you did to make the 10th Annual Spring Fling, not only possible, but a success as well as a fabulous collection of memories.

Look at these wonderful attendees...

And here's a peek at the art on display...

Now a long list of thank yous...
First to our hostess, Amanda… for offering us the most lovely of settings…ever! It was so beautiful (we’ve already spoken to plan a return visit/another event so stay tuned!)

To Jo, for making the trek, for sharing herself and for being so committed to our success...and what a breakfast you hosted...just look at this merry group!

Of course to the amazing crew – Denny, Robin Sue and Kathy…you know what you do to keep me sane, show us all the money and keep the event on track…a million thanks for forever.

A word of honor and thanks to Ro…I tried to express myself at the lunch and breakfast but never seem to be able to without getting all chocked up…Ro this is all your fault! Thanks for believing in me and the Earth Angels...

Sweetness and appreciation to Katie – and Jeff too – they fed us all weekend, hosted us, shared her pets and made it delicious all the way around…and congrats to Katie on her recent feature in "Where Women Cook"!

Thanks to the muscle that showed up and saved us from ourselves…Ian the tent man (wherever you are…)Mike, Wyatt and my, oh so special hot sauce & coffee buddy, Dick Lanne…thanks fellas.

A nod to Jennifer Lanne for the idea for this event partnership – and sharing her home town turf and barnyard buddies….

AND YES OF COURSE – to all of the artists who attended – Cheryl, Letty, Nicol, Val, Sue, Nic, Jennifer, Laurie, and Melody for sharing your talent with Earth Angels’ fans, followers, customers, collectors, groupies and enthusiasts and even more for giving me the honor of presenting your work.

xxxoo hope to see you all next time -- we will be in Lafayette, NJ in 2 weeks on June 11 & 12more on that soon -- now off to unpack and repack!

xxoo Jen


Joanne S. said...

Wonderful pictures and post Jen. Made me very sorry I didn't make it there. I will definitely see you in NJ! And I love the ring display! Charming and genius!

Anonymous said...

It was indeed a lovely day and Katie (fudge girl to us) will be happy to know that my jar is in the back of the fridge in a brown bag!! a girl's gotta do what a girl's gotta do!!

LizlovesVintage said...

I have to tell you guys out there..
I was going to come just on Sunday. Jen, convinced me to come the two days. She was so right on!!
I'm glad I was able to attend this amazing Artsy event. A great collaboration of art from the soul.
xoxo Liz

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