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Monday, September 29, 2014

hello Monday and HELLO BUSINESS STAR!!

I am so tickled...

Hello Monday...and what a wonderful week you will be. 
I am so very proud to share this news...

Letty wonderful friend and uber talented soft sculpture artist of is featured in the  
10 PAGES!!!
Total's just a need to get the mag for the complete story on how she started, failed, started again and how with determination and effort, she has persevered and 
truly come into her own with her art and inimitable style.

It all happened because Jo Packham, Letty and myself had a quiet breakfast in Texas this spring when we were guests of Holly Kuhn at the grand opening of her new "Old Glory" store in Burton during Round Top's Spring Antiques Week.

Letty had a chance to tell Jo her story, and Jo knew that this was a story that had to be told to her readers.

Hello happy timing and networking and wonderful women who share.

Hello to imagination and style...Letty you have got them both!

Hello to celebrating the small joys of the everyday...Letty you have taught so many of us that a cupcake can keep you going 
even when the going gets pretty darn tough!

Hello to hard work and late nights, long hours and much effort...
it's so wonderful when these are rewarded.

Hello are going to be a busy one...hope you're rootin' for me...
the list of to-dos is about a mile long.

Hello to 8th grader's history project all over the table.

Hello pumpkin spice EVERYTHING!
Hello to all of you and what are you up to this week...
leave some hellos in the comments section...

xxoo Jen


Anonymous said...

Love you! Xoxo

Unknown said...

Hello! It is so so brilliant of you to support other women in business. Their gain is our gain and it is so exciting that she is doing so well.

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