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Monday, December 17, 2012

finding some magic...hello Monday

It's hard to believe in magic some days...thoughts of Friday's tragedy lay heavy on my heart.
We made our trip to find a bit of joy in the beauty of the season in our dash to Manhattan to see the tree, the lights and Santa.  There is a sweetness in these holiday traditions we do year after  makes me feel as if we are moving forward towards a shared goodness.  
And believing brings us peace.
Hello Monday. I am grateful to our kids, they show us how to move through things with grace, leaving room for magic in the everyday.

Hello to believing in the Miracle on 34th Street.

I cannot help but feel the swell of joy in watching my children grow, of seeking the fulfillment of our simple traditions and thinking how very, very blessed I am.

Hello 7am and our annual jaunt to Manhattan to visit the "real" Santa at Macy*s on 34th Street. It was a short trio, we were home by 2pm, but it was magic.
Hello writing letters to Santa...(my kids love to use the "official" mailbox for the North Pole at Macy*s)...

Hello my wonderful little girl who did not want me to peek at hers...
At 10 she believes in the real meaning of Christmas...

"This year I am not really going to ask for anything....all the big presents should go to a charity for the children who lost their home in hurricane Sandy."

Hello to Citi Pond at Bryant time to skate but it looked like fun!

Hello to frosty, soggy walks and ignoring the chores to do something fun with kiddos and our friends...thanks to Shauna, Brian and Mackenzie for making the trip with us and sharing the tradition...

Hello to joy and peace...and finding the time to enjoy where ever it is you can be together this holiday.

Hello to believing in the magic of everyday.
xxoo Jen

1 comment:

Wildflower said...

Sweet photos of your family--looks like fun. Your daughter's note is precious.

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