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Thursday, December 13, 2012

feed your soul... Lisa's words:

I need to have time to think,
To laugh with friends,
To nurture creativity.

I need to feed my soul.

I cannot tell you how much I love working with Lisa Leonard....her life and work are truly inspirational and I love the connections I have made through her jewelry with customers and friends.

As a Mom, a Wife, an Artist and an Entrepreneur, she has a style and grace that makes me grateful to know and work with her....and learn from her. 
So of course I'm honored to offer her "heartfelt" creations at Earth Angels Studios....and so grateful to Jo Packham for showcasing her feed your soul necklace in the new issue of Where Women Cook magazine.

You can order the necklace here...and if you mention coupon code ThxWWCook we'll pay the shipping.  
You can also order the magazine here and we'll ship it free too with the same code at checkout...

Thanks Jo - Thanks Lisa - 
thanks to all those who celebrate style and treasure beauty.

 My birthday girl and me are wearing our "heartfelt" necklaces today...

xxoo Jen

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