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Monday, March 23, 2015

hello Monday & thank you Sanford, FL...

...hello Monday posts are something I have been doing for some time now linking up with my friend Lisa Leonard and her fab-u-lous blog...feel free to leave your BLOG link in a comment...
how about some hellos...
  Hello was another wonderful event in Sanford, FL!
Thanks to all who made our 10th Annual "heART of winter" a success...and to those who made our 5th appearance at the JT Folk Art Gallery a possibility....xxoo a million thanks!!!

 There was some wonderful art to share and show...
thanks to these artists for making the trip and sharing their artful style!
Nancy Wiley
Nicole Bowen
Jody Battaglia
Jocelyn O'Gorman
Letty Worley...and
Laurie Meseroll

Thanks to Jeanine Taylor for welcoming us once again to her incredible folk art gallery...and to Mary Shaw for all the support before, during and after the event!

I adore these girls...what a line-up!

Hello to a whole lotta talent going on!

Hello to working with friends...hard sometimes...but most times, 
it just brings the sweetest of rewards.  

Our gatherings are such an effort, each a true group project. And it never ceases to amaze me that -- despite all the work -- we truly love them, and having the time together....

...and a thanks to our special Earth Angels' friend, Jane Dagmi for making her annual jaunt to Sanford for her annual visit with the Angels....she always brings us good cheer and a good dose of inspiration!

And thanks too go to Sophia Brake for her help at the event!

...and hello to Julia...she gets our LONG DISTANCE AWARD...making the trip from MICHIGAN!!!!

And here's a peek at some of the art and displays....

Hello new creations getting posted to the site soon!

...thanks to all...
more pics on my facebook albums...
more details on the next events on the site HERE
hello to playing catch up...will I ever catch up? 
(hello pleasant fiction....)

hello spring, please act like spring, I am desperate for warm weather

hello Easter...I am hosting again this year...
time to get out those baskets and bunnies!!!

hello to all of you... 
have a super week 
xxoo Jen

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