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Thursday, March 26, 2015

lovely, lovely Clare from Ireland....AGAIN!!!

...I am completely smitten with the creations of Irish artist Clare Jordan
Clare and I know each other for many, many years. 
We met on a snowy day in Manhattan at the New York gift fair...
each oogling over the magical creations of our mutual friend Ashley Carter...
That had to be a 10 years ago...and Ashley insisted -- knowing that I would adore what Clare made -- that we chat and see of we couldn't work together. 
And we did...
for a while. 
But, then we lost touch for a few years and then I just could not stand it anymore. I missed Clare and her sparkle, her cheeky humour and her style!  
We had stayed in touch, but had not done business for a while  -- life and kids and and the Atlantic Ocean can get in the way -- and it just seemed like it was time to start things up again and I am so very grateful!!


My personal faves are her curios (see them all here).
Her curios feature altered art collages with hand applied glitter...
they are soldered and swing with style from couture ribbons.

(NOTE....You can order them until 3/12 with FREE standard shipping if you use code LUCKYME at checkout...)

Thanks to Jo Packam, too for the chance to feature Clare in an upcoming issue of Where Women Create magazine in my column called "Business of the Studio"...I look forward to sharing more about Clare.... 
it's a joy to be working with her again!

Stay tuned for more on this talented lady...

Just look at her with her gorgeous girl...

xxoo Jen

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