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Monday, November 17, 2014

Hello Monday...hello Home Page...Hello what's in store...

HELLO MONDAY...time to realize it's ALMOST 2015!!!!! TIKES!!!!

 Hello Monday...while I am saying hello to the new week,
 I am also starting to think about the end of the year.
Hard to believe it's December and 
I am already working on 2015 plans and events....

When you run your own business, you wonder what works best to make your business a better one.

Which ads of mine work best and in which magazines...Where Women Create, PRIMS, Cottage & Bungalows, Romantic Homes...
Flea Market Decor... etc etc..???


Does the BLOG work?

Does social media work...Pinterest, Instagram, facebook, twitter...and so on...?

I do them all, and I wonder what "works best" among them.
How do I get the word out there on what's new and what's happening...
Sometimes you think none of this matters...sometimes you feel like it all does.

That said, it is a true treat when someone meets me out of context to my business world (Hi June Cole, Hi Allison Wells...) and when they ask what I do, or I give them my card and they say..."...wait a minute...I recognize that ad...or, "....I know your ads!"...well let me tell you. This keeps me going.

So Hello Monday. 
Hello to keeping on...hello to maintaining what I can do and making it better...
Hello to you...and what more can I do to get Earth Angels out there???

Hello new ads for the season...I love these two (thanks Teresa at Fox Print...)

Hello Home page that changes every day...well almost every day...
I skip one or two here and there...but there's 
always new items on sale and ready to be featured...
Here are some of my fave #FEATUREDFOUR from recent weeks...

Hello new things to unpack and post for the holiday shopping season.

Hello to finally being caught up -- kinda sorta -- 
from the Atlanta Country Living Fair...

Hello to all of you...hope whatever you are doing this week works for you and feels good and productive...I need a whole lotta that around here.

Hello Monday....hello!
xxoo Jen

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