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Monday, December 24, 2012

merry days, time passing

I am still sending out Christmas cards - trying to be clever I got New Year's cards because there was no way they were all going in time...

So here's a hello Monday, and since I could not get 3 kiddos to look perfect in one shot, we compromised and went for a card with 8 images. 

Besides, what's perfect, when I am sure "enough" is as good as a feast?

Hello Monday, you are here already and the packages are not all wrapped...yet...and some small voice is reminding me to just enjoy whatever it is, and that what will get done, will get will be enough.

Hello Monday and our wonderful annual festivities start in a few hours when we meet our family for the annual sing along.... so all of the little details will just have to be what they are and we'll enjoy them. 
Hello  fudge for Santa, we did not get to cookies, and it's a good thing gift bags were invented because they are the way to go...

And I have realized, sometimes, the less you do - the more you enjoy it...and conversely the more you do- the less you enjoy it.

Hello to all those years of Christmas photos....the kids are getting bigger each year and the time rolls by ever more quickly.

Hello Monday, I am a grateful happy to have so many I love in one place, at one time...

Sigh...hello Monday and Happy Christmas....and here's to you to enjoy your days, the traditions, the small moments and all the festive trimmings. 

Here's wishing you all a bright and beautiful holiday with loved ones and a new year full of good health and happy times.

xxoo Jen

1 comment:

Marlene Haveron said...

Hi Jen, I so love your New Year card...some of the expressions on the children's faces are to darn funny ~ great way to start the New Year off with smiles, laughter & love... Wishing you a year filled with all of those (smiles, laughter & giggles too) plus good health, creativity & many blessings too... Peace & Love ~ Marlene

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