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Monday, May 4, 2015

hello Monday and The Painted Fern is Celebrated!

...hello Monday posts are something I have been doing for some time now linking up with my friend Lisa Leonard and her fab-u-lous blog...
feel free to leave your BLOG link in a about some hellos...

 Hello Monday...Do you believe in love at first sight?  
Well I do...that's pretty much how I felt when I first saw Jocelyn O'Gorman's work.  It has a magic all its own that truly shows the talent of the creator. All paper and whimsy and full of folly, it has a sure and certain style...  

From that first day I saw her work...and truly became smitten....we've been working togetherand we've grown in respect and admiration...and friendship. 

So it's a real treat to share that  she's in the new issue of Where Women Create magazine.  This feature on her work is so well deserved, I am totally grateful to Jo Packhm for recognizing Jocelyn's art, her style...her know how AND her business savvy!

CONGRATS JOCELYN!!!!  This is a well deserved honor!!!

So fab to see her a part of this new issue...
Here's the cover and a peek at the few of her feature's'll have to nab the mag to see the rest of the truly wonderful spread and story.

Hello Monday...hello love at first sight.

Hello to trusting your instincts!

AND HELLO JOCELYN!!! and CONGRATS!!! much to do after the show and around the Secret Lab and house this spring...I am motivated this week to get in gear!!

Hello to reading the road signs in life, sometime your need to change your route to get further down the road...
(....that's a Jody Battaglia expression and she is so right about that...)

Hello mountains of catch up work from the show....
there's as much work after a show as before an event!

Hello new booth for the Art Girls' for us in Rhinebeck strutting our new fixtures and furnishings and thanks to our special friend who designed and built this for us....

Hello spring sports...3 kids in 3 directions and 4 teams...we are rolling with it. 

Hello to this great weather...
love it.

Hello to all of you...and Hello Monday.

xxoo Jen

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