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Monday, February 17, 2014

hello Monday and WELCOME to "leighelena"...I am so excited!

Sometimes you have to appreciate making a little mistake.

Hello Monday and thanks to a happy accident, I met the wonderful gals of "leighelena".

I was at the NY Gift Fair and I intended to go visit some peeps at booth 7520...
if you know the Javits Center -- a 4 City block wide convention center with never ending aisle upon aisle -- you can imagine me transposing the numbers and heading to booth 7250 in error...

Well there you have it! A happy mistake, and I found the cuffs I've been hunting for since I stopped working with another artist about a year ago that made fab cuffs -- but that's another story for another time!

So hello Monday -- let's take a peek at the week, looking forward and looking back and see what's in store!
Hello to "leighelena" of Austin...
 Hello Kat! Love working with you! 

It was love at first sight with her wonderful leather and hide cuffs 
and the fab hand-cast jigsaw closures...

Hello amazing cuffs...these are the wide ones...they came in stock first...but there are little sweet, thins ones too (coming soon)
Just look at them all...LOVE!
 And here's an image of Leigh...Hi Leigh!

Hope to see you soon! We're heading to Texas in March so we're hoping Leigh can join us for the Grand TEXAS Opening of  Old Glory Antiques' Pop Up  in Burton on 3/28-3/30 to share her creations....

 I am always amazed at how much talent is out there...Leigh started making jewlery at age 5...her mom is a renown enamelist and as a little girl, Leigh attended art shows and craft fairs with her mom, learning the art of handmade from an early age.

In 2005 she launched her business and I am completely tickled we'll be working together to bring you her work...I adore it, the way it looks, the way it feels on the wrist, and the way it is made...I have been wearing one of her stingray cuffs for almost a week now, and I forget that its' on my wrist until someone else admires it....

 Here are my current faves...."Cloudy Stingray Rose"...

 ..."Vintage Desperado"...which is a one of a kind....
 ...her bestseller is pretty amazing too, it's the "Golden Black Stingray"...
 ...and I love the chic dots on her classic "Polka Dot"...Kathy tried this one on and she's right, it makes me want summer, and white t-shirts and BBQs!

Thanks gals for making a long, hard, cold and wet trip the the Javits Center full of such a wonderful surprise...cannot wait to share what you do at our event in Burton, TX at Old Glory Antiques  in March!
Hello new gal pals!
Hello new talent!
Hello new week...I am almost ready for you...there's been SO MUCH snow, I am really, trulybehind on so many things to hello to playing catch-up!

Hello "Winter's Tale"...this new movie is based on one of my fave books...did you see it yet? I want to but they may botch it and break my heart...

Hello to playing in the snow with the kiddos...we have become expert snowball makers, fort builders and Snowmen pros!

Hello to shipping our boxes to Florida...our event at the Jeanine Taylor Folk Art Gallery is COMING SOON...we'll be there 2/28 & 3/1...will we see you there???

Hello to all of you and have a super week!
xxoo Jen

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