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Tuesday, November 19, 2013

hello Monday...thanks Cape May, thanks Ocean...thanks fresh air

Hello Monday. The week is here and I am ready for you. I feel liek I have finally caught my breath...just a little bit, but enough to see and think more clearly.
We ran away for a 3 day weekend to Cape May,'s the best of what a town by the sea can be.  It also hosts the largest collection of Victorian architecture on the East Coast. It's one of our favorite places on the planet. Rory says he wants to live there...Charlotte says she wants a house by the that they love it. Micah and I have been going there for 19 years and adore everything about it...especially off season when we have it all to ourselves.

Hello new week...sigh...the holidays are creeping up on us and I definitely do not want to catch the Christmas Crazies...I hope I can remember to slow it all down, breathe and enjoy...

Hello running away...every once in a while you need to.

Hello happy kids playing in the sand, even in the cold and the rain, the mist and fog...

Hello playing hooky...and now goodbye and back to work and the week and the chores with a better outlook that's for sure.

Hello event in 2.5 weeks...we'll be in Tarrytown 12/6-8...
I better get ready for this big time fab Country Living Holiday Bazaar! 
(see the site's event page for details....) Hope to see some of you there.

And hello to all of you...what are you each up to this week...say hello in a comment and let me know...

xxoo Jen

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