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Tuesday, August 27, 2013

hello Monday...slowing summer down and Sharon Springs...

Summer is rolling to a close...
I feel like it melted away really. 
We did a ton of things, but there never seems to be enough time to take those small, slow moments.
You see in a summer-long of fun, it's those tiny moments that I remember as we move towards fall and the schedule of school and activities for the kiddos and frenzy of appearances for the Art Girls' RoadShow.

So there's nothing like making time stop like a walk through a new town with friends....a sit on a porch, a meander past old things...

Here Ben and Heath show me around Sharon Springs, NY where we'll be for the FOLK Market at the Harvest Fest -- you can read more about it on our events page or the website of The Fabulous Beekman Boys...

(It's going to be a great event - so mark your calendars for 9/21 & 9/22)



 Here's a peek at the Beekman's need to see it...
just delish in form and style.

 Sure hope you can join me and Ben, Heath and Oliver, Sue Parker and Laurie Meseroll on September 21 & will be a slow sweet weekend with art and handmade presented in this adorable old town...

Hope too you can slow your day day enough to see the small and wonderful details it holds...hello Monday

Hello old fashioned summer days...just a few more to savor...
Hello dear friends
Hello slow days, slow down a little more
Hello school supplies
Hello cleaning out kids cupboards, dressers and closets (how did they grow so much in 8 weeks?!?)
Hello Sharon Springs!
Hello shows coming soon...OH, NY and GA!
Hello week I am ready for you!

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