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Monday, May 27, 2013

Hello Monday...superpowers, dress up and hello California...

Hello Monday. 

I've decided if I could have a super power it would be the ability to be in two places at once. 

But I am far from a super hero and most days I am juggling chainsaws, fearing that I might miss getting something "important" done.

So I try to give a smile more, hold a door, think positive, hug my kids, tend my garden grateful for the dirt and the sun, and look ahead for my own and looking out for the next person.

On the best days I remember that it's enough to find small joys, and to just try see the world as full of possibility as my kids seem to...
armed with imagination and big plans....
for a ride across the prairie

....and when the day is done
to head home to the ranch.
Sometimes I even can grab the camera on the way.
(even though I could never forget how my little cowboy look at these moments)

So hello Monday...I am ready to make the most of you...
we've got big plans for our Art Girls' RoadShow trip to Remnants of the Past...

Hello suitcases.

Hello lists of kids activities, clothes, meals, dance and soccer gear ready to go for while I'm gone.

Hello friends in California, we'll be there soon.

Hello to my kiddos and I miss you already.

Hello imagination, you are my favorite accessory.

Hello to all of you...I hope you have  a super week...and that you find a few of those great moments here and there....

What are you up to??? Will I see you in CA or at our NY event the following week?

xxoo Jen

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